Nigerian Port Authority Salary Structure & Departmental Ranks

Nigerian Port Authority Salary – The Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) is a Federal government agency whose workers’ salaries are determined and paid rationally just like every other federal government worker in the country.


With this, the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) salary is about NGN120,000 upwards, and it is paid according to the position he or she is occupying in the agency.

This is one of the reasons why most people work with the Nigerian Port Authority because of the pay in the agency, at least the pay is ok to compared to the situation in the country.

Meanwhile, in this article, we are going to walk you through all the things you need to know regarding the Nigerian Port Authority Salary.

Also, as you read below you will get to find out more data on how the NPA salary is being determined. So we urge you to take this article very seriously if you are ready to know how the Nigerian Port Authority Salary is being calculated at each level in the agency.

Nigerian Port Authority Salary: Duties of the NPA

Nigerian Ports Authority is a federal government agency charged with governing and operating all the ports in the country. This agency works under the authority of the Nigerian Ministry of transport but their payment is made directly from the federal government.

However, the actual amount the exact amount being paid to the workers of the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) is not revealed for some reasons, it is kept confidential.

But in this article, we will provide the exact amount that can be paid to a worker in the Nigerian Port Authority today.

You just have to read through as you are just on the right web page to discover what you are looking for in detail.

Just like mentioned earlier, the NPA works under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Transportation. However, their workers’ salaries are being paid by the federal government of Nigeria.

Before we provide the actual services rendered by the Nigerian Port Authority, we would want to bring to your notice that some of the responsibilities of the NPA are conceded to private companies. This is done to ensure easy and prompt maintenance of the ports in Nigeria.

These private companies in turn have their own duties in the port and work together with the officers or staff of the Nigerian Port Authority.

But the fact is that these private companies are the NPA staff, but they are at the port under a company that has some functions in the port.

Meanwhile, let’s dive into the main services rendered by the Nigerian Port Authority. Here you will discover the major services that the NPA undertakes.

Nigerian Port Authority Website – Service offered

  • Harbour Services
  • Cargo Handling
  • Marine Services
  • Health, Safety, and Environment Services
  • Security Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Engineering & Technical Services
  • Lands & Estates Services

Breakdown of the NPA Salaries in each Level

Concrete information regarding the actual being paid to the workers of the Nigerian Port Authority agency is not revealed. Nut just like various federal government offices, their salary struct is confidential and disclosed to the public.

However, in this article, as you read below is payment information regarding the Nigerian Port Authority Salary ranges – it is an estimate of what a staff earns a month as a salary in the NPA.

This estimation is calculated according to the information we have regarding the current Nigerian Port Authority Salary. However, the NPA Scale is calculated by increasing the level of employees in the pay matrix plus NPA.

Below is the list of the salaries received by some NPA staff in line with their grade level:

  • Counselors receive around #180,000 – #200,000 per month.
  • Desk Cadet officers get #250,000 – #300,000 per month.
  • Health Safety Environment officers receive around #300,000 – #400,000 per month.
  • Control Engineers receive #450,000 – #600,000 per month.

Nigerian Port Authority Salary -List of Ranks (Grade Level)

As you read below, you see a list of the ranks of the major management or offices of the Nigerian Port Authority. Although some roles are not on the list they work under some of the major offices mentioned in the paragraph below:

The Managing Director

This is the highest rank of the Nigerian Ports Authority. Every other directors and managers are under him. He is the boss in charge of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

Executive Director Engineering and Technical Services

  • General Manager, Engineering
  • General Manager, Land, and Asset Administration

Executive Director Marine and Operations

  • General Manager, Marine, and Operations
  • General Manager, Monitoring and Regulation
  • General Manager, HSE
  • General Manager, Security
  • Port Managers (AGM)
Executive Director Finance and Administration
  • General Manager, HR
  • General Manager, Medical
  • General Manager, Administration
  • General Manager, Finance
  • General Manager, Superannuation and Investment
  • Assistant General Manager, Risk Management
Managing Director’s Directorate
  • General Manager, Procurement
  • General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications
  • General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Planning
  • General Manager, Legal Services
  • General Manager, Audit
  • General Manager, ICT
  • General Manager, PPP
  • General Manager, Abuja Liaison Office
  • General Manager, Servicom
  • General Manager, Overseas Liaison Office
  • General Manager, Managing Director’s Office

Nigeria Ports Authority Salary – Functions of the NPA

  • The Nigerian Port Authority helps to protect the citizen’s life and properties
  • They act to provide a safe and risk-free channel
  • Nigeria Ports Authority helps to regulate the facilities and equipment in Nigeria’s ports.
  • NPA provides services in the form of cargo handling and storage purposes.
  • It develops and operates most of the ports in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria Port Authority undertakes the day-to-day monitoring of activities in the ports and ensures that relevant sections of agreements and enforced.
  • They plan and develop the operational infrastructure of ports.

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