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NBF Corporate Login is the access portal where you can get a business account, fixed account, corporate account, and others to help you manage your account. This corporate account is mostly available for companies.


This banking platform offers different packages for its business account which is determined by how much you have in your account. Each account operates with a minimum account balance requirement, this means that certain criteria must be met to open a corporate account.

Through the NBF Corporate Login, you get to open a business account either business plus, business priority, business elite, or business advantage, just start with the one you want.

About NBF Online Banking Services

This is an online banking platform that adheres to Sharia complaints services and other personal-related services and products.

It was established in October 1982 to offer banking services at an extended length both commercial, and industrial, and provide financial solutions to individuals in UAE.

NBF UAE has over 18 branches and 39 ATM locations that make the banking experience of customers easy and hassle-free.

Various services and products are obtainable to NBF customers which include opening different accounts, personal loans, credit cards, and other services that help individuals handle their funds wisely.

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Features of NBF Corporate Login Account

It offers many benefits and features regarding having a Corporate account to access most of the services that you might be needing and they include

  1. You get to enjoy access to important and special currencies
  2. All transactions done on tellers are without charge
  3. Acquire a debit card for the first year for free
  4. You will receive a Cheque Book of not more than 50 leaves free
  5. interest credited every 6 months
  6. standing instruction facilities

How to Open an NBF Corporate Account

To open an NBF Corporate Account, there are two options that you can explore to achieve that. The first is that you will be required to visit the closest branch office of the bank to make an in-person request.

Collect the form, fill in the necessary information, submit the important documents, and wait for a response from the bank representative for further directives.

On the other hand, you could equally make an online Application, by using the official website link of NBF.  To get started, follow the steps below:

NBF Corporate Login

  • using the link
  • enter your personal details such as full name, email address, contact address, and phone number.
  • specify your monthly income. which should be a minimum of AED 250
  • make a selection of your emirate and nationality

How to Access NBF Corporate Login

After the successful creation of an account on the official website of NBF, you can now access the NBF corporate login.

Using the login portal, you can make login and explore the products packaged by this online platform.

Now to get to it, see a simple and straightforward way to get an easy login below;

  • on the official website, you will see a question asking ‘if you are an existing client’ Select ‘Yes’
  • proceed to enter your username ID and password
  • verify the details you entered by pasting the OTP code sent to your phone number.
  • click on Login to move to the dashboard of the platform.

Products and Services Available on NBF UAE

Let’s see below for more details on the products offered and available on NBF UAE


it offers a variety of loan services to individuals ranging from

  • personal loans,
  • overdraft loan facilities,
  • auto loan
  • home loans, and
  • loans.

NBF offers different packages like

  • debit card; which have platinum and classic debit card,
  • Credit card; which has classic, infinite, and platinum exclusive credit cards, and
  • Prepaid Card; which has Tasdeed Prepaid Card.

NBF offers numerous accounts to meet the customer’s demands and needs. they include

  • current accounts; classic current accounts and standard current accounts,
  • deposit accounts; including fixed deposit, on-demand, and instant interest deposits, instant interest deposits, and gold deposits.
  • savings accounts; including savings basic account, savings Plus account, max saver account, Gold investment account, and Home loan saver.


This insurance product offer is applicable in various aspects which are Home contents insurance and car insurance

NBF Corporate Login | Debit Card Fees

NBF Corporate Account Debit Card has an annual fee. While the Debit card is free for the first year, it does have an annual fee for the subsequent years. The following are the fees for the subsequent years:

NBF Corporate Login

  • Business Plus- AED 150
  • Business Priority- AED 150
  • Business Elite- AED 150
  • Business Advantage- Free for life

NBF Corporate Access

NBF Corporate Login

This is an easy online service that gives the needed security to your corporate account and allows it to function to the proper degree.

While transacting, you can have full charge of the banking interface and access all the features in the facilities provided.

NBF Corporate access has many features peculiar to the platform such as;

  1.  Making Regular payments. on the platform, you can pay utility bills and other online payments through your account or using your corporate credit card.
  2. Customize information. with NBF Corporate access you can customize and easily navigate through some of your vital information such as an account statement, transactions, and pending payments that need to be done.
  3. Access secure biometrics. using of pins and fingerprints ID are authorized for making utility payments or performing a transaction. This means that as a corporate user, a password is not important for making transactions.
  4. Make swift payments and transfers. with the available NBF Corporate access app you can simply access all transfers and manage the beneficiaries of the payments.
  5. It offers reliable trade finance. Trade finance allows you to save enough time and make improvements in your daily transactions. it equally improves capacity.
  6. Daily and better reconciliation. this will enable make needed progress in your business as the daily reconciliation procedure will handle the many transactions that must be attended to either single or bulk transfers.


NBF Corporate Login is the only access available to companies to use to access and manage the company account. This can be done using the downloaded mobile app of the NBF Corporate Banking available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Once downloaded you can access quick NBF Corporate Login which will direct you to the platforms dashboard to see the many features and facilities available for its users


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