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The National Youth Investment Fund NYIF Application Portal has been enabled for all those interested mostly Nigerian who want to expand their business or want to expand their businesses.


If you have applied for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund program that is currently ongoing in the country you still have the opportunity to apply,y now.

You have to do is follow the application process that we are going to outline for you on this web page.

Kindly follow the application process and apply.

Bear in mind that if you don’t have any tangible business that is currently running, or a business plan that you are ready to execute but requires capital or most importantly, an innovative idea, do not waste your time applying for this NYIf.

Here on this web page, we are going to walk you through the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund program NYIF Application Portal.

Going through this article is very important if you want to successfully apply for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund program. This article contains in detail all that you need to know regarding the NYIF Application Portal, how to apply and application requirements.

As the Federal Government of Nigeria is set to help its youth with funds to build up their business for those that have already started and for those that have no running businesses but have a business plan to start up their own.

and finally, those who have an innovative idea to bring them to reality and provide employment opportunities in the country, wouldn’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Some might have heard about the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) but don’t know how to apply. If y is one of these people, then you are on the right web page to find the NYIF Application Portal and how to submit their application.

All need to do is carefully go through this article to discover the gem that has been prepared to provide you with the guidelines on how to access the NYIF Application Portal and apply for the program.

NYIF Application Portal

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund NYIF Application Portal is designed for all those who are interested in partaking in the NYIF program and building their business executing their business plan and bringing their innovative ideas to reality.

If you are ready to improve your standard of living and set a better future for yourself then, don’t miss out on this wonderful life-changing opportunity.

Once you are set to apply for the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) program, you are to visit the official NYIF Application Portal @

If are able to meet the application requirements of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) program then you are just a few steps away from accessing a cash package ranging from NGN250,000 to NGN500,000.

Note that the amount you will be eligible to get depends on the nature of the business that you are currently managing, the business that you have, and the innovative idea you have.

In some cases, applicants can access NGN 10M. So the amount that you can be eligible to obtain is wholly dependent on what you have.

NYIF Application Requirements & Qualifications

The above listed are the basic requirements you are to meet before applying for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund. So ensure the meet these requirements if you want to benefit from this program.

  • Your full Names are also needed
  • Your BVN Number is needed
  • Your Business information is needed
  • The age requirement for this year’s application is 18-35 years
  • NYIF application is for male and female applicants.

NYIF Application Eligibility

  • Applicants must be Nigerian of age 18 to 35 years of age.
  • You must obtain an Approved FMYSD EDIs Training Certificate
  • You should also operate a business.
  • Your business should have a comprehensive business plan
  • Your business should be registered.
  • Your business should have a TIN.

How to Apply For National Youth Investment Fund

  • You can use the application procedures to apply for the loan via the URLs below and follow the prompt that follows.
  • Enter this URL on your browser so as to login to your profile account
  • Go to the portal above and Fill in your details in the application form online. Remember it’s free of charge.
  • Ensure you have a Photocopy of your National Identity or any other means of identification.
  • NIN is also needed.
  • During the screening stages, all original copies of documents must be tendered to aid verification.

NYIF Loan Application Status

On the NYIF Portal, applicants can be able to view their loan application status. If you have applied for the NYIF Loan, then you can check your loan application status via the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund official portal now.

Bear in mind that before you can be able to check your NYIF Loan Application you have to log in to your dashboard on the NYIF Application Portal.

However, for you to access your dashboard you are to use your email, BVN, or mobile number, and then your password. These are the things that can be used to check your current loan request status.

How to Login to your NYIF Dashboard via the NYIF Application Portal.

Now access the NYIF official portal web address You can log in using your mobile device, laptop, or any device that connects to the Internet.

  • Now, Enter your NYIF login details (like email address and password) as said before.
  • When the page opens, you are to Click on “Dashboard” and select the Loan Status tab.
  • Now you should click “Next” here your information based on your account is required.
  • Then, after you have specified the required requirements in number ‘4’, click on the “Submit” button.


The National Youth Empowerment Fund Login Page has been enabled at the moment for this year’s application batch.

Youth Empowerment is really a life-changing opportunity that can work perfectly well if only you are hard-working else, it won’t work for you.

Meanwhile, you must have a tangible business plan or have your own existing business or a very creative innovative idea that can be brought to reality with just some capital, then you are good to go.

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