Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai | 3 Instant Loan Apps UAE

Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai — Dubai is one of the top UAE provinces that tourists will be better off visiting with adequate funds and access to instant cash. No amount of preparation, even trimmed expenses, can be too good for the budget.


If you are visiting for the first time, ensure you get all the hands-on advice about daily expenses, quick cash lenders, and itineraries for visitors, especially as applicable to non-locals.

In any case, the state laws for obtaining money from Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai apply to both residents and visitors. Apart from this basic detail, all applicants will need to meet a string of criteria, possess several documents, and at least have a good credit score. But unlike Quick Loans from banks, this option is quite instant, complete, structured, and easily sourced without any hidden fees.

We outline 3 Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai that are reliably viable to customers. See below for details.

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Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai | General Eligibility Criteria

Since you will be applying for an instant loan, you do not need the pile of documents set for people sourcing business loans or getting automobile insurance. The details are simple and easy to provide on short notice.

If you are using a loan app from a bank, you need the following:

  • At least six (6) months of employment (evidence must be verifiable),
  • A letter of appointment or approval from the employer (does not apply if the person is self-employed)
  • Meet the minimum salary, which is usually from AED 2000 upwards.
  • Applicant must be resident in the UAE

Only applicants in the 20-65 years age bracket can request the loan. As a rule, avoid seeking loans from loan sharks if the local authorities expressly discount this method in the region.

For specific advance payments for auto insurance and real estate, these sorts of Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai will not suffice. You need to see a bank or private lender, otherwise, your requests will be outside the typical AED 2000-5000 purview provided by instant cash lenders in Dubai.

Also, to avoid issues getting approved for the loan, ensure that you have a good credit score and strong debt repayment history, as these will factor in whether you get the loan or not.

Below are the three trending Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai you can use to get Instant Loans.

BOTIM — Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai

BOTIM is a social media chat app and an interface for lender/borrower transactions on a friendly zone (i.e., you only get to request loans from friends or the app providers, but only as a perk).

It has been one of the top-trending fintech in Dubai, following a recent launch embossing the Burj Khalifa in BOTIM ads. BOTIM is set to become one of the most widely-used UAE apps along with other newly-revamped products in the country.

Also, it offers a text and video chat feature, a community/mutual add-on, and possibly a loan request widget.

So far, most BOTIM users only seek loans from other users, importing details to ease the load of transfers.

How to Download BOTIM App

Here is how to download the app on your smartphone.

  • Open the Play Store app on your smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you can search on a web browser.
  • Type Botim — Video and Voice Call in the search box.

Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai

  • Once you click on SEARCH (a  lens icon attached to the box), the app will be displayed along with a few others.
  • Select the app, verify that the provider is Algento Cloud Computing Limited, then install it on your smartphone.

By inspection, BOTIM has been downloaded over fifty million (50m+) times, which speaks to the range and efficiency of the product.

CashNow — Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai

CasNow is one of the newest and top-of-the-chart loan apps in the UAE. It is claimed to mimic Cash App a bit, but the services are general debt and budget financing basics. If you have an idea of how a typical instant loan app works, though, you can easily get on well with the CashNow App.

Here are the applicable terms (check the official website for full details).

  • Processing Fees are applicable
  • EIR is calculable from the time of loan approval and credit to the termination of the loan.
  • Also, the repayment period is 90-180 days, which starts counting on getting credit from the company.
  • No prior checks are conducted about the customer’s record, provided that the criteria filled in the request form are approved.

Further, the Cash Now App has good Customer Support online and even on-app. Loan requests are provided immediately upon approval, which does not drag on past the period set by the company. If your application is approved, you will get a response in a short time.

How to Download CashNow App

You can download the CashNow App on your mobile phone using the easy procedure below.

  • Open the Play Store App on your smartphone.
  • Alternatively, search
  • Enter CashNow in the search box and click on the lens icon (that is the prompt).

  • Select the result with Quantix Technology Projects LLC as the provider.
  • Now, click on INSTALL.

After that, you can retrieve the app from your download folder and complete the syncs and setups, allowing your device to work well with the software.

The CashNow App has been downloaded over one million (1M+) times. By usage stats, BOTIM may be the better option for people who borrow money from mutuals, compared to CashNow which requires a strong history of good credit scores.

e& Money — Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai

If you need instant cash for your business or personal projects, e& Money is the best platform to contact.

But the plum in the offer is the Personal Loan feature. It offers a lot in one basket, depending on what the user requires. Interestingly, no registration fees, minimum balance, or domiciled account in any UAE bank is required. Every service in this tier is provided on request, with no strings attached.

e& Money is the first licensed mobile money operator in the UAE; the first to get a Central Bank of UAE digital wallet license. It supports transfers, receipts, and loan requests from local and international users.

The ease of access, range of services, and unlimited user category make it the best choice for people looking for an inclusive platform. e& Money has a user-friendly user interface, an easily-referenced menu, and a simple prompt that helps the user to request a loan or use other services on the app.

How to Download the e& Money App.

You can get the app for Android phones or iOS devices (especially for Apple Smartphones) using the simple steps below.

  • Go to the official website — search e& Money on a web browser.
  • Preferably, go to
  • On your browser, search e& Money.
  • Select Offer from the options.
  • Click on Personal to access the instant loan tier.
  • Now select the download media you want (Apple Store or Play Store).
  • This will redirect to the corresponding page, on which you can complete the app download.

e& Money is one the easiest Urgent Cash Loan Apps in Dubai to use because it has a simple UI and does not require many details to set up and use. 


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