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How to check WAEC Result online for any year happens to be one of the traumas that students face after writing their SSCE exams and while preparing for college. Anyone who has written their WAEC can relate to this fate.


Sometimes the panic can be about whether or not the result is good and what if it’s not, would you risk going to the cyber cafe to have them check it for you and maybe get the impression that you are not a bright student?

Sometimes fear and panic come from different angles and whichever it is, we have made this article to help guide you through it all. You do not have to face misinterpretation from the cyber cafe attendants if eventually, your result is not all that impressive.

You should feel bad about it but also know that sometimes it is not that the candidates are not bright or because they did not write well in their exam.

Many factors can affect the nature of candidates’ results so, even though that is not my prayer for you, if it happens that way, you need to be sure about it first, on your own before s third eye can see it to avoid unnecessary judgment.

So, if you have been wondering about or thinking, about how you can check your WAEC result in your closet and on your own, worry no more as this article will guide you through it.

Is The 2024 Waec Result Out?

Yes?. The Western African Examination Council WAEC has released the 2024 results and candidates can now proceed to check their results and find out their grades.

Waec usually releases the result for each year on their official portal making it easier for candidates to always be able to find out their grades we have decided to also help by proving this article to help you know how you can go about checking your result with just your phone for free.

How to check your WAEC result should not bother you anymore because this article has you covered on that.

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How to check WAEC Result Step by Step Guild

There are simple and easy steps you can follow to check your waec result with just your mobile phone. Without the help of anybody and your waec scratch card by the side, you can be able to check your result and have the knowledge about your grades first before even telling your parents, in case they would skin you alive if you failed.

You can be able to check your WAEC result in three ways;

  • Via SMS
  • Using your WAEC scratch card
  • Directly to the official WAEC page, online.

How to check WAEC Results via SMS

You can choose whichever way is most convenient for you to check your WAEC result and if you have chosen to do that via SMS, this part of the article will guide you through it, but if you have chosen any other of the ways, you can also find it in this article.

In whatever way, just make sure to read this article to the very end to find out.

Follow the below-listed steps to check your WAEC result via SMS, with just your phone and sim card in it.

  • Get your mobile phone with a working sim card (MTN, airtel, or Glo) in it, proceed to your message box to write a message, and type “Waec*ExamNumber*Pin*Exam Year”
  • when that is done, you can send the text to 32327
  • Sending the text may cost you 30 naira of airtime so you need to make sure that you have up to that amount of airtime in your phone to have that done too.
  • A response message will be sent to you instantly, containing yourWAEC grades and I hope you smile at it.

It is important that you have in mind this, to be able to check your WAEC result anyhow, you need to have your scratch card issued to every candidate which contains your PIN and every other detail you need to check your result.

How to check WAEC Result online Using

If the alternative you have chosen to check your WAEC result is directly online from the WAEC portal then that is also a good choice and you can do that by following the below steps;

  • Open a browser on your device and input  or tap on the Enter button
  • In the space provided, input your Waec examination number
  • Select examination year (E.g 2000)
  • Choose examination type (private candidate result for school candidate results). You can choose that based on where you say for your exam, as a private candidate or in an open school.
  • Input your PIN which is contained in your scratch card
  • Input your serial number as is on your scratch card, which usually contains 10-12 digits and can be found at the back of your scratch card.

Check your WAEC result Here using only the scratch card

If you have your WAEC scratch which you certainly must do, you can check your WAEC result alternatively by moving to any cyber cafe around your residence with your scratch card and handing it to the cafe attendant and they will check your result for you. With your permission, they can as well print it out in hard copy for you.

You can now run home and hand it to your parents or guardian, you must have done very well. Having read this article to this point, I know how to check WAEC results has become part of your knowledge, good luck with your result checking.

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