INEC Recruitment portal 2024/2025 | Application Form And Procedures

INEC Recruitment portal 2024/2025– this is not a drill, take this very seriously. This information is specifically for those who want to apply for the 2024/2025 INEC recruitment.


The Independence National Electoral Commission is calling on all the youths to register now and take part in carrying out the upcoming electoral processes. Want to know more? Then you should continue reading.

INEC is the body/organization that is responsible for carrying out electoral purposes. During each election, they usually hire people, especially the temporary staff, who will assist in the process.

Here we will give you guys the complete guide for successful registration and the best possible way to get a whitelist position and also become part of the electoral team.

In addition to that, the INEC recruitment requirements will be made known here as well as other more relevant information. This is to give our readers a head-start through the registration procedures and everything relating to the INEC portal application.

Requirements for Successful INEC Recruitment Application

There are some basic information and or practices and qualifications, etc. that the INEC expects those who wish to join them to have in their place.

  • Almost anyone can apply for this position, but with a little requirement in what you must have. Though some of the higher positions may require people with degrees and or certificates in any discipline at all. Or certificate from one that is closely related to the INEC recruitment stuff.
  • Minimum & Maximum Age: Applicants must be at least 18 years and almost 35 years
  • Must be a Nigerian by birth with a valid means of identification
  • People who wish to apply should have the basic computer skill which also includes web services and applications, other applications that will help during the service.

See the requirement is not such a demanding one, if you know how to operate your device well enough there is no need not to apply. However, before the elections begin, there is also usually a training process for new candidates.

Moreover, we will continue to update you guys with more info as they come out. But for now, take this one above seriously and there will be no issue at all.

Recruitment Process | Notable Information

We had to include this information for our readers. Due to the rigorous process for the INEC recruitment registration and so many people trying to apply, wrong information may very soon start flying around.

On no account should anyone have to pay to register for the position. All the process that the registration may involve is completely free.

INEC Registration 2024/2025 | How to Apply

The process for the registration is simple, all you need to do to visit the online registration portal @

The next thing to do is make sure you fill all the spaces. You will have to fill in important individual information blocks. Also, you need to check all the spaces and fill even the not-so-important spaces for easier access to the position.

All the above information is what you need during your application. Do not forget that you will need an accessible email account. This will be your contact when the shortlist is out.

INEC Candidates Shortlist | How to Check for the 2024/2025 Applicant Shortlist

Those who have in one way or the other applied for the INEC position are always in the search of a way to check whether or not they made it to the shortlist.

So, this is the best procedure to take when or if you wish to check the INEC shortlist. The shortlist is always available there on the site but below is the simple process for your easy navigation.

  • Firstly, candidates will need to visit the INEC Recruitment page
  • Secondly, you will be required to input your details which involve your registration username and password. This will take you to your page.
  • Thirdly, on the page, you will see a shortlisted candidates tab, click on it
  • Finally, on this note, let’s say you have been shortlisted then a message will pop up on the same page congratulating you on making the INEC shortlist.

However, at some points, the INEC staff will also release the shortlist to the public where each and everyone whether registered or not will have access to checking it. We promise to always give out this information to our readers to make sure you get the best early access.

In Conclusion

INEC which is responsible for undertaking the election process is always looking for staff whether permanent or temporal from time to to be able to fully manage the whole rigorous process.

The aforementioned website is the web portal for the recruitment process whereas we still have the website for any other information about the activities of the organization.

If you wish to register and participate in the whole process, this is the right time to do so. Anyways, information received is that a list will soon be released for the former registration which was done some time ago.

When this list gets out, then the new registration process will also begin. A reminder, Application for the INEC recruitment is free, and on no account should you pay for them a chance to participate.

This information is just to give you a full grid knowledge of how you can easily register yourself with any of your devices so long as it allows internet access.

This page will always be updated with information concerning the INEC recruitment and registration process. Advice is that you should bookmark this page and check always with us for your best and foremost information.

You can as well visit our website @ for more information relating to INEC Recruitment 2024/2025 and other Recruitments.

For more inquiries concerning jobs and applications, kindly make use of the comment box below for your daily information. Do not forget to drop your email with us while you ask your questions.


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