Bupa Travel Insurance Reviews 2024 | Purchase Plans & Get Covered

Planning for a trip can be very exciting as it is what you’ve waited for a long time to do. Life offers unexpected events that one can’t predict will happen. You should get insured with Bupa Travel Insurance offering its travelers the best trip ever.


Individuals who buy Bupa Travel Insurance always feel secure and safe while enjoying their trip as long as it lasts, offering a 15% discount to each of its members

When you experience a delayed suitcase, sudden cancellation of trips, or a medical emergency overseas, be sure to be covered by your insurance.

Choosing Bupa Insurance might just be one of the best things that could happen to you as it covers travel from Australia or overseas.

About Bupa Travel Insurance

Bupa Travel Insurance is a popular and recognized insurance company that operates basically in Australia although its services and products are cut across overseas.

It offers limitless travel insurance to its members despite their age and it holds no policy withheld. It has high medical, hospital, and dental coverage. Bupa Travel Insurance offers three types of policies and they include Domestic, Comprehensive, and Essentials.

Aside from Travel Insurance, Bupa has other products that it offers such as Australia Health Insurance, pet insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and others not mentioned.

Many people have rated this insurance high due to the popularity and customer engagement that it has gained over the years. Give Bupa Travel Insurance benefit of doubt and be glad you did.

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What is Covered in Bupa Travel Insurance

With Bupa Travel Insurance you are sure to be covered with a Life Insurance policy available to Australia with an extension to other overseas countries. It guarantees all ages, making it unlimited insurance provided you make available your pre-medical documents.

This is essential as it covers the senior and aged travelers, families, and even children so long as they will avail themselves fully for the travel.

Bupa Travel Insurance has a credit card that covers fraud of $5,000 and liability of coverage of $ million. When it comes to traveling most times it can be delayed or missed, these are caused by unexpected events and uncertainty.

That is why Bupa covers missed and delayed trips depending on the hour period. In all, the coverage in delay has a limit of $2,000 for all travelers this implies that each traveler is entitled to $500

When hearing of Bupa Travel Insurance, covers a lot of areas as will be considered below:

Medical Cover

All medical and hospital expenses and bills that will be incurred during the course of the trip are covered. This ensures that you are not taken unaware by medical situations that require money.

Remember this medical cover is for future purposes but if you are facing a health challenge prior to the trip it is advised that you inform the Bupa Travel Insurance Agency beforehand to know if you can be covered.

All Australians planning to travel overseas should ensure that they are insured by the insurance policy and enjoy a peaceful trip.

Luggage if Lost

Bupa offers an extensive Insurance policy that includes cover for traveler luggage if lost. It had a limit of $10,000 but it doesn’t stop an increase in luggage cover if that is worth more than the stipulated limit in value.

In Bupa Travel Insurance policy not all Luggage are insured. So to be informed or get enough details on what you need to know regarding this, it is best you check out the PDS for more info.

Pregnancy Cover

If a pregnant woman is about to travel, it is vital that she seek insurance if her pregnancy is not above 24 weeks. Also, there should not be any record of a previous complication in the pregnancy or a current one. Note that childbirth is not covered.

Dental Cover

It offers insurance for travelers with dental issues. This Dental Cover is an added feature and advantage to the Bupa Travel Insurance Company as it happens to be among the few Insurance agencies that include dental cover for its travelers.

Sport and Activity Cover

Bupa Travel Insurance offers an automatic insurance plan for more than 35 activities which includes: gymnastics, golfing, cruising, and more, Make sure to adhere to the safety precautions and terrain restrictions.

The Insured Travelers can also choose to add to their own activity package to best meet up with their expectation in the trip but this will attract additional costs and money.

While trying to make an additional package, read through the policy’s product disclosure statement to see a list of what is required from you before you proceed to make a purchase.

Bupa Travel Insurance| Get 24/7 Customer Service

Bupa provides its customers with around-the-clock emergency support from doctors and nurses who are headquartered in Australia, so you may get dependable medical advice whenever you need it while on vacation.

Bupa offers a separate contact phone number for non-medical inquiries as well as an after-hours callback option. Additionally, consumers can contact the Bupa customer service staff while traveling by using the company’s WhatsApp channel.

Customers of Bupa can now submit claims online via the myBupa app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android devices as well as through a web browser.

Bupa Travel Insurance Available Policy Plans

Bupa Travel Insurance

There are lots of Travel Insurance policy plans that are available but each is peculiar to the Insurance company. Due to the high cost of maintaining and funding medical bills, a Bupa Travel Insurance policy is needed for every traveler.

Check below for a list of policy plans that you can purchase for your travel insurance.

  • Max Bupa International Medical emergency plans: This kind of plan covers all medical support across the overseas, including study, and business travel. It has an inclusion of a 24-hour emergency policy to choose any hospital of your choice.
  • Reliance Annual Multi-trip Insurance Plan: This type of insurance plan is mostly purchased by frequent travelers who enjoy an extension of 6 months by the insurer.
  • Apollo Munich Family Travel Insurance plan: Apollos Travel Insurance plan is such that is designed to cover families from any future occurrence while they travel. It covers all the basic needs and also medical funding, not only that in the case of the foreign embassy and interpreting services it also extends its assistance in that regard.
  • Future Generali Travel Suraksha plan: This plan is particularly for domestic, international, and geographical trips in Asia and Europe.
  • Apollo Munich Easy travel insurance: Overseas travelers contemplating on the type of insurance to purchase should not think twice before they make a quick purchase of Apollo Munich Easy Travel Insurance as it not only offers insurance but makes cash available for the insured. Getting coverage on trip delay & cancellation, medical treatment, and dental coverage which is always costly are all obtainable on this policy plan.
  • Overseas Insurance Mediclaim (Business and Holiday): This policy plan makes compensation for any persons traveling overseas either for a business or holiday purpose with coverage in illness, disease, injury, and an extension to Baggage.
  • New India Mediclaim policy: This is a new feature in the Bupa Travel Insurance plan meant specifically for individual travelers who always travel outside Indians. It covers all medical expenses that are present which could be as a result of injury, disease, or illness.


You can confidently and conveniently make a purchase of any policy plan that is availed by Bupa Travel Insurance. Make sure to read the terms and conditions that apply to each of the plans that you choose.

With Bupa Travel Insurance your Trip Safety is guaranteed, with a standard T&C that applies, Meanwhile, Visit the website today to explore more.


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