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You can access the INEC CVR Portal using the official INEC CVR Portal direct link that has been provided for you here on this web page. All you have to do is follow the process that is involved so that every stage of the processing of the CVR will go smoothly.


For one to easily or even vote in the upcoming general election, he or she must acquire or must have a voter’s card. The voter’s card is very necessary without it you cants be able to cast your vote during the election. The electoral body won’t give you room to cast your vote because you don’t have a voter card.

So, to erase everything, you must obtain a voter or validate your CVR if you have already started or you now begin without wasting your time and start your CVR via the official INEC CVR Portal.

If you are ready to start your CVR, you can follow the guidelines that we have made available for all those interested in doing their CVR.

You just have to follow the CVR application process, provide the necessary required documents and complete the process online – preferably before heading to the nearby INEC office to complete your biometric registration.

Once you are able to complete the process that we have just given you an overview of now, then your CVR process via the INEC CVR Portal will be very and as simple as ABC for you.

NEC CVR Portal

Information from the INEC office has it that the pre-registration of voters has commenced in the INEC Office. But, in this article, we are here to walk you through some simple steps to follow in order to easily start and complete your CVR via the official INEC CVR Portal.

After filling out the which will give an overview here regarding your CVR, you are to head to the nearest INEC office to you and then complete the biometric process and then come back and upload it on the portal.

After that, the next step is to wait for the due time when you will be called upon to get your PVC and then you are good to go.

Meanwhile, accessing the INEC CVR Portal for some people at times can be very challenging, but on this web page, we have made available the direct through which you can follow and access the INEC CVR Portal with ease.

INEC CVR Portal – PVC Online Registration 2024

to apply for your CVR online via the INEC CVR Portal, all you have to do is log in to cvr.inecnigeria.organd register for your voter’s card.

Those who will be eligible and granted access to the INEC CVR Portal are only those who qualify to vote, so if you have not gotten your voters card you are not qualified to vote and you won’t have access to the INEC CVR Portal @

Meanwhile, if you have obtained your voter’s card (permanent Voters Card PVC) and have done your biometric capture are the ones who are eligible and will be allowed to cast your vote on the day of the election.

These ones will be able to vote in both Gubernatorial & Presidential elections that are fast approaching.

If you have gotten your Permanent Voters Card (PVC) but have not yet completed the biometric capture, you won’t be able to vote.

But if actually you want to, then go and complete your biometric capture so that you won’t encounter any obstruction as you are set to go and cast your vote.

However, if you don’t know where to complete your biometric capture and you have gotten your Permanent Voters Card (PVC), then you need not worry anymore.

As you read this article below, you will get to discover the correct web page (INEC Website) that you can visit in order to complete your biometric capture.

INEC CVR Portal – Complete Biometric Capture

If you are yet to complete your biometric capture, then you will have to visit the official INEC CVR Portal and complete the process.

To visit the official INEC CVR Portal, you have to do is launch your default browser on your mobile device, on the search bar, enter this URL, and allow it to load after which you are to click on the first result or the result that bears the same URL just like the one provided here on this web page.

Once you access the website, follow the process and heed the instruction and complete your biometric capture and you are ready to go.

INEC CVR Portal: Registration Closing Date

The actual date on which the Independent National Electoral Commission set the deadline for the registration of the Permanent Voter Card (PVC) has not yet been publicly announced.

But if you are really interested in knowing the actual date for the deadline for PVC registration keep visiting this website for more.

Meanwhile, if you find this information satisfying or you have any questions for us regarding this article INEC CVR Portal or related questions, please use the comment section below or you can subscribe to our newsletters for more recruitment updates.

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