Job Vacancies in Awka – Job Opportunity Apply Now 45K Monthly

Have you been looking for Job Vacancies in Awka, if you are among them? If you are among those that have been looking for a way to lift themselves from poverty and conquer their financial instability.


Hopefully, you are at the right place where you are just one step away from grabbing your life-changing opportunity. This thing that is going to drop for you in this article is what has been helping many to be financially stable in life.

So we urge you to carefully go through this article because it has all the details you need to know regarding Job Vacancies in Awka.

By the end, this article is sure that you will be able to find at least a job that will help you earn a living. On this page and next you can be able to navigate and find both professional jobs and the ones you can do without skills. We also have daily paid jobs around you.

So this time around, we have provided you with the list of companies and the necessary details you need to know about the current Job Vacancies in Awka.

Although there are a lot of Job Vacancies in Awka, the list of job Vacancies in Awka that we are going to provide in this article includes the current and highest-paying companies.

We have also made available a write-up guide in this to assist you in successfully applying for the job that suits your profession or the job you want to apply for.

However, this article is solemnly prepared for job seekers or jobless people most are graduates but due to the harsh economic situation in the country, they are able to secure a job for themselves.

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Also, if you already have a job but are not comfortable with the work stress or the pay, don’t worry, we got your back, all you will do is not quit your current job at the moment, follow the procedures that will have provided for you and apply for a job in one of these companies and wait for an interview.

Our aim is to ensure that any company and job that you apply for reaches you and that you get the job position you apply for.

Note: we are not in any way connected to or affiliated with these companies under the list of Job Vacancies in Awka.

We are providing job opportunities for information purposes and to help those searching for a way of livelihood find a reasonable and fair-paying job so that can be able to earn a living.

List of companies and overview of its Job Vacancies in Awka

CompanyJob TitleJob TypePayment MonthlyWhere to ApplyRequirements
Beebeejump internationalState Sales ManagerFull-TimeNGN 150,000Apply Here2 years experience, BSc BA
FMRPastry ChefFull-Time


Not Specified – CompanyApply Here2 years and above experience in pastry preparation
Virtual Service LtdDirect Sales AgentFull-TimeNGN 75,000 to 100,000Apply Here3 years experience in the field
Virtual Health Service LtdHealth Maintenance OfficerFull-TimeNGN 75,000 to 100,000Apply Here3 years experience in the field
  Prower Virtual Resources Nig LtdFront Office PersonnelFull-TimeNGN 40,000 to 80,00Apply HereHND, BSc & Ba
Giovanni LaundryLaundry WorkerFull-0TimeNGN 60,000 to 80,000Apply HereWashing & Marketing
Virtues & Nobletouch Nigeria


Graphic DesignerFull-TimeNGN 30,000 to 40,000Apply Here2 years and above


All these and more jobs are still available both part-time jobs, daily paid jobs, and even hotel jobs that are still available for you to make a choice and know the one best for you and apply.

Job Vacancies in Awka – Application Requirements

While applying for a job position in any of the companies listed above, you will have to meet at least the requirements below.

  • First, you must obtain at least an SSCE certificate
  • You must have at least 1-year experience in your profession
  • Excellent in verbal and written language
  • Meet up the responsibilities

You must try as much as possible to meet up with the above requirement so that you gain approval and secure the exact job position you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Job Vacancies in Awka
Is possible to find a high-paying company job online?

Yes, you can find a high-paying company job online if only you are at the right source or you submit your application to the right source.

How can I pay to submit my application?

You are to pay no cash to anybody in other for your application to be submitted, if you are requested money for you to submit your application, please leave that source.

How long will my CV last before I get feedback?

You can wait as long as the recruitment exercise continues but don’t worry, if you follow the process, you will surely secure the job position you want.

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