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Upstart Login in this article shows how users can sign in using the Upstart website to explore the loan services that are made available on the page.


It is easy to want to borrow money but the most important thing is knowing how to go about making the loan application. 

One thing is certain for one to make an application for an Upstart Loan, the sign-up process must be completed. Without that, the borrower can not have insight into the loan.

For the purpose of the article, you will find out easy ways that you can sign up for an account with the loan provider thereby having account login details.

Upstart has not only established a platform to help individuals seek loans for use in solving most of their financial problems but it has also made it possible for them to easily register an account and have access to secured borrowing and other online services on the site.

Unlike other loan service providers that develop mobile apps to ease access to the website, upstart has not yet provided a mobile app but it can be accessed online for free.

Through Upstart, you can apply for a quick loan to finance the purchase of a vehicle either old or new, a personal loan, and also debt consolidation.

Upstart Login is required for borrowers who want to gain access to Upstart loans and other online services that it has to offer to its customers.

Read everything you need to know about Upstart Login and Upstart Loans in this article, see how to sign up for an account, and more.

About Upstart loan

This is an AI-driven loan service provider that helps millions of borrowers to qualify and get a low-interest rate on any loan amount they apply for.

Upstart Loans can be the best option for individuals who wants to solve a big financial problem or maintain financial stability.

This loan service is fast and convenient for its users although it does not provide a flexible financing option it is still among the best lending platform.

There are not many requirements for one to qualify for an Upstart loan, among the important ones is signing up and having account login details to access Upstart Login.

Guarantors and co-signers are not required on the application criteria. Make sure you reach the pre-qualification process to apply for the loan.

For a successful Upstart Login and Loan application, the user has to make sure that the correct Upstart login password is provided.

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How to Log in using Upstart Login

Upstart Login
Login Here

Upstart Login is very important for individuals who want to borrow money from the platform. Are you finding it hard to obtain a login session on the platform? Using the login button can be easy and quick at the same time. 

On the Upstart login, you get to apply for a loan, auto financing, and debt consolidation, and to make repayments you can use ACH, Check, or One time available in your dashboard.

There are a few steps provided to guide you to make a swift login to the site. Take a look at the following step below to proceed.

  • Using the link, open the website
  • Select the “Login to an account” Bar
  • Input your username or Email Address and password, and be taken to the homepage
  • You can now explore the features contained in the site, right away by accessing the dashboard.

You need to make a sign-up first to be able to have a successful login to your account. On the same site page, you will see an option for creating of account. Sign up and proceed to Login.

Upstart Login to Make Payments

There are several payment preferences to make use of when you want to make repayment of the loan. But for Upstart Loan repayment, it offers only two repayment options which are the Billpay and Bi-monthly payments. 

  1. When using the Billpay repayment method, you can locate this option at the homepage of the platform, under “pay by check”. You will be required to make a submission that shows you want to make a payment. It takes up to 1 week plus to get a check processing. This means that when the check is processed and verified the date that will be reflected on the payment is the date it was processed and not the date it was sent.
  2. Using the Bi-monthly payment option, you will have to set automatic payment debits which will happen every month, specifying the two dates on which the payments will be made. To see if you qualify to make use of this payment option you need to check the eligibility criteria.

You are free to use any of the provided options to make payments anytime you want. The repayment terms are on the dashboard, make sure you properly go through each of them and know the exact period when the payments will start to avoid defaulting.

Upstart Login Loan Application 

Upstart Login

Now to make a loan application, the borrower must have an account with Upstart. This involves creating an account and having an Upstart Login to gain access to the lending website.

After you have successfully made login into the platform, you need to locate the services you want to perform on the platform and get started immediately

Here is a simple and easy do-it-yourself procedure to make a loan application online:

  • Using the official website, log in to
  • If you don’t have an account yet, sign-up first using the “create account” button. You will be asked for your personal details such as phone number, name, email address, and home address. 
  • After registering the account, you will have to log in using the username and password created.
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the site.
  • On the dashboard, locate the Loan option and click on it
  • Fill in the necessary information that will be needed on the application form. Including your full name, bank account, loan amount, and others as indicated in the form.
  • Submit some important documents online
  • Wait for review and approval, this will take up to 1 hour
  • The loan amount will be disbursed into your account instantly after approved and signed.

Upstart Customer Service Phone Number

With the application of the Upstart Login, access is gained to the platform. Here you can explore the different channels made available for you to contact the customer care representative and make complaints or queries and get instant feedback from the Upstart Groups. 

This group’s work is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the services that are been rendered to them and then seek ways to improve on the customer services provided.

You can contact Upstart using their phone number – 1-855-438-8778. They are available 24/7 to give you their Unwavering support. This number above is an Upstart toll-free number which means you can call without being charged.


Upstart Login is means through which personal loans are available and accessible to borrowers. To apply, click on the link to submit an application form online for free. 

To make an application for the Upstart personal loan, a prequalification form will be submitted first before you proceed to the main loan application

Make sure you meet up with the loan requirements and credit score, and check the repayment period to see if you will be capable of repaying back to avoid defaulting.

Upstart Loans are restricted to only personal loans and auto financing and debt repayment, it cannot be obtained to sponsor educational tuition fees.


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