Hot Video Player App | Download Hot Video Player APK V1.1

Hot Video Player App — you can watch your videos in HD quality using a suitable player like the Hot Video APK mods or the HD Player App on Google Play Store.


It offers many features for free, especially to Android smartphone users, who would otherwise need to extract the file and convert it to a suitable format before playing it. So, this simplifies the process and allows you to focus on the main prospect, which is to view high-quality videos without further tweaks.

The Hot Video Player App promises one valuable feature: HD quality movies in ad-free player media. It is not the same as the typical APKs that only work on the app. You can download the app and use it to play movies later. Also, it does not restrict the number of visits or request subscriptions to premium.

Here are the available formats on the Hot Video Player App.

Mobile HD videos in High-res HD Video quality formats

  • AVI
  • MP4
  • WMV
  • RMVB
  • MKV
  • 3GP
  • M4V

Other formats include FLV and MOV. According to the provider (the APK version), users can access more files depending on the device decoder.

The option to change volumes to suitable levels is one unique feature of the Hot Video Player App. It also adds the brightness control option, reducing the glare which would have been a nuisance. So, users now have a much safer and adaptable tool to play their videos with, instead of sticking to less efficient widgets.

See the section below for the Hot Video Player App features.

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Hot Video Player App Features

Depending on the Hot Video Player media you use, the features are generally the same except for a few changes in the functionalities. However, the APK mod has a lot to unpack, offering conversions and HD video support.

Besides the basic app features, below are some functionalities of the Hot Video Player widget.

Hot Video Player App

  • Options to find the video files
  • Access to a small-size memory storage
  • Smooth play — HD and 8k video resolutions
  • No need to check the file description as the app automatically does a preliminary run-through to tag the file with existing footprints in its resource.
  • Adjust brightness and volume
  • Easy edits and saves for WhatsApp Status
  • Also, it can hide files
  • User privacy is optimal
  • No prompts are required for it to play videos via SD Card or smartphone.

Moreover, the providers have fixed a few disruptions, ensuring that the current iteration runs smoothly without bugs. Some fascinating features from the previous version have been transitioned to the current one, if only to preserve some of the Hot Video Player App signature functionalities — easy-to-use widgets, ad-free interface, HD/4k video resolutions, etc.

If you go for the Hot Video Player APK version instead of the mobile app (HD Player), you will have to make do with v1.1, i\.e. Version 1.1, which was uploaded about two years ago. It provides similar features as the previous Hot Video Player APK mods, but this time, it cuts down on the bugs.

One more issue the current Hot Video Player APK v1.1 has resolved is ads. Inscrutable ad splurge on the interface is a hideous site for viewers. So, after getting many complaints, the providers have removed the bug, offering more privacy and security to the users.

How to Download Hot Video Player App

There are different versions of the video player online, depending on the one you want to use on your device. For instance, there is an HD Video Player on Google Play Store, and it offers stronger security and improved user data protection.

Also, there is the Hot Video Player APK on the other hand. Of course, you are free to decide on which one to download. Both are available for Android smartphones, though. iOS device users will need to get an alternative file encryption (not the APK mods).

You need the details below to get started.

  • Enough internet data
  • Adequate storage space on your device
  • Strong internet connectivity

Once you have the details ready, use the procedure below to download the Hot Video Player App (reference HD Video Downloader on Play Store).

  • Open the Play Store app on your smartphone — search
  • Search HD Video Downloader.
  • Alternatively, you can type in Hot Video Player

Hot Video Player App

  • Select the first entry on the result page, especially the one with the option for HD 4k Video resolutions.
  • Check that the reviews are updated (to avoid downloading a botched clone).
  • Finally, click on the icon that reads, “INSTALL”.

You can retrieve the app from your smartphone download folder and complete the installations and suggested syncs.

Do you want to get the APK mod instead? If that is the case, consider using

  • Apkpure to download it on your smartphone. Here is how the procedure works.
  • Go to the official website —
  • Type in “Hot Video Player — HD Video Player” in the search box.

  • Now, click on search and wait for the result page to load.
  • Select the entry with Entertainment App Zone as the provider.
  • Scroll down a bit and click on the icon that reads, “Download APK”.


If you do not know how to install APK/XAPK Files on your smartphone, click on the prompt that reads, “How to install XAPK/APK file”. Also, it has an attached link that redirects to a subpage that explains the installation procedure in steps.

Last Words

A Hot Video Player App avails you of simple widgets for playing your preferred videos in HD and 4k formats. It does not require any setting up after download. Once it has been installed on your smartphone, it is automatically set for use.

As it happens, there are many Hot Video Player APK mods as well, with many iterations to boot. If you want to get multiple functionalities on the media player, consider downloading the APK version v1.1 provided on APKpure (check other APK Providers for a similar result).

Moreover, you get to watch your videos in multiple formats RMVB, MKV, 3GP, AVI, etc.


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