Pell Grant Application | Facts, Eligibility and Grant Limit

Pell Grant Application – Pell Grant is a program that provides essential grants to undergraduate and college students in the United States. It is one of the most funded grants funded by the federal government.


This program is used to help millions of students be able to attain education in higher institutions. Close to 8.2 million students could receive the Pell Grant back in 2019 and 2020 up to 6.7 million students received the grant. The Maximal Pell Grant from the years 2018-2019 is $6.095.

Being a federally Funded Grant, the Pell Grant doesn’t require pay back. Therefore, requirements are to be met to qualify for the Pell Grant.

Recently, the Pell Grant Application has been extended for the benefit of students in prison.

Pell Grant Application – How to Qualify for a Pell Grant

Applications for the Pell Grant must be completed by the applicant before the deadline of each academic session which is April. To be eligible for the Pell Grant, the requirements below are to be provided by the students:

Financial Need

The amount of money put in by your parents affects the Pell Grant eligibility. According to the Office of Federal Student Aid, an applicant is eligible for the grant as long as an individual EFC (expected family contribution) is below $5,846 for 2022-23

Type of Degree

The Pell Grant is meant to support undergraduate students not in possession of a graduate, professional, or bachelor’s degree.

Academic Performance

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be renewed by each student on yearly basis. Appeasing advancement will be displayed in the aspect of your degrees or certificates in other to receive financial assistance.

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Pell Grant Application – How to Apply for Pell Grant

  • To apply for the Pell Grant, students must fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This step can be carried out online by the student or can be downloaded from the site in form of a PDF, filled out by the student, and then returned by mail.
  • When FAFSA is completed, after one to two weeks, applicants will receive a Student Aid Report, by electronic means or by mail. The SAR outlines the student’s Expected Family Contribution, including specifics of any federal student aid program for which the student is seen to be eligible.
  • The amount of reward for each eligible student will be displayed, including important documents contained in the SAR. Students may lose the yearly Pell Grant if they fail to respond promptly to claim their grant.
  • Within 2 to 4 weeks after semester resumption, Pell Grant Funds are paid directly to the student’s university or college. Unused funds which were not used for tuition costs will then be paid out to the student by his to her school’s financial aid department.

Pell Grant Application – How Can I Get Help With the Pell Grant?

More details concerning the Pell Grant can be accessed from the Federal Pell Grants Information Page. The U.S department of educations Student Aid on the Web-the gateway to Federal student aid gives offers a single source of free information, not for the application of Federal Aid alone, but choice of Career, selection of Institute, and identification of non-Federal resources for payment of higher education.

Conclusion & FAQs

How long does it take for me to receive the Pell Grant?

2 to 3 weeks after semester resumption, students get to receive their Pell Grant Funds. The Grant Funds are being paid directly to the student’s college or university.

How do I get to check my Pell Grant Status?

When done with filling out your FAFSA, you get to access the status of your application by logging in to your account on the Federal Student Aid Website or you can choose to call the Financial Aid Office in your college or university.

How do I get to maintain my Pell Grant?

Eligibility is required by you or your family as it is your only chance to be able to maintain your grant every academic session. You will be required to fill out the FAFSA form to be able to prove your eligibility for the grant every year, as you are also in pursuit of your undergraduate degree.

Can I get to receive the Pell Grant as a part-time student?

Yes, being a part-time student doesn’t stop you from receiving or participating in its application. Therefore, your amount will be lower than what a full-time student will receive as a part-time student.

What is the Maximum Amount for the 2022-23 Pell Grant Award?

$6,895 is the maximum amount for the 2022-2023 Pell Grant Award.

How do you qualify for Pell grants in Georgia?

  • You will have to meet all the basic student eligibility criteria
  • Be enrolled in either a baccalaureate or a professional degree program with fewer than 72 earned hours
  • Cannot have previously earned a baccalaureate or professional degree, or have completed all the UGA requirements for either type of degree.

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