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Concerning the ongoing INEC Voters Card, we are going to provide you with collective information that we have gathered to give an overview of all the core information that you would want to know regarding the years’ electoral process and how to get your Permanent Voters (PVC) working.

As the election is fast approaching, there are core things that you must obtain in order to take part in the upcoming general election as well, as other elections.

These documents are such that without them you won’t be able to cast your vote in the election. This shows how important and valuable this will be and this is why it is important you obtain your INEC Voters Card in due process.

As you read this article you get to know how to obtain your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) and if you have gotten one, it is important you check well to know if you completed your Biometric capture to ensure that you have neet all the process involved in getting Permanent Voterts Card (PVC) to avoid you being disqualified from voting.

We are going to highlight all the important guidelines that you will use to complete your Permanent Voters Card (PVC)  Biometric capture.

With the steps that we are going to provide you with, you will be able to bid an online application for the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC Voters Card with ease.

You just have to carefully go through this and discovered the gem that has been discussed and know how it will help you in obtaining your INEC Voters Card.

However, if you have gotten your own Permanent Voters Card but you have not completed your biometric capture, you are advised to do so before the portal closes and if it eventually closes you won’t be able to vote because the PVC you are holding has ni many details about you.

So it is important you complete the biometric capture so that you will be verified. This is done to ensure that you are the actual (especially those who bid the online ap[plication) person that applied for the voters’ card. This will match the personal details that you provided at the time of your registration.

Now, let’s discuss bit by bit the highlights that we have in this course. As you read, you want to bear in mind that you will come across some core topics like how to apply for the INEC voters card which includes Continues Voters Registration (CVR) INEC Result Portal, INEC Result Portal Login, What INEC Voters CARD can do for you and other related cores that you would want to know as the election approaches.

INEC Voters Card: Overview

INEC Voters Card is a card issued to you by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that you are to use if you wish to take part in the election.

This card contains your important data like your age, local government, and State of origin. It equally contains your contact address as well as other information related to you.
this information is what you provided at the time of your registration of the voters card.

Mind you that without this card you won’t be allowed to cast your vote during the election. So you have to keep the card safe after the election because it contains your personal information.

However, you need to complete your biometric capture if you have not done so. You have to do it now because failure to complete your biometric capture, and your INEC Voters Card are useless.

Another thing you must take of is that the Permanent Voters Card (PVC) can only be provided for you by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). No third party is allowed to undertake the issuance of the Voters Card, so if you want to obtain the PVC, you are advised to do so through INEC.

INEC Continues Voters Registration (CVR)

The INEC Continues Voters Registration (CVR) is meant for those that have initially filled out the INEC Voters Card registration but did complete their biometric capture. They can visit the INEC Continues Voters registration portal after they might have done their physical biometric capture and upload the information and wait for the issuance of their Permanent Voters Card.

INEC Voters Card – Usage

The main purpose for the registration of the INEC Voters Card is for everyone 18 years and above to take part in the election and it  the only medium through which you can vote.

After collecting your INEC Voters Card, you are to vote with it and this is one of the major use of the Voters Card.

Another usage of the Voters Card is in place of an ID card. You can use the INEC Voters Card if you do not have a National Identification Number (ID card).

INEC Voters Card Registration Portal

The INEC Voters Card Registration portal is a portal that you are to visit for any voter card-related issues or updates. Most importantly if you want to apply or you want to do your Continues Voters Registration (CVR), you can visit the official INEC Voters Card portal to do so.

INEC Result Login Portal             

The INEC Result Portal is a part of the official website of the Independent National Electoral Commission which you can visit if you want to view the election result live.

However, to access the official INEC Result Registration Form go to the search bar on your default browser and enter the URL below   or you can click on the link below:

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