Experian | Free Credit Report Check and Credit Freeze

Experian is a credit report company that is accessible by different users from across any part of the world, the services of this company are multinational therefore, the country where you are is not a limitation.


The credit report company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Its main focus is collecting credit information of its users and aggregating them on the businesses of people and their expenses.

A very interesting part of this company is that the online space is conducive and allows users to freeze their credit cards to limit access to their funds.

This is amazing news for individuals who are not only interested in checking their credit scores or their businesses but also for those who need a way to manage and monitor their expenses.

This article, therefore, will serve as a comprehensive guide to the use of Experian, the website, the app, and how it works.

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What Is Experian?

Experian is a credit report and data analytics company that has its headquarters in Dublin, this company gives access to its users from across the world through its online platform, to access their credit reports with little or no help.

Unlike some others of its kind, Experian allows its users to access their debit and credit cards to access their funds when they wish to.

Aimed at serving their customers the best way possible, Experian management and staff have worked tirelessly and developed a user-friendly platform to make access to the services very easy and understandable.

This company was established in 2014 by Brian Cassin whose major interest was to help business owners and other individuals manage their funds as well as access them easily.

Most importantly, although this company is based in Ireland, access to the services is not restricted to a particular country or state as individuals and users can be from any part of the world.

What Are The Services Provided by Experian?

Experian is known and majors in providing different services excellently as concerned with data analytics and information processing.

However, the forefront service of this company is credit report but this is not the limit. There are other ways you can enjoy the services of this company through the different platforms; the website and app.

Below is an outline of the services that this company provides to its users;

  • Users can access their credit report on this company’s platform from across the world
  • You can freeze and manage your funds
  • You can apply for loans on this platform to help grow your business
  • This company provides credit cards that users can access

Experian Credit Report: How it Works

Being the main focus and major service provided by this company, Experian credit report is easy to understand and has been used since the establishment of this company to help businesses grow smarter and individuals manage their funds expressly.

This credit report is a collection of data of the users who are directly registered on this platform to help small businesses, businesses, and customers watch their financial expenses and manage them against identity fraud.

This service has helped many consumers as well as businesses, to monitor and grow their finances and kept them away from the eyes of fraudsters.

This is not a way of saying you may not fall victim to fraud if you have decided to be very careless, but the Experian credit report helps prevent this from happening in most cases where ignorance is the cause.

Therefore, if you wish to get the help of professional analytics to keep you a few steps away from fraud then you can trust this company to cover you on that and several other things.

Experian Credit Freeze

Experian credit freeze is one of the major services provided by this company as a way of helping its users watch and manage their expenses.

With the credit freeze, parents/guardians can set a limit to the amount of money their wards within the age of 16, can access on the platform.

This is a great way of managing expenses. You can also set a limit to the amount of money that you can access as a consumer on this platform so that, when the limit is reached, your account will no longer dispense funds to you until you lift the freeze on the account.

However, once your account is frozen on this platform and set to a maximum, it remains that way until you decide to unfreeze it. This brings me to say that a great height of discipline is required in this case.

Apart from the limit placed on your expenses, the Experian credit card freeze on your report helps keep you safe from identity fraud in which way you can only access your funds by yourself as a different account is usually created for the freeze to be initiated.

How to Access Credit Report: Experian Login

To become one of the users of this company whether as a small business owner or a consumer, you must first be signed up and have login access to the online platform.

Without signing in, everyone who visits the company’s website is considered a visitor.

Therefore, if your need is not just to view the design of the website but to register as one of the users, then you must first be signed up.

Not to forget, this company has done nobly by making an online space available for their users to access their services and the presence of that is the major reason there is no restriction to the country of residence from which users can access the services.

To use Experian, follow the steps below to register as a user;

  • Open the company’s website to access
  • When the home page loads, click on the “sign in” by the top right of the page or anywhere else you find it
  • Provide the details that will be required and make sure they are correct then you can submit your form

Once you have created a user account, you can always access your account by a simple login to the website following the steps below;

  • Click on the “sign in” button at the top-hand corner of the homepage
  • Instead of registering as a new user, enter the details used while creating your account
  • Click on the prompt that allows you to submit
  • Once you are successful, you will be taken directly to your account homepage


Experian is a data analytics company based in Ireland. This company has an online space that was developed for users to access their credit scores/report accounts as well as enjoy other services provided by this company.

On the online platform, you can reach out to Experian customer service for help on anything you may not understand on the platform and the services.

If you encounter any issues like Experian credit dispute or any other issue, you can contact customer service.

The Experian app gives a better experience depending on how you want it, you can download the app here.


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