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NPS Recruitment 2024 — This is a public announcement to all candidates who think they are eligible enough to apply for a job in the Nigerian prison service recruitment.


Following the current recruitment exercises going on in the federal republic, there is a need for massive employment. Those who wish to get the job should make their way to the official NPS Recruitment 2024 portal and register or apply.

However, before we get into that we wish to give you all the information you will need during or before the application. Remember, there are requirements for those who are going to apply.

The requirements are used to check the eligibility of any candidates and their fitness for the job. Those who meet the standards will enter the next phase which includes training as well as a document checking process.

Information reaching us is that the application is open for interested candidates and applications are already going in from a large number of applicants.

Brief Information on the Nigerian Prison Service

The Nigeria Prison Service is an arm of government with domicile in the ministry of interior. Recently, according to the ongoing controversies about the activities in the country, the name was changed to the Nigerian correctional service.

As an arm of the criminal justice system, its sole responsibility is to protect the interest of the citizens by taking care of defaulters. The job is not only to take care of the offenders but to train them in a way for them to be able to live in the society when they are out.

Prison Service Recruitment | Main Job

One of the main jobs of the prison service according to the CAP P29 Laws of the Nigerian federation 2004. Is to take into lawful custody all certified persons and keep them by the courts of competent jurisdiction.

Two, possibly identify the causes of offenders’ anti-social dispositions and set a mechanism for their treatment, and train them for eventual society reintegration on discharge. This is for them to live as normal law-abiding citizens when they get into society.

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Always produce suspects in court when they are required as well as administer prison farms and industries for the purpose and through that means to generate revenue for the federal government.

Those who wish to get into the correctional service should know this. This is the main purpose of your employees in the service, so society expects that you perform the task with better credibility.

Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment Portal | How to Apply

As always for the Nigerian federal government recruitment jobs, the NPS recruitment portal is for everyone who wishes to apply.

Well, let us jump right into the business. To apply following the quickest easy means below, you only need your working device and an internet connection.

  • Firstly, to apply you need to go to the NPS recruitment 2024 official web portal. The portal web address is
  • Secondly, navigate to the recruitment or vacancy tab on the homepage of the portal and click on it.
  • Register an account on the site. Make sure you use a working email and phone number. This will be used to contact candidates upon application for the next phase of the recruitment exercise.
  • The following guidelines on the page will take you through the application process. Also, check your information for correctness before submitting it.

After successful registration, print out your registration document.

Wait for the shortlist or visit our site to get information on the NPS recruitment 2024 shortlists.

The Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment | Candidate Requirements

The foregoing information is a list of all the requirements for application to the Nigerian Police Service.

Following up carefully with the below instructions will help you scale through the registration process. And this will get you the chance and a possibility of your name making the shortlist.

Applicants must have a means of identification (ID) national, driver’s license, or any other valid means of validation. The national Id is the most important.

Among the required documents are:

  • Current passport Photograph
  • Educational certificates
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age
  • A confirmatory certificate showing your state of origin

The application does not accept physically disabled persons. Candidates must be physically, mentally, and medically fit. Fitness is among the most important requirement.

Candidates must not be involved in any known criminal activity whether before or after the application process.

You must be a citizen by birth or naturalization

Minimum of five credits in not more than two sittings in any of the secondary examinations which include WASSCE, NECO, GCE, NAPTEB, or any other required certificates. It must also include results in the use of English and Mathematics.

Age: the age limit for applicants is 18yrs age minimum to the acceptable maximum of their choice which is usually 35.

Females must not be less than 1.64 and the males 1.7 on average. For the females, you should not be pregnant.

Abnormalities are not allowed in the process, tattoos on the body are also considered one. So, you know not to have one drawn on you.

These are the major requirements for the application and to make it you must follow all and prepare for it. So, are you registering yet? Make sure to go through them.

Check yourself from the above information on the requirements to know whether or not you fit into the category of those who are eligible for a position in the corrective services.

 Important Note on the Recruitment

The recruitment exercise is free and on no account should any candidate pay anyone to gain employment

Remember to have your credentials ready for further processing in the next phase

Always check your device and email for notifications on further exercises and their location

That is all the information we have for now on the 2024 NPS recruitment. However, we will publish more details on the issue when extra solid information reaches us.

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