CBN Number to Report Bank | Complaint Form & How to File A Report

CBN Number to Report Bank – For the past months, most Nigerian traditional banks have been going down drastically growing cold in terms of customer attendance otherwise known as customer care.


Although before that, there were some traditional banks that it seems to be a culture of poor customer care, and this at times frustrates most customers that need urgent attention.

Due to the redesign of the new naira note which leads to the deposit of the old current note, most of the traditional banks have been busy throughout and this alone can keep the whole staff in many banks so busy in order to keep up with the deadline.

Although this could be one of the reasons why most banks have failed in their attenb]dance to customers in their office and this is one of the major problems most banks face when there are in the bank.

The fact from some angles is that for the past months is that customer cares in most banks has been overwhelmed by the work they do every day being able to attend to a different customer with a different or similar problem. Not just that, they will have to attend to lots of customers that can be likely to be much than they can be able to handle.

Ever one or what the problem may be, at times reporting banks to CBN especially if they fail to provide you /customers ta satisfying care can be the best option – CBN Number to Report.

If you are having any issues with your bank and they are unable to resolve the issue or they fail to give the satisfying care that you need from them, reporting them to CBN is likely the best solution, but you need to know CBN Number to Report Bank.

As you prepare to Report Bank for poor customer care or other related issues, you must be ready to have if not full but at least clue information on how to contact the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to file your report.

First, you need the CBN Number to Report Bank. This will go a long way in helping you get in contact with the CBN, explaining you’re your problem twit the bank and this is why you the CBN Number to Report Bank.

Meanwhile, in this article, we are going to walk you through the steps that you are to take while preparing to file your bank report to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Read through to discover more detailed information and guidelines and how to get CBN Number to Report Banks.

CBN Number to Report Bank: What You Should Know

Before filing a report to the Central Bank of Nigeria concerning the major issues you are facing with a traditional bank, there are some things you need to consider before proceeding.

These things are what we are going to consider in this article and give you a clearer view of different ways through which you can file your case to CBN regarding the issues you are having with a traditional bank.

Although getting the CBN Number to Report Bank is easy, the issue now is how to file your case so that CBN will be able to attend to you.

You will also need to prepare your report in a way that it will look appealing and good to be presented to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in order for your report to get a favorable response.

As you read below, you will discover steps that you will take in order to file your bank-related issues to the CBN.

CBN Number to Report Bank: How To File Report to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) advised customers to all the traditional banks they are having issues with to resolve their complaints within two weeks.

However, after you might have lodged your complaint and your bank still fail to attend to and resolve the issue within the period of 2 weeks as provided for in the ATM HELP DESK Circular, only then will you have the full right to escalate the issue to Consumer Protection Department of the CBN.

That is one of the legal actions you can take if your bank fails to attend to you or give you a satisfying response.

According to the apex bank:

“You can only direct your Complaints to CPD upon the failure of your Bank/Financial Institution to resolve your complaint within the 2 weeks timeline given by the CBN.”

Customers like you can also lodge complaints directly on the CBN official website

Customers can as well choose whether to write a letter Consumer Protection Department, Central Business District, Abuja. And this letter is to be addressed to the Director, Consumer Protection Department

While filing your report, your letter is to be addressed to the Director of, the Consumer Protection Department. To submit your letter, you can visit the CBN Head Office or any of the branches of the Central Bank of Nigeria across the nation.

Just like mentioned before, make your complaint concise, and appealing to avoid ambiguity.

CBN Number to Report Bank: Information to Include in Your Report

Name, Address, Contact Phone Number & E-mail of the Complainant;
• Name of your Financial Institution;
• Personal banking details (Do NOT include PIN & Passwords, please;)
• History/Date of the transaction in dispute;
• Amount claimed (if any);
• Attach relevant documents to support your claim and;
• Evidence to show that you have first lodged the complaint at your bank.”

CBN Number to Report Bank
This Image shows three major steps to take while filing a complaint to CBN

As you file your report, do ensure that you include the following in your complaint.

CBN Number to Report Bank: Contact Address

Customers can contact the CPD by sending an email to,, or call +234 7002255226.

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