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Video Downloader Chrome — get your videos from Chrome Downloader Extension in high-quality formats without ads on the interface. The extension is fast and easy to use. Also, it does not require any screen cues; you will have the video on your phone with just a few clicks.


Chrome offers a variety of features on the free web browser. As a user, you do not have to alternate a Chrome subdomain or check a subscription box to access most of these features. They are free and publicly accessible. But the problem is that many people do not know how to use the tools. And as the company rolls out new designs and integrations, the basics become complex tasks to tackle.

If you are only just learning about these Chrome extras, consider reading through this article for how they work. In particular, the Video Downloader Chrome is one tool for downloading a video using the browser.

Video Downloader Chrome At a Glance

There are many video downloaders for social apps — Instagram Reels Downloader, Facebook Downloader, and so on — but only several can be added conveniently as an extension. On pining it to the browser, the widget could be accessed easily for easy tasks like video conversions and downloads.

However, to get a smooth experience, consider using the Video Downloader Chrome. It beats most of the available options by a long margin. For one, Chrome Video Downloader Extension is flexible, accepts easy tweaks as rolled out by the provider, and does not pose any harm to your device (unlike widgets sourced from relatively unknown developers).

At a Gance, Here are the Things to Expect:

  • An ad-free interface on the Premium tier
  • Easy-to-use software
  • The interface is rid of bothersome ads
  • No bugging pop-ups spamming the user with questions
  • It offers free and paid tiers

See below for the best Video Downloader Chrome tools for your PC and laptop.

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Video Downloader Chrome | 4 Best Free Downloaders

You do not just throw any widget into your browser cache, hoping to make the most of a below-average or unsuitable device. If you need the best results, get the best tools. As it happens, Chrome has a few top 4 Downloader suggestions — you can learn about them here.

We selected only the tools for popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and options for multiple downloaders (e.g. 4k Video Downloader).

Below are 4 Video Downloader Chrome Extensions and their features.

  • 4K Video Downloader

Do you like to download multiple videos simultaneously? If your Instagram videos are playing in a carousel, you may need to get all the screens separately on your PC or smartphone. So, the best way to go about it is to find the URL link for each clip and use a multiple video downloader tool on Chrome to get it.

4K Video Downloader Chrome is a good tool for this task. It has just the right features. As the name suggests, the widget downloads the video in 4K and 8K video formats.

Further, it is compatible with the most popular operating systems and video player platforms. So, you can get the tool for a variety of OSs like Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac. 

4k Video Downloader Chrome surpassed the options for Chrome downloads, considering that it gets the user all the videos in a list. If you paste a URL of a song video playlist, the entire line-up will be downloaded in a few minutes. This happens automatically and without any modification of the default video quality.

How to Download 4k Video Download Extension

You can download the app (possibly add the extension) to extract Private YouTube videos in high resolutions. Also, you can get the subtitles along with the videos.

  • Go to the official website —
  • Click on Download from the Menu (the three short bars at the top of the page).

Video Downloader Chrome

  • This leads to the page where the free widget is provided.
  • You can now click on the download icon.
  • After that, follow the screen cue to complete installations.

Alternatively, you can retrieve the extension from Chrome (if it is there) and pin it.

  • YouTube ByClick Downloader

This tool does not just work for the Chrome Browser, but also for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other popular ones. It has some of the best flexibilities among the available options, considering that YouTube videos can be the pretty elusive bits.

The YouTube ByClick Downloader gets the job done in a few seconds, regardless of the difficulties that users often face when downloading from YouTube, even if the video is a 20-minutes length show. 

Also, if you love watching documentaries, the YouTube ByClick Downloader is the best tool to use. It avails of the Mp3, Mp4, and HD versions of docuseries or TV episodes using only a few basic features.

Here is how it works.

  • Open YouTube ByClick Downloader on your browser.
  • Now, retrieve the video URL link from the YouTube video channel (right-click on three dots attached to the video link onscreen or check the video caption).
  • Go back to the YouTube ByClick Downloader page and paste the copied URL into the search/download box.
  • Lastly, click on download.

This software allows you to download the entire playlist, just like the 4k Video Downloader Chrome option, as long as you provide the relevant URL. Also, it lets you get videos set privily to some users. You can download the content in Mp3 or Mp4 using YouTube ByClick Downloader without subscribing to a private video channel.

It is fast and reliable, offering many free features on the free tier. Additionally, you can easily export the downloaded videos to iTunes.

Download YouTube ByClick Downloader

  • Go to the official website.
  • Click on Download from the Menu (the three short bars at the top of the page).
  • This leads to the page where the free widget is provided.

Video Downloader Chrome

  • You can now click on the download icon.
  • After that, follow the screen cue to complete installations.

Instead of the website, though, you can get search for the extension on Google Chrome. All you have to do is search for the name in the extension cache. If it is available, you will be able to download it and pin it to your Chrome browser. That way, you need only turn on the extension to download the video automatically.


This tool is one of the Video Downloader Chrome extensions that use proxies to complete a download.

  • Winx Video Converter

For basic video editing, extracting audio in clear Mp3 quality, Winx Video Converter is a perfect choice. You can count on the device for video downloads on your Windows OS. It is easy and ad-free, requiring minimal setup (only the video URL must be pasted into the search box on the Winx Video Converter page).

Winx Video Converter is quite adaptable, offering 4k/HD resolutions besides the basic options on the widget.

Also, unlike the downloaders considered above, this option is the most efficient for Internet Explorer and Chrome. It works best on desktops, especially as an alternative to smartphone apps. Winx Video Converter offers free conversions for up to one thousand websites.

The software is unique since it offers multiple functions in one interface — options to download and convert videos to desired formats, at least. However, it does not have free extensions, with the pricing going up to $19.95 per year at the time of writing. Considering that the widget does not lose sound quality or downgrade file quality by default, it is worth the subscription. In any case, it offers a free trial, although the functions may be limited.

Below are some popular features of Winx Video Downloader from the get-go.

  • It supports 8k/4k, and HD videos recorded with cams, drones, or smartphones.
  • Video conversion
  • Also, it offers lossless quality and video conversion
  • Moreover, you can edit the videos with the tool.

Video Downloader Chrome

You can start the free trial by clicking on the icon that reads Free Trial (with an arrow pointing downwards) attached below Buy Now on the official website.


Facebook users will find this tool valuable and may need to keep it close by when surfing reels on the app. As you know, videos play automatically when you scroll through your feeds. But there is no attached prompt to download the videos. No matter how often you click the play button, the download icon never displays.

So, how do you get Facebook videos on your PC or smartphone?

The answer is simple: you need, a simple interface, and an on-demand tool that gets you only Facebook videos. It takes a few steps to get underway with the process. All the user has to do is retrieve the video URL link from the Facebook page, go back to, and paste the URL in the specified box.

To extract the video link, right-click on the share button of the video. This brings up options to copy the link, share the video, or bookmark it. Now, copy the link and paste it into the search box. After that, your video will download in a few seconds.

Additionally, you can get it as a Video Downloader Chrome extension using the procedure below.

  • Open Chrome on your smartphone or PC.
  • Go to the extension cache and search
  • Also, you can search Facebook Downloader and select from the results.
  • Click on Add Extension.


There are many Free Video Downloaders for Chrome online, each offering unique features besides the basic functions. If you want to use the ad-free tools, consider subscribing to premium as it unlocks more options like video compression, editing, and conversion.

Four of the most popular downloaders that work well with Chrome are 4K Video Downloader Chrome, YouTube ByClick Downloader,, and Winx Video Converter, which works for Windows PC.

You can check for the tools with Chrome add-on support and pin it on your browser for easy access.


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