Nigerian Police Recruitment Portal 2024/2025 | Apply for the Ongoing NPF Registration

Nigerian Police Recruitment Portal 2024/2025— Alert! alert!! There is an incident at area 649 over. We bring you the latest info about a new recruitment exercise going on in the NPF portal.


The Nigerian Police force application process is now ongoing and maybe end any time soon. Or probably when they get the number of candidates they require for the training exercise.

We will discuss the possible ways to make it to the shortlist of the current registration for the Nigerian police force. Okay, the reason for this exercise is due to the rising number of illegal activities happening in the country.

Due to this, the Nigerian police are inviting all who think they are up to it to apply and enjoin the process of eradication. Apply for the Nigerian Police Force here.

Here on this page, we will cover important things you need to know about the Nigerian Police Force recruitment.

Information on the Nigerian Police Recruitment 2024/2025

There is a high demand for security in the country as it may be now and so the reason for the new recruitment process. This process may continue for some time till a lot of candidates have been successfully collected for the purpose.

There will be training for the recruits, so you don’t need any prior knowledge to apply.

Reasons why you should apply for the Nigerian Police Recruitment

  • Registration for the Nigerian Police is free, you only need to apply through their online registration portal. The link to the portal will be posted here for your ease of access. you don’t need to pay anyone at any point in time during the registration.
  • The application and job access is a permanent contract in the force
  • Opportunity for a job with good pay, if you don’t have one or you wish to switch jobs
  • Defensive skill acquisition, to protect and serve with a better experience in the academy.
  • The requirement for the level of education is low. The education requirement is the Secondary Education Certificate Examination (SSCE).

NPF Recruitment Requirements

The foregoing information is a list of all the requirements for application to the Nigerian Police Force.

Following up carefully with the below instructions will help you scale through the registration process. And this will get you the chance and a possibility of your name making the shortlist.

  • Applicants must have a means of identification (ID) national, driver’s license, or any other valid means of validation. The national Id is the most important.

Among the required documents are:

    1. Current passport Photograph
    2. Educational certificates
    3. Birth certificate or declaration of age
    4. A confirmatory certificate showing your state of origin
  • The application does not accept physically disabled persons. Candidates must be physically, mentally, and medically fit. Fitness is among the most important requirement.
  • Candidates must not be involved in any known criminal activity whether before or after the application process.
  • You must be a citizen by birth or naturalization
  • Minimum of five credits in not more than two sittings in any of the secondary examinations which include WASSCE, NECO, GCE, NAPTEB, or any other required certificates. It must also include results in the use of English and Mathematics.
  • Age: the age limit for applicants is 18yrs age minimum to the acceptable maximum of their choice which is usually 35.
  • Females must not be less than 1.64 and males 1.67 on average. For females, you should not be pregnant.
  • Abnormalities are not allowed in the process, tattoos on the body are also considered one. So, you know not to have one drawn on you.

These are the major requirements for the application and to make it you must follow all and prepare for it. So, are you registering yet? Make sure to go through them.

Nigerian Police Recruitment 2024/2025 | How to Apply

Successful application into the Nigerian Police force should not be a hard one so long as you pass all of the requirements for the process. Down below is a simple step for application.

  • Click the Link Here on your device or type in the address in your address bar and click on search
  • On the next page, there will be empty boxes for you to fill. The empty boxes will include spaces where you can input your ID information, working email address, and password for your page.
  • It is always best to use Gmail instead of yahoo mail to receive messages faster.
  • A message will be sent through your mail with a link that will direct you to a personal registration page. Click the link to log in to the page (if the mail does not appear in the inbox, you can check your spam folder).
  • Enter your registered password and email and click on login to enter. The next page which contains the whole application information boxes will show, and there you will have to fill all the boxes.
  • When you are done click on enter or submit as the case may be. Make sure you check the form for any corrections and or mistakes before clicking the submit button.
  • After completing the registration, a confirmatory message will be sent to your mail. Make sure you print out the confirmatory information alongside every other thing it contains. And also, the registration number (this is very important), copy it exactly the way is it on the information.
  • After successful registration, a contact mail will be sent that contains information on the next phase of your registration.


In the meantime, those who wish to join the police force should head on to the recruitment site and register and become a member of the NPF. We will continue to publish information on this always.

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