Emirates NBD Login | Sign-Up, Features | Download APK , IOS Version

Emirates NBD Login has been enabled since 2007, with this login portal available online, millions of its customers can seamlessly access digital banking at their fingertips.


This online bank is said to be the second-largest digital banking institution in UAE providing complete digital banking services and products.

Emirates NBD Login makes good use of the advancing technology in the creation of the login means that it possesses so many features that will ensure that the users are able to navigate through the platform effortlessly.

it is important to know most of the appealing features that it has to offer that keep the customers always coming to the website to get any transaction or other services done.

Its user-friendly protocol is top-notch as it is hassle-free and makes the customers get the best banking experience once logged in to their accounts.

Emirates NBD Login is digitally and technologically built to help customers access the online banking services and products that are available on the platform.

These services include Credit cards, Auto loans, Personal loans, Wealth management advisory, Investment management, Bill payments, Transfers, Accounts, Business loans, and more.

All these can be accessed online and offline through the branch office location around the globe.

For years Emirates NBD Login had been enabling and providing banking solutions to help improve the financial instability that its customers are experiencing.

Emirates NBD Login Features

There are fully packaged features to help you get the most on this online banking platform. It is designed with the interest of the users in mind both the old and newbies.

We will be discussing the features and how each help to improve and better the experience while accessing the products and services that are peculiar to Emirates NBD.

These features include:

  • Seamless transfers and other banking services. All transfers done on the platform last not up to a minute. There is contactless payment and transfers.
  • Make bill/utility payments. Quick and easy payments can be made by using Emirates NBD Login to pay any utility and government bills. you can also purchase data and airtime right on the platform.
  • Enables transfers internationally and locally. You can make transfers to other bank accounts and Emirates accounts within UAE. International transfers can be done freely with the aid of DirectRemit and Western Union transfers.
  • User-friendly Protocol. you can easily and conveniently access all banking services on the dashboard. Its interface is simply designed with smart insights that can help you monitor your transactions, manage your account, and plan your spending and savings.

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Emirates NBD Login process

Emirates NBD Login
Emirates NBD Login

All users are concerned with this part. Most find it very hard to make a login to an account on the platform. To make login to Emirates NBD is very simple and easy.

A straightforward step has been made available for all who may be finding it easy to gain access to the online financial solutions that this banking institution is rendering to many in UAE.

Now, to get the best experience on the platform, make a login using the process below as listed;

  • Make use of the official website of the Emirates NBD at
  • On the page displayed, you will see”Sign up” and “Login Now”, make a selection of Login Now”
  • Enter the username ID and password created on the registration process
  • click on Login to successfully gain access to explore your account and all the services that you may be performing

Remember that for you to make an easy login without interruption, you should be connected to an internet that is strong. you also need to make sure that you have completed a sign-up procedure to enable you to get the login portal.

Access Emirates NBD Login portal | How to Sign-Up

Emirates NBD Login
Emirates NBD Login

This is the first point of call to having all your online banking services processed.  The financial solution that Emirates NBD Login offers is numerous and the varieties can be accessed on your signing up an account.

To get started with the registration procedures, a few steps have been provided for new users to make it simple easy, and quick to get it done, check below;

  • Connect your device to internet data that is strong enough to avoid abrupt interruption.
  • Using your web browser, access the link, to get the official website of the platform.
  • Locate the sign-Up Button on the right-hand side of the page
  • Click on it and proceed to get started
  • Enter the information that will be asked of you. this may include personal details such as full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, country account name, and others
  • Make sure such information is correctly input to ensure there is no hindrance or delay to the sign-up process.
  • verify the information provided by entering the OTP code that will be sent to your mobile number
  • you will require to create a username and password that will serve as a gate pass to your account.
  • click on sign-up to complete the sign-up process

Download Emirates NBD Mobile App APK Version

You can access your account, manage your account, limit and monitor your spending, and request an Emirates credit card on Emirates NBD Login through a downloaded Mobile App that is available on Google Play Store.

At your convenience and own space, follow the below process to get the APK version of this mobile app downloaded to your mobile device;

Emirates NBD Login
Emirates NBD Login
  • Open to your Google Play Store
  • Enter the App name ENBD mobile app
  • Click on the app once it pops out to make a download
  • Do not interrupt this process until it has been completely downloaded.
  • Now, you can access Emirates NBD login at a goal.

Download Emirates NBD on your App store

Quickly download the mobile app on your App Store for all IOS,  iPhone, and Ipad users, create an account online, and proceed to the login section to explore the many features and services on the platform.

Swift transfers and easy access of your account are assured, now to make a download follow the steps below;

  • Open the App Store, on your device. make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Using the search bar, enter the name ENBD App, a display will pop out
  • click on the app to enable a download.
  • instantly it begins to download into your device,
  • After the download is completed, open the app, create an account, log in, and enjoy the best experience on using the online banking platform.

Forgot Password

Are you finding it difficult because you forgot your password? that’s not a problem. this article will help you see ways to recover your password whenever you cannot remember them.

On the Login page, you will see the forgot password icon below. click on it and proceed to recover your password.

Enter your phone number or Email that is linked to your account to receive a code or a link to help you reset your password. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the stage and get a new password to have access to your Emirates NBD account.


With Emirates NBD Login,  get the best financial solutions to your needs, an affordable Credit card that meets the needs of each customer.

You should be residing in UAE to gain overall experience on the website. Aside from the transactions, this digital banking service offers minimum loans to customers to offset debt consolidation and obtain auto loans, personal loans, and others on the list.

Why not get a login Portal today either via online or through the available mobile app on Google Play Store and App Store and not totally miss out on this wonderful experience provided by Emirates NBD.


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