10+ Study Abroad Scholarships | Grants Up to $25,000

10+ Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants Up to $25,000 – Studying abroad can be quite costly financially, but there are numerous ways to lower the cost. There are many scholarships and grants available, along with part-time jobs and fundraising possibilities, for students who wish to study abroad.


This article will introduce you to a multitude of funding sources, such as abroad programs and international centers at your home university, study abroad program providers, and other organizations.

The fact that thousands of dollars worth of scholarships are gone unused yearly is astounding—all because no one applies. The good news is that if you know where to look for these opportunities, how to apply for them, and how to eventually obtain them, you might be able to get this money.

Although these scholarships may not fully cover all of your study abroad expenses, they can significantly reduce your financial burden and make your international experience more affordable.

10+ Study Abroad Scholarships

Below is a list of scholarship programs that can aid you financially

Arcadia Abroad Scholarships & Financial Aid: All current Arcadia Abroad applicants are eligible to apply for these need-based scholarships. As part of the application procedure, candidates are required to write a 300-word essay. Students can apply at any time; the deadline is open until further notice. Interestingly, you can get an award ranging from $500-$2,500.

Seamester Scholarships & Financial Aid: To help applicants who happen to be financially limited yet show a strong potential for success and growth from the experience, Seamester offers scholarships, financial aid, and tuition assistance. All Seamester applicants are eligible to apply, and there is no application fee and you can get an award of about $500-$14,000.

MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship: Open to international and DACA students in STEM programs. In addition to the $3,000 scholarship, there are also two $1,000 scholarships available to students from Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, India, and Asia (excluding India). The scholarship funds are disbursed directly to the university or college of the application and can be up to $3,000.

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DIS Scholarship: To assist students from a variety of backgrounds and with low financial means, DIS offers both need- and merit-based grants. This award helps students who want to study overseas financially.

IFSA Scholarships and Financial Aid: IFSA has a strong dedication to enable as many students as possible to study abroad. For the January term, semester, year, and summer programs, they provide financial aid. Awards include the IFSA First-Generation Scholarship, IFSA Diversity Scholarship, and program-specific awards in other countries.

CEA CAPA Scholarships and Financial Aid: With over $2.0 million dedicated to their financial and scholarship projects yearly, CEA CAPA helps students pay to study abroad.

USAC Scholarships and Financial Aid: Every year, USAC provides scholarships and discounts reaching more than $2 million to help students pay for their study abroad programs. Scholarships come in different amounts and help a lot of students financially.

Global Access Initiative (GAIN) Grant Travel Grant: For students who show financial need, the GAIN Travel Grant helps pay for both the departure and return flights to the countries of CIEE programs. A GAIN Travel Grant is provided to students who receive a Federal Pell Grant.

Global Experiences Generation Study Abroad Scholarship: Scholarships are available from Global Experiences for summer and semester study at any of the organization’s eleven countries. For semester-long programs, full scholarships are offered, with a focus on underprivileged students in study abroad programs.

Verto Opportunity Grant & Verto Scholars Award: The Verto Education Opportunity Grant is given out based on the Expected Family Contribution, which is determined by completing the FAFSA and can lower fees by up to 72%. Incoming students are qualified for the Verto Scholars Award depending on their high school GPA; those who have a GPA of 3.5 or above are guaranteed the prize.

API Scholarships and Financial Aid Information: Study abroad scholarships from API amount to about $500,000 a year, with each student receiving between $250 and $1,000 in funding. The expense of studying abroad might be greatly decreased with the help of these scholarships.

Rotary International Scholarships & Grants: One of the biggest and most established private study abroad funding programs is managed by the Rotary Club; it provides up to $25,000 in scholarships to cover the cost of accommodation and board, academic study for a year, and other related costs.

As Cultural Ambassadors, students are required to deliver presentations about their home culture while they are away from home as well as the culture of the place they studied abroad.

AFS-USA Grants & Scholarships: To ensure that students of all financial means have the chance to study abroad, AFS-USA grants scholarships to almost half of its study abroad participants.

The scholarships and grants mentioned in this article are intended to offer help and financial aid to students who want to study overseas in 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to travel and acquire priceless international experience.


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