How To Get A Job Offer From A Canadian Employer For Immigration

Getting into Canada is quite a simple process, but can be made much easier and faster when you have a job offer from a Canadian employer.


Immigration routes such as Express Entry require immigrants to already have a job offer in the country before their applications can be processed. I understand how challenging it can be to successfully land a job when you are not even in the country yet.

To increase your chances of getting a job offer in Canada, research the job market and eligibility criteria, tailor your resume and cover letter, network with potential employers, and ensure you have the necessary documents for your visa application.

To help you get over this hurdle, I have written this article which will guide you on how to get any job offer from a Canadian employer. Let’s get right into it!

Most Effective Methods to Hunt for Jobs in Canada

1.    Job Agencies

Job agencies serve as mediators between employers and potential employees. They make it easy for employers to find talented workers and vice versa.

It is one of the best ways to find your dream job in Canada. All you have to do is connect to a job agency and look for your desired job offer in the country.

2.    Go to Job Bank

This is another way for both Canadians and foreigners to find vacant job positions in the country. It is a free online tool for both employers and candidates.

Unfortunately, many employers do not list their open job positions on Job Bank, especially if they use Headhunter or a different online resource. Therefore, it is not advisable to rely on only this option.

3.    Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find job offers across various fields. You can get a job offer on LinkedIn from any part of the world. Although most offers on the platform are remote, you can find some with a relocation clause.

To find a job offer from a Canadian employer on LinkedIn, search for your preferred sector jobs, apply the location filter, and set the preferred location to Canada.

You will find multiple job offers, but you have to select the one that matches your portfolio. Apply for it and to as many as you can. Maybe one of them will reply, but you will surely get some great results by doing so.

4.    Consult a friend or Relative in Canada

If you have a friend or relative in the country, then finding job offer from a Canadian employer should be easier for you. All you have to do is send them your CV and other important documents while they do the job hunting for you ahead of your arrival.

Steps to Get a Job Offer From a Canadian Employer

It is one thing to find a job and another to get the job for yourself. To get a job offer from a Canadian employer for immigration, you can follow these steps:

Research the Canadian job market and identify in-demand occupations. You can use the Government of Canada’s Job Bank website to do this.

Tailor your resume and cover letter to Canadian standards. Be sure to highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the jobs you are applying for.

Network with Canadian employers. You can do this by attending industry events, connecting with people on LinkedIn, and reaching out to recruiters.

Apply for jobs online and through job boards. Be sure to follow up with employers after you submit your application.

Prepare for job interviews. Learn about the company and the job you are interviewing for, and practice answering common interview questions.

Visitor visa can be applied by anyone even without having any relative or friend in Canada. Once you have obtained your visitor visa, you can travel to Canada and hunt for jobs. If you already have a list of potential companies, you might try to contact their recruiting managers by going to their offices.

Bear in mind that, Your likelihood of obtaining a job offer will improve 3X if you have a Canada PR. The employer will search for applicants who are eligible to work in Canada without needing to be sponsored by the business. Applying for permanent residency in Canada is excellent if you have a decent education and employment history.

Must Know About Getting a Job in Canada

The country is open and welcoming, as it depends on global talent to support its economic and social prosperity. Finding a job offer from a Canadian employer can be challenging. But many newcomers show that it is certainly possible – as long as you are prepared.

Here are steps to take when negotiating salary:

  1. Determine your value.
  2. Research the market.
  3. List your expenses.
  4. Prepare an outline.
  5. Practice your conversation.
  6. Remain confident.
  7. Stay flexible.
  8. Know when to say no.

Also, The hiring process in most Canadian companies takes at least three to four weeks, so you should start actively applying to relevant jobs at least a few weeks before your landing date.

With most interviews happening remotely, you may even be able to land an offer before you arrive in Canada


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