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The Official NPC Website is the official web page of the National Population Commission (NPC). On this web page, you can get to know all that you want to know about the National Population Commission of Nigeria.


A website that can be regarded as the Official NPC Website is one that has all the features of the National Population Commission (NPC). And is usually official as it bears a unique domain name like this ( instead of

On the NPC Official Website, there are lots of things that one can do on the platform. You can check the current data of the Nigerian population, apply for a job in the organization, then check the status of your application and other things that applies to the NPC.

The National Population Commission – Official NPC Website features a friendly user interface that makes it easier and simple for visitors to use once they access the website.

If you want to access the NPC official website, then you have to read this article. This article will walk you through all the things you need to know before visiting the Official NPC Website.

The NPC Official Website is such that you need to read a guide that will help have an overview of what you are going to see on the platform. And how to use the website without difficulty.

Some websites are bulky and difficult for users to understand but in terms of NPC Official Website, it won’t be like only if you read this article. This article will make everything easy for you.

We will provide detailed information on how to use the NPC website for checking census data, applying for job recruitment, checking application status, and lots more.

This is why you should take this article very seriously and go through it very well. We will also provide guidelines on how to apply for the NPC Job Recruitment through the NPC Official Website.

 NPC Website Overview

On the NPC Website, once you access the website, you are going to see the homepage of the website first. On the homepage of the NPC Website, you will get to see things like:

HomeAbout UsCurrent Census DataActivitiesNewsPublicationsServicesRapid SMSContact Us
NPC Official Website
These are one of the things you can see on the Official NPC Website Homepage

Above all, you will also come across 2000 pixels floating animated work containing the image of the chairman, the National Population Commission, and a Nigerian Map made up of a group of individuals which is a highlit or a pictural illustration of the Nigerian population.

NPC Official Website
About 2000 pxl images you will see on the official website of the National Electoral Commission (NPC)

After the Animated, on scrolling down, you will get to see icons, these

  • Census Enumeration
  • Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD)
  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
  • Population Management
  • Survey Data
NPC Official Website
The Icons for that you can tap or click on to open a page where you can get educated more on the census

 Official NPC Website: What you Should Know

If you haven’t visited the NPC Official website before and you want to apply for the NPC Adhoc staff recruitment or you want to know census data then you are going to make a mistake.

The website can be very bucky if you are visiting it for the first time. This is because you may not know where to start. But if you go through this article, you will get an overview of the website and how it works.

The NPC Website is the official website of the National Population Commission of Nigeria. The commission is in charge of data policy in the country. They are the principal data mining commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, they undertake the collecting, collating, analyzing, and publishing of data about the Nigerian people (its population) and the economy as well.

Unique Thing about NPC Official Website

In every website, there must something unique about the website. In terms of the NPC Official Website, there are lots of things that made it different from all other websites, these are what will help you to get to know more about the website.

Meanwhile, what makes the National Population Commission’s official website so unique is that the website features an icon where you can change the language of the website to your preferred language.

On the website language center, there are over 50 different languages. These languages are included in the website to help users get to understand many things about the website.

Things you can do On the Official NPC Website

Below are a few of the things you can do on the NPC Official Website.

  • Check census data
  • Get population education
  • Apply for ad-hoc staff
  • Check shortlisted Candidates
  • Check application status and many more

How to Apply for NPC Recruitment through Official NPC Website

How to Check Shortlisted Candidate’s Name through NPC Official Website

  • Visit the NPC shortlisted portal at
  • Scroll down to the middle of the home page
  • Under Shortlisted Candidates click View Full List
  • Based on the post you applied for, click on the date to see if you have been selected.

Above are just a few of the things you can do on the Official NPC website. You can navigate through to know whichever one you would want to do.

However, if you haven’t applied for the NPC Recruitment exercise, you can follow the application status below to submit your application now.


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