NJI Recruitment Application Portal 2024 – Apply Now

The NJI Recruitment application form is out and the portal, on the other hand, has been opened and currently accepting applications from applicants so you can take a step now and apply for the recruitment exercise.


Meanwhile, on this web page, you will get all the valuable information you are advised to have at the bank of your mind while applying for the NJI Recruitment Exercise.
Here, the application portal, application requirements, and qualification, where and how to apply have been discussed with practical illustrations on how to apply for the NJI Recruitment exercise.

The NJI Recruitment exercise is focused on providing employment opportunities for unemployed Nigerian graduates in order to alleviate or reduce the rate of poverty and increase the standard of living in the country.

If you are a graduate, especially those who studied the following professions: law, public administration, and other related fields, then this job opportunity is right for you.

All you have to do if you really want to secure this job opportunity is try as much as possible to meet the NJI Recruitment requirements and qualifications in order to apply for the job.

Apparently, the basic step toward securing any position in the ongoing NJI Recruitment exercise is trying your best to ensure that you are able to at least meet 80% of the recruitment requirements and qualifications, only this way that you can rest assured of success of your application.

Although this NJI Recruitment program is basically for those that studied law, public administration as well other related courses at the university level, there are various job opportunities that we have advertised on this website, in fact, we have talked about a lot of them, you can browse this our website to discover more work opportunity that best suit your profession.

However, if you can be able to handle public matters, you need not wait for anybody to recommend this job opportunity of NJI Recruitment for you. All you have to do is pick up your mobile device or head to a cyber café and apply for the NJI Recruitment program before the portal will be closed.

Whichever one you are doing, either heading to a cyber café or using your mobile phone which is highly recommended since you can do it on your own with no cost, follow the guideline below.

We have provided the NJI Recruitment application guideline to help fully understand the application processes of the NJI Recruitment you can simply head to the NJI official website and fill out the application now.

To apply for the NJI application form, kindly follow the application guideline on the portal in order not to be kicked off or out of the recruitment program.

However, you will have to at least get a clue of what the NJI Recruitment application form and portal are all about, before applying so that you won’t run into a hectic situation that will tamper your opportunity while making the application.

NJI Recruitment Application Form

The NJI Recruitment application form is a form that all those who want to apply for the NJI Job Recruitment will have to fill the form to fully show that they are interested in applying for the NJI job opportunity.

In this form, you are provided by the National Judicial Institute (NJI) with some valid and personal information about you to ensure that you fully qualify for the job.

While applying for the NJI recruitment, you will be required to fill the form correctly by providing the NJI with personal information like your legal name, date of birth (DOB), national identification like ID card, educational holdings like BSC, Ms degrees, HND, OND and other valuable information to fully qualify you for the recruitment exercise.

NJI Recruitment Application Portal

The NJI Recruitment application portal is the portal where you or those interested in applying for the NJI Recruitment exercise will apply or submit their application.

On the NJI Recruitment application portal, you have to first, create an account before proceeding to fill out the application.

You must create an account on the NJI application portal before you can be granted access to apply for the job. No account, no application.

That is why it is important you create an account on the NJI application portal so that you can be able to make an application.

As you create an account on the portal, you will have a dashboard where you can easily log in and correct some errors if there are any, and also check the status of your NJI Job Recruitment application form.

Note:  if you really want to apply for the NJI Recruitment exercise, you must create an account on the NJI official recruitment portal. No account, no application.

Just like mentioned earlier, before anyone can be able to apply for the NJI job, the applicant must ensure that he or she meets the NJI job application requirements, only then will he or she qualify for the job and hopefully get his or her shortlisted among the successful candidates who will be employed to fill some vacant positions In the office while others will be provided with a new office to handle other services in the NJI offices.

NJI Recruitment Entry/Application Requirements & Qualifications

Below are the basic requirements are expected to meet before applying for the NJI Job Recruitment exercise in order to consider your application.

So, do ensure you meet at least 80% if possible the whole requirements so that your chances of securing a job position in the NJI Recruitment that is currently will fully rest assured.

  • Those are poised to apply for the NJI Recruitment must be a graduate
  • Those are poised to apply for the NJI Recruitment be of good behavior
  • Team spirit is highly recommended
  • Applicants must have good communication skills
  • MSc in any related field from a recognized higher institution in the country
  • Basic knowledge of the computer application
  • Computer literacy and conversant with Microsoft office, and Web Applications as well as the use of relevant applications for fast & efficient delivery of service
  • BSC in any law-related course
  • HND or OND in any related discipline
  • All applicants must have a valid means of identification such as a valid driver’s license, National Identification Card, International passport, Voters card

How to Apply for the NJI Recruitment

  • On your mobile device or PC
  • Go to those browser search bars, type
  • Click on the available vacancies button
  • Navigate and choose the job position that suits the most
  • Carefully read the description and application procedures for the one you choose
  • Provide the required information
  • Finally, submit your application the application is free of cost do not pay anyone to apply for the NJI Recruitment)

Once your application is successful, you will be contacted through your contact details. Ensure that the contact details you provided are valid and accurate.

NJI Recruitment Form Update

Currently, the NJI Recruitment application form is not yet out, but once the form is out. We will quickly update this article in order to keep you updated once the form is out.

You just have to visit this website or bookmark it, if possible, and sign up for our newsletters so we will directly update once the NJI recruitment application form is out.

Still, you can browse through our website for more job opportunities that lie ahead to find a job and earn a living with high-paying jobs near you.

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