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Myhub Marriott Login — Long in the hotel and resorts business, Marriott offers an HR portal,, which allows employees to access crucial information like benefits, payroll, and daily schedules. It helps to make the complex work environment easy for workers.


The functional facet of Marriott is the new, updated MyHub extranet, a sign-in access point that allows not only the company’s workers to visit the private network, but also is available to business partners and the entire logistics chain.

Marriott employees (current or former workers) can use the MyHub extranet to get similar resources as previously found on This also answers a trending query on many MyHub Marriott Employee forums — Is MyHub replacing 4myHR?

Is MyHub the New 4myHR?

Yes, regarding most of the features and tools, which have all been included in the current MyHub Marriott Employee Login portal.

Former Marriott workers can learn how to transition to the new HR site using an in-app support feature (see below for how to download Marriott mobile app).

So, henceforth, MyHub Marriott Login is the new Human Resources portal for the company’s employees. All features availed to users on the previous platform have been moved to the new MyHub extranet, a private network.

Marriott employees looking to access the website may now do so using the MyHhub Marriott Login procedure as explained here in this article.

Mariott Services Overview

Marriott is an international brand that operates in the hospitality and lifestyle niche, with many hotels and luxury resorts to its name.

Also, it owns timeshare outlets — an ownership system that changes per specific period of the year. If several people use a timeshare, one or several of these will be the owners of the property (usually a unit of the hotel or resort) for an allotted time, after which the next batch of owners will take over for another short-term.

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MyHub Marriott Login | Download Marriott App for Android & iOS

The company’s customers can access one of the best travel-bookings apps anywhere they are using the versions for Android and iOS smartphones. It allows them to keep in touch with the catalog, among other crucial details on the platform.

Here, we explain how to download the mobile app from Play Store and App Store.

Download MyHub Marriott App on Play Store

To get started, you need enough storage capacity on your phone, internet data, and a good browser (in case you do not use the Play Store app to download it).

Open Play Store App — search if you are using a browser.

Now, search Marriott Bonvoy (with the TM superscript).

Myhub Marriott Login

Select the app from the result page.

Also, check that the provider is Marriott International.

Finally, you can install the app from there and complete the settings on your smartphone.

Download Marriott App on Appstore

This is pretty much the same as downloading from Play Store. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Open App Store app — search on a web browser instead.

Use the search box to search Mariott Bonvoy.

Myhub Marriott Login

Check that the result matches the provider description as outlined above (Mariott International).

Then you can download the app and use the settings to optimize functionality.

Myhub Marriott Login | New 4MyHR Hub Portal

4MyHR Hub is no longer the human resources platform for Marriott employees, as there is a new extranet for both workers and auxiliaries like the company’s business partners, delivery and supply network, and more.

As a Mariott International employee, you need to transition from 4MyHR Hub to MyHub Portal. This will ensure that you don’t get laid off from the service by a mere technicality.

Moreover, the same 4MyHR Hub features and employee benefits also apply in this case. You can see some of them highlighted below.

Employee Benefits

Options to access Marriott Payroll

Retrieve important information like on-off periods, holidays, or schedules.

Check monthly activity logs, including key areas that may need improvements

Options to view shifts and the periods lapsing between each one.

Monthly performance charts

Check and access employee benefits

These are only a few details. You can see more on the official website.

Additionally, the main 4MyHR Hub employee benefits are all fully covered by this resource platform. Here are some common Mariott Employee Benefits covered.

Insurance — covering long-term and short-term premiums for vision, dental, disabled, and health (health insurance).

Mariott Employee Benefits also covers Punitive Damages

Profits (check the website for the distribution)

Clear-cut Pension coverage (no room for vagueness)

Also, it covers accident, death, and dismemberment insurance.

Myhub Marriott Login | 4MyHR Hub Mariott Employee Sign-up

Only those who have an existing Marriott Employee account can access the Myhub Marriott Login portal. And just so this does not get complicated, consider signing up on the platform using the methods here.

How do you sign-up for a Marriott Employee Account? To get started, you need to liaise with any of the company’s HR support (this could be the admin terminal or just the in-platform Customer Service).

During this time, you can get all your relevant documents ready for a status check, which qualifies you to access the Myhub Marriott Login portal (formerly 4MyHR Hub).

Subsequent to getting through the Employee Login process, log in to Myhub usiAfterdescribed below.

Myhub EID Login | Sign-in with Enterprise ID

You will need a verified ID (obtain this via the liaison or CS support), a good web browser, and a valid Myhub Marriott Login portal for employees. Then use the steps below to access the platform.

Go to

Fill in your EID and password to log in to Marriott

Now, enter your ID details as required by the screen cue.

Once you are done, go through the entries to correct any mistakes.

Finally, you can click on Login.

How to Login Via a Security Key

The previous method described above only requires the employee’s Enterprise ID (EID). This is usually entered, followed by the correct password, and then the portal opens.

Using your Security Key, however, is a different case. It is easier than the other methods and also faster.

To get started, ensure you have enough internet data, a reliable web browser, and strong connectivity. Use the procedure below to log in with your Security Key.


Wait for the page to load completely, then click on Sign In.

Myhub Marriott Login
Click on Sign In to Access Login Page

Once you enter your correct Security Key, click on the Login tab to access your account.

Change Marriott EID | How Do I Reset My Password?

You may need to change your Marriott EID, especially the password. This happens when you do not remember the exact combination that you used to access the website on your last visit.

If facing this issue, use one of the steps below to resolve it (get a new password) and continue to the platform.

Using the Marriott Bonvoy App — Change Marriott EID

Open the app on your smartphone.

Now, enter your password to verify that it is not working otherwise, and click on the prompt that reads, “Need help signing in”.

Myhub Marriott Login
Click on the prompt highlighted in red

Select Forgot Password from the redirection page.

Enter the required details and click on Submit.

You can now retrieve a recovery link from your email inbox attached to the MyHub Marriot Login Portal.

Set a new password to continue accessing MyHub.

This works for all Marriott App versions on Android and iOS devices.

Using the Website — Change Marriott EID

On the official MyHub Marriott Login Portal, enter your password.

If this is highlighted as incorrect, opt for Forgot Password.

Then follow the screen cue to complete the password reset.

Myhub Marriott Login
Check that your new password follows the password requirements

As in the app, the website password reset procedure also will send a link to your email address, which you can retrieve and use to set a new password.


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