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The NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal is a bit confusing for applicants to figure out the correct official NPC ADhoc Recruitment Portal. If that is your own case, then, you have to worry no more.


At the end of this article, we will not only provide you with the official and correct URL of the NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal but will help to identify the correct portal and other important things you need to know regarding the National Population Commission (NPC).

As the National Population Commission NPC has started its recruitment of ad-hoc staff that will assist the agency to carry out its work of the head-to-head count of every single person in the country, many wish to get recruited.

If you are interested to work with the National Population Commission (NPC), you are free to. All you have to do is submit your application to the official NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal.

Mind you that the NPC Recruitment application is totally free. You are to pay no dime to submit your application on the portal. If any promises to help you in exchange for cash or other goodies, kindly stay far from such an individual, and if possible, report such individual.

If you want to apply for the NPC Adhoc Recruitment program, all you have is kindly go to the official NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal @

The URL above will take you directly to the official and current National Population Commission NPC Adhco Staff Recruitment Portal. There you can submit your application or apply for the NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment for 2024/2025.

Once you access the portal, all you have to do is create an account if necessary, then, your profile will be displayed, then proceed to the application area or page, where fill out the application form.

On this note, you have to bear in mind that all the information you provided will be verified to ensure that they are correct.

So, ensure that you provide accurate and valid information that is required to help you secure or get recruited into the NPC Adhoc Staff.

How to apply, where to apply, application requirements and qualifications have been made available for you on this web page.

All you have to do is carefully go through this write-up guide and follow the process in order to successfully submit your application and get recruited as one of the NPC Adhoc Staff 2023/2024 head-to-head count – Census.

National Population Commission (NPC) – Briefing

We wish to brief you a bit especially those who have not heard or might have heard but don’t really know how the actual work of the National Population Commission (NPC).

Just like the name, National Population, this alone signifies that they take over the tasks of managing the number of persons that reside in the country – Nigeria.

The commission, however, carries an annual head-to-head count to actualize or determine the number of individuals that occupy the country.

Meanwhile, each time they are about to carry out this activity, they usually look for a helping hand – temporal workers otherwise known as Adhoc staff that will assist the commission to carry out this activity successfully.

NPC Adhoc Staff

These are the number of individuals that will be recruited by the National Population Commission (NPC) to help them carry out this activity of head-to-head count of Nigerian descendants.

They are referred to as ad-hoc staff because they will only serve as temporal staff and will only last as long as the census las after which they will be paid their salary and demolished them.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment

The National Population Commission NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment just like the previous subheading is a recruitment exercise that is carried out by the NPC in order to help them recruit qualified applicants.

These qualified applicants will be trained on what to do and how to carry out their activities and handle their assignments well at any place they are assigned to take care of.

Meanwhile, qualified and interested applicants are advised to submit their applications before the deadline. However, they are to submit their application on the NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment official portal @

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal

This is the official portal designed by the National Population Commission, NPC for those interested and qualified to apply for the ad-hoc staff to submit their application.

It is one of its kind that it user friendly to the extent that novices can easily create profiles on the portal and easily complete and submit their application on the portal.

Submitting or filling out the application form can be done in less than 15 minutes especially if you are current with your academic holdings and other necessary and required information.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Portal Application Requirements & Qualifications

Below are the criteria or the necessary things you are required to provide in order to apply for the NPC Adhoc Sattf Recruitment.

  • Applicant must be a Nigerian citizen by birth
  • Applicants must be within the age range of 20 and 35 years
  • National Identification Number (NIN), ID card, driver’s license, or voters card
  • Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with Credits Passes in not less than three (3) subjects, including English and Mathematics
  • Sc, HND, NCE, or OND obtained in any related discipline
  • NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate
  • Applicants must have good communication and writing skills
  • Being computer literate is an added advantage.

How to Apply For NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment

To apply for the National Population Commission NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment. All you have to do is visit the official NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment Application Portal @, create a profile or account t on the portal, navigate and find the application area, fill out the application letter electronically on the portal after that check your application, and correct errors, then submit your application.

Last Word

If you are not computer literate the alternative way you apply for the NPC Adhoc Staff is going to a cyber café. But in this means, you will have to pay them for the services rendered.


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