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Mashreq Bank is one of the oldest banking institutions in the middle east. It provides various banking solutions to cater to the needs of people. It was established in 1967 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, UAE.


It is also the first digital banking that operates without a branch. You can check your balance, pay bills, and make fund transfers on the platform. With Mashreq Bank, you can perform such services as credit cards, personal loan investments, insurance, and more.

It also offers online banking services that are safe and secure, and convenient for its customers. You can have access to the best visa credit cards in UAE to enjoy varieties of options with Mashreq Credit Card

Choose Mashreq Bank today for all your online banking services and be glad you did. Retail banking, asset management, and investment banking services are provided for you to explore in the dashboard on the homepage.

When you want to make use of swift transfers that are safe and secure, this financial online service platform is available for transfers worldwide to more than 35 global money currencies available.

Mashreq Bank is accessible anytime and anywhere which makes their services easy and seamless, with special exchange rates which varies at 30 minutes interval.

All the services and products offered can be accessed on Mashreq Online and also through Mashreq Mobile Banking. Just get started with a simple tap on the login portal.

Mashreq Bank aside from the services of bill payments, transfers, and receiving of money, also have Personal Loan services available for their customers to apply for if they meet up the basic requirements for application.

Mashreq Bank Features

There are numerous features contained on the assessment of the site’s dashboard, that make the platform stand out from other online banking platforms that are available today.

These features are further discussed below:

  1. You get to enjoy preferential and competitive interest rates for all transfers, especially the ones that are higher in value.
  2. It provides a real-time tracking service to help track your transactions and ensure that they are secure.
  3. Access to over 30 different currencies worldwide is enabled on the platform
  4. It offers great exchange rates which are flexible and easy to access.
  5. Swift and quick transfers which are safe and secured are obtainable on Mashreq Bank Online.
  6. It offers Quick personal loans in just 5 minutes upon approval.

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Requirement Procedures For Mashreq Bank Online Banking

It is easy to want to reach out and explore most of the services available on the site but they are some prerequisites that will be required and documented that will be asked of you.

So in order not to feel disappointed while not allowed access, you need to check out the eligibility criteria to access this online banking provider.

Here are some of the requirements and documents that must be submitted to access the platform;

  • You must be up to 18 years and Above
  • The services are available for all
  • Create an have a login account on the platform
  • Provide personal details like name, and address. And email
  • A passport is necessary 

 Sign Up for Mashreq Bank Online

Mashreq Bank
Access internet services

To make use of the financial services that are provided by Mashreq Bank, UAE, you need to have an account with them. To open such an account requires you to follow some prompt procedures to get it done. Few documents and personal details will be required of you.

To learn how to sign up on this great platform, look below to find the easy and simple step to step guide;

  • On your Google search Bar, open the official website
  • Select the “New to Mashreq” button to get started
  • On the signup page, input your details such as name, phone number, email, and residential address.
  • Follow the on-screen information to complete the step
  • Once you’ve done that click on Sign up

Mashreq Bank Online Login

After a successful registration of an account, the next stage is to have access to the platform by proceeding to the login session.

To access Mashreq Bank Login, you need to make do with your username and password created at the time of the signup.

Use the below simple steps to log in now;

  • Opening the website, locate the sign-in button
  • Click on it, a display will appear for you to make input
  • Enter your password and username, and make sure that they are correctly typed 
  • Now click on sign in to open the site’s homepage and access the dashboard features

Download Mashreq Online Mobile App APK

Mashreq Bank
Mobile App Available

You can download the APK version of the App on the Google Play Store to enjoy the best and easy access to the online banking services available. Now to do that check below;

  • Having connected to a strong internet connection
  • Locate the google play store on your device
  • Search for Mashreq Mobile App and wait for the results to show
  • Select the one you want and click on it to download
  • Immediately it begins to download to your device
  • After downloading open the app and make a login using your password to enter and enjoy the features in there.

Mashreq Bank App Store IOS Download.

 This App is also accessible by iPhone users and can be downloaded right on their App Store. To get started with the download follow the steps below

  • Open the “App Store” on your device and search for the app name
  • Locate the one with the best ratings and proceed to make a download
  • Click on install to automatically download into your phones.

Now you can have full access and charge into the platform via the downloaded app, log in to explore the wonderful online services provided.

MashreqNeo App 

This is an online banking app that allows for digital services on the different available online services provided in Dubai and UAE.

On the app you get to send and receive money instantly to over 35 countries of the world, you can earn close to AED 2500 cashback on salary transfers and other available cashback.

All you need do is open an account with Neo to enjoy the many offers available on the application Homepage. When you have close to AED 3000 on your monthly balance, you can enjoy an account free from any charges that may apply.

How To Download MashreqNeo App

You can download the app on Apps On Google Play Store, it is a free download just visit the google store on your smartphone, search for the app by typing the name on the search bar

  • When the app pops out check for the best rates on the apps and most downloaded 
  • Now click on install to start downloading directly to your device.

Forgot Password

Are struggling to log in to your account because you lost your password? It is only normal that such things happen but you can always recover your password on the platform.

You can achieve that by making sure that the number used to register the account is active. Using the link to the website locate the forgot password icon on the page.

Click on it and provide the phone number or probably the email to be used to recover the password. An OTP pin will be sent to the phone number, copy and paste on the available space.

At this point, you will be required to set a stronger password.  Be careful to use simple yet unique characters that you can remember more often to avoid changing your password every day.


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