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INEC Result Portal Login -In order to facilitate a reliable and trustworthy result count in the upcoming general election, the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has introduced a portal – Part of its website where those interested in viewing the election result can easily view the result live using their mobile device or PC right from the comfort of their home or anywhere across the country – INEC Result Portal Login.


In order to log in or access the INEC Result Portal Login page, and views the election result, you must create an account and you are to meet the criteria for creating the account and other necessary things accompanied.

All that you must know as to why this portal was designed so that the National Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) can be able to ensure Nigeria’s accurate and honest election result counting.

And one way the electoral body really wants to prove this is by creating the INEC Result Portal Login page on its official website so that interested Nigerians can be able to be viewing the election result live without contradiction or any misunderstanding of the result score.

Although there may be a contradiction regarding the INEC Result Portal Login, in some cases, that will be very ok. Everyone there maybe we are just here to provide you with clues or overview of the things you are entitled to know about the portal.

As you read below we assure you that you will gate to find out more information on how to use the INEC Result Portal Login, and get used to it.

To make this possible we are going to walk through the step-by-step guidelines on how to create the INEC result portal account, how to log in, and how to use the portal in viewing the election result.

All you need to do is carefully go through this article as the core information mentioned above has been made available to help you log in to the National Electoral Commission portal and view the election result that is to be held in the meantime.

INEC Result Portal Login: Portal Overview

The INEC Result Portal Login is a web page designed by the electoral body specifically for all Nigerian citizens to be able to access and view the actual election result as the voting counts.

On the portal, interested applicants can log in on their dashboard and choose the election they want to view the result as it ranges from the presidential, governor, and the rest.

However, before anyone can be able to access the portal he or she will create an account by filling in the required account creation field which will prompt you to provide your local or state of origin and other personal related information.

You just have to follow the prompt and strict guidelines in order to create the account and obey the instructions so that you won’t be kicked out.

Now, follow the instructions below and access the INEC Result Portal Login. As you follow the instruction, carefully take note of all the steps provided on this web page.

How to Create an Account on the  INEC Result Portal  

  • Go to the INEC Result Portal Login official website @ or
  • click on the create an account button
  • fill in your details in the form provided
  • Now, click on the sign-in button
  • You’ll be sent an email containing a code, copy that code and paste the space provide so that your account will be verified.

If you are ready to access the INEC Result Portal Login page, then follow the guidelines that we have made available just for you on this web page.

How to Login to the  INEC Result Portal  

To check your voter status, use the INEC voter verification service portal using the steps below

  • Access the INEC portal link
  • Enter all required information on the login form
  • Click on the login button

Types of Election Results to Be Viewed on the INEC Portal

  • Presidential
  • Governorship
  • Senatorial
  • House of Representatives
  • House of Assembly
  • Chairmanship
  • Councilor elections.

 Voting Procedures for INEC General Election

  • Voting Starts at 8:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm
  • Present your INEC-issued PVC for verification using BVAS on arrival
  • Check and verify your name is available on the register of voters in your Polling Unit
  • Get authenticated with the BVAS through finger-print or facials
  • Once accredited you will be issued a ballot paper
  • Go to the voting cubicle to make your choice in secret and drop the marked ballot paper in the ballot box
  • You can leave or stay 300 meters away from the voting area to witness vote sorting and counting
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