FIRS Screening Date 2024 | Latest Update on Venues and Locations

FIRS Screening Date 2024 | Latest Update on Venues and Locations — This information is the most current detailed info for the FIRS recruitment process and steps.


Here on this page, our readers will get top-level knowledge that cuts across everything you need for the whole process leading to a successful application and gaining a job in the Federal Inland Revenue Service.

Here also we will post updates on the current state of the employment process, requirements, and so on. This will help you with the choice of specified information to follow.

The screening procedure is one of the levels of the recruitment procedures. This procedure or step helps the Federal Inland Revenue to access both physical and document data on individuals to make sure they are fit for the job.

This process is carried out according to the constitutional specifications of the service. the specification covers the requirements for both document and physical or mental aspects of the human or intending members.

FIRS Screening Date 2024 | Requirement for Successful Screening Experience

Well before we go on to telling you the whole story about dates and venues, we want to give you a bit of an important message to carry along with you.

Take this seriously for it is best for anyone who at no time wants to have to leave because of misplacement of some documents or other things concerning that.

Moving on to the aspects of the requirements, these things are mostly what you registered with while applying for the job. Make sure you take the same documents as before with you.

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  • Clear recent passport photograph showing the full lines of your face
  • A means of identification, either a national id card, voters card, driver’s license, or any other acceptable means of identification.
  • Local Government identification letter or certificate of origin, birth certificate, and or a statement of age declaration
  • Guarantors and or attestation letter as well as a parental consent
  • Full medical reports on the individual proving the candidate are in good condition for the job
  • Candidates will have to take with them a printout of the original and photocopy of the application document submitted during the application.
  • And also, last but not the least. Do not forget your writing materials as well as your whites the polo, shorts, and the canvas. Guess what these people do not joke with the saying put on your dancing shoes.

That’s about all you will need for the screening for now. However, we will keep on updating this page so always check this paragraph for more info on the requirements.

FIRS Screening 2024 Dates, Venues | How to Check for Yours

In an earlier article about the Federal Inland Revenue Service, there is a web portal for those who wish to get information on their employment status and or level of application stage.

This website can be used for almost everything relating to recruitment.

Additionally, the FIRS will always send notifications to candidates containing the above information. Well enough it doesn’t always get to all the candidates at all times and this is where this post comes in.

You may not receive the SMS if you are not among the successful candidates

Or maybe there is not enough connection for the message to get to you

Another case is if the email address you registered with is not a working email or you missed the phone number during registration. This is why we always warn applicants to double-check and even triple-check to avoid this kind of job hunt disaster.

In any case, you should be alert. Alertness is also one of the primary employment requirements. Just that it is not always mentioned.

So, if you are free from any of the above defaults, you have a high chance of probably getting the information straight to your DM.

But that doesn’t give the best assurance. You also need to check here on this site or visit the official web portal always for the information.

For now, there is no information on the actual screening dates and venues. But reports show that they will be coming out sooner than we all expect. Quick advice, check here as soon as possible to find out if the date has been posted.

Important Update on the screening

  • The Federal Inland Revenue Service does not require any form of payment from anyone to gain the employment
  • Be sure to prepare yourself well enough before going for any screening at all
  • During the screening, you will have to show your interpersonal relationship with people
  • Be willing to work in a new environment as well as a team player
  • You will have to prove yourself worthy of the task ahead of you to be selected
  • The screening venues will also be released with the dates.

But according to procedures, the screening centers are always mapped out in the whole 36 states of the federation. This includes the federal capital. The centers are usually close to candidates’ headquarters

In summary of the whole information, the FIRS Screening date for the 2022 exercise is very fast approaching and all eligible candidates should prepare and get themselves ready for this process.

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On no account shall you pay anyone for this. The FIRS does not request or collect any form of payment from anyone on anything relating to employment.

The date will be sent to the applicants on the due day but you should also check here always to keep updated and get the info quickly before it even hits your device.

All the required documents should go with you to the screening centers. The screening will be held in the 36 states of the country and also in the country’s capital Abuja.

More information will be dropped here and if you wish to get them fast enough, kindly put your email address in the space provided below this page.

For questions, make use of the comment box. Also, go through our site @ for more employment and or recruitment opportunities.



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