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Edo State Civil Service Commission Application Portal — With the current inadequate services in the civil service commission of the state, there is a need for applications.


The government of Edo State calls on the following youths of the country with specific qualifications to apply and or register for the Edo State Civil Service Commission.

Furthermore, in the mission to accomplish a better service in the state application is extended to all possible candidates. This candidate includes both indigenes and non-indigenes so long as you are from any part of the country.

Now, all you need to do is to log in to the state website to register.

In addition to that, the application portal is now open and ready for all who wish to apply for any of the positions available. The application form for the application into the commission is online.

Only applicants who make the shortlist will receive a notification on the next phase of the application procedure.

Apart from that, you will also need to submit important documents which is a prerequisite for former identification and clearance.

Civil Service Commission | Brief Introduction

The reason why we have to give you this information is for you to get a little knowledge about what you are applying for. This will also help our users with the answer to some questions relating to the commission for recruitment purposes.

Okay, that’s it, the civil service commission from the onset was known as the Mid-Western Public Service Commission.

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It was established on the 6th of November, 1963 by his excellency the then Premier of the Mid-Western Region, Chief D.C Osadebey by the virtue of the powers conferred on him by sub-section (2) of section 62 of the Constitution of the Mid-Western State.

To have an independent service commission that shall be responsible for Appointments, Promotions, and discipline of staff, the Commission was established.

Finally, on this note, the activities and or achievements of the civil service commission are in the yearly report with the name Commission’s Annual Report.

That’s all about the brief information, to know more about the Civil service commission you can as well visit their website. So now we jump into the job and recruitment part.

Edo State Civil Service Commission Departments and Employment Information

Here below is a list of the departments in the commission that requires an application from candidates with interest in the civil service.

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Before we continue, here is some important information for any time you wish to make this kind of application.

Candidates are only allowed to apply once and only for one position. Anyone who submits multiple applications should know that there will be a disqualification for all of his or her applications.

The application and its process are free and the Edo state Civil service commission or the government at large does not collect any form of payment from candidates or any organization at all concerning the ongoing recruitment exercise.

Applicants should acknowledge the fact that the employment opportunity is for all. And all candidates stand the same chance at the employment position. It is a free and fair as well as merit-driven exercise.

Edo State Civil Service Commission | Recruitment Required Qualifications

If you have the following qualifications below, you are already an application away from securing a job in the commission.

The basic requirements for any position at the civil service commission are

Applicants for the position must not be older than the age of 35 years by the time of the application

Candidates must have a Higher National Diploma (HND) or degree certificate (minimum of second lower) from a reputable higher institution.

For the position of assistant superintendent, the requirement is that the candidate must have completed successfully the two-year training course for the said assistant position or an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in the same field.

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The applicants must be able to interact or make use of the English language both in written and in words.

Other documents like your IDs, birth certificates, and maybe your state of origin will also boost your chances.

Knowing computer usage, in general, computer literacy is a very good advantage.

Additionally, candidates do not need any work experience 

How to Apply for the Civil Service Commission Recruitment Exercise

Visit the online application portal for the Civil Service Commission Recruitment @

Applicants must complete the application form before submitting 

On getting to the web portal, scroll down on the page and click on the “click here to fill the application here” tab to get to the form field page.

Make sure to use a working email address while applying. This is to be able to get the notification on further exercise for the position.


Getting a job in the Civil Service Commission is a lifetime career. So, we want to advise our readers to carefully follow the instructions to make it to the next phase of the recruitment exercise.

Remember the more qualification you have the better your chances of you gaining the position in any of the offices or departments with available vacancies.

Again, you should only apply through the official portal of the state’s civil service commission to avoid fraud

Do not forget that the process therein is free and, on no account should you pay for anything at all.

Finally, as soon as you get this information, all you need to do is to start your application. Because the website for application might be closing any time soon.

That said if you need any information concerning the civil service employment opportunity or any other job opportunities relating to the job. You can use the comment box below to let us know.

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