Trigoxin Used in the Movie Run | See 9 Side Effects | Is It Real?

Trigoxin Used in the movie Run has set people asking several questions about the reality of the drugs — is it real or fake? Although there are drugs with similar names (trapoxin), there are few pharmaceutical drugs with the same effect as Trigoxin as used in the movie.


Recently streamed on Hulu, Run became not just a hit movie sensation but also has a puzzling scene where a wonder drug is administered to help manage heart complications. Run, starring Sarah Paulson, who was cast as Diane, was the mother of a teenager named Chloe.

Run streams on Hulu

In the movie, Chloe is portrayed as having hemochromatosis, diabetes, and paralysis. Also, she is ill with arrhythmia. She constantly took prescriptions from her mom for comfort, although this doesn’t come off as she might have expected.

Apart from Trigoxin, other pills were also part of Chloe’s daily drug diet. One regimen is specifically known as” the green pills”.

If you have seen the movie or the trailer on any of the official movie streaming sites (specifically Hulu in this case), then you may also be wondering if the drug actually does what the movie shows that it does.

What Do the Medical Journals Say About It?

According to a medical journal,, Trigoxin is not a real drug. But this is in no way dismissive of the possibility of a brand using a company name instead of the generic name of the drug.

Often when you take a prescription from a hospital to meet a pharmacist, you get the drugs written on the list, but not exactly the same brand name. A typhoid tab written ciprofloxacin may be available in the local store as Acipro.

That is likely what happens here — Trigoxin is like Digoxin in function (and perhaps in dosage too). Digoxin helps in managing heart failure during complications that arise after abortion. And it is also indicated for arrhythmias treatment (check the National Institutes of Health website for details — search the official website,

Digoxin functions, Usage, and Indications as described by

Digoxin is administered orally as a tab or a solution. So, it probably fits the idea of a movie character popping drugs from a portable kit.

Further, on the site, it says that the drug “is used to treat atrial fibrillation and heart failure…”, which supports the on the topic. The condition is that Digoxin lowers rapid heartbeats, but it doesn’t necessarily help the patient regain normal body functions.

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Trigoxin Used in the Movie Run | Is it Based on Real Drugs?

To an extent and in a certain context, Trigoxin is based on a real drug — Digoxin, as explained in the previous section.

However, most cinematic works are intended to be just depictions and not real-life representations of actual events. A biopic about a criminal, as you can see from The Shawshank Redemption, is not the person’s autobiography. The difference should be emphasized.

Just like the caveat that comes with fictional literature, “all characters in this movie are fictional and any semblance with persons is entirely coincidental”, drug scenes deserve such merits too.

Apart from memoriam, most of these movies or even the adaptations don’t assume any knowledge of real-life events or people.

Regardless, viewers can’t help noticing similarities here and there. And as directors always strive to provoke emotions and drive Box Office sales, some of the scenes in the movies will clearly reflect actions that occur in real life. Trigoxin is one such example.

The drug is so similar to Digoxin in function and similarity that it might be impossible to convince some viewers that no company uses Trigoxin as a misnomer for Digoxin.

Here is a way to consider this.

Instead of conflating the functions of Digoxin as prescribed by pharmaceuticals, the producers resort to using a different fictional brand, Trigonix serves as a caveat to viewers.

So, if you are looking for Trigoxin as Used in the Movie Run, chances are you may wind up with options that have the same overall effect. Digoxin is one such real-life option. But Trigoxin is not a real drug. It only exists in the movie.

Consider the analogies below to put the proper perspective on the Trigoxin use case.

In modern cinema, there are many movies set in Cold War era plots, but this doesn’t mean that the characters are real or that the scenes have any implications other than entertainment.

Several movies are based on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but none of these movies have real-life inferences. They are fictional, works of art.

The Sound of Music was based on the plight of an Austrian officer and his family at the onset of the second world war. However, the sequential screenplay is assumed and imaginative. Also, there is always a caveat.

In the same manner, Trigoxin performs the same functions as Digoxin but it is not a real drug.

Trigoxin & The Green Pill | Is the Green Pill Used in Run Real?

Run also introduced another wonder drug known as the Green Pill. People also want to know if this drug is real or just fictional as Trigoxin.

In case you find yourself thinking along the same lines, media journals may have a few publications that will definitely interest you. For one, the Green Pill is modeled after Lidocaine, an anesthetic that helps alleviate pains due to dog bites, cuts, or sunburns.

Chloe, in the movie Run, got medical advice from a pharmacist in the movie that the Green Pill helps to reduce “canine leg pain or leg discomfort”. He continues with the conversation, mentioning that the drug also helps with cuts, sunburns, and bites.

Before the convo dragged to that point, though, the pharmacist already mentioned that the Green Pill is a muscle relaxant. It is administered to both humans and dogs.

Of course, this does not preclude the possibility that movies actually use real-life drugs or other details that might have a semblance to drugs that you could readily get at a pharmacy.

Trigoxin Used in the Movie Run and the Green Pill Side Effects

Trigoxin is not a real drug, but the closest tab that remotely functions like it has some serious side effects.

If you use Digoxin, you will likely experience these side effects:


Digoxin causes dizziness


And Diarrhea.

According to medical professionals, these should also be considered along with the contraindications for the drugs. Usually, the effects wear off after only a few days or a week, depending on the individual.

In some cases, Digoxin produces serious side effects like the ones below.


Swollen face, tongue, or lips

Labored breathing

Mental effects affecting thinking and reasoning



Etc. The person will have to see a medical doctor.

Lidocaine causes numbness in the person taking the drug, but this subsides in a few days. Both Trigoxin and the green pill are fictional drugs, in any case.

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