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There are so many Advantages of Life Insurance as human life is always at risk and unexpected events overtake lots of things. The increasing rate of sickness and death is yet more reason for one to venture into Life Insurance.


Life Insurance is important as it helps one to manage financial problems that may be encountered by family members in cases of sudden death, sickness, or accident.

One of the major Advantages of Life Insurance is that it gives financial protection to your loved ones if by chance you happen to die. On the other hand, there is another main Advantage of Life Insurance which is that it pays out a tax-free lump sum to your loved ones if you are no longer alive.

This is to make sure that your family members don’t suffer after your death and can be able to afford most if not all of their daily needs and beyond.

Although Life Insurance can be sweet and life-saving for those who have engaged in it there appear to be some disadvantages of Life Insurance. No doubt Life Insurance can seem very expensive, most especially when you have come of age or probably when you have health challenges.

But the truth still remains that no matter how expensive it can be the Disadvantages can never outweigh the Advantages of Life Insurance.

This Article will seek to discuss the Advantages of Life Insurance, its disadvantages, and other topics that are related to life insurance.

For a start let us extensively go into details of the various Advantages of Life Insurance as applicable today.

What are the Advantages of Life Insurance?

Just as it has been stipulated earlier there are several Advantages of Life Insurance as it provides benefits for security and your savings. Ensure that you include a Life Insurance Policy in your financial and future plans today.

Here’s a list of the many Advantages of Life Insurance;

  • Life Insurance Offers Financial Stability for your Family

The money received by the members of your family after your death can be more than enough to cater and pay all the expenses that may be required as life is concerned.

This is the Biggest Advantage of Life Insurance as it cuts across all aspects of human life. Future expenses and payments have been successfully solved for your family once they receive the death benefits due to them after your demise.

These death benefits can be used to achieve whatever the family wants to do which includes: payment of tuition fees, childcare, funeral expenses or medical bills, student loans or mortgage payment, house rent, food, transportation, healthcare, holiday vacation, and many more only to mention but a few.

This really shows how important it is to buy a Life Insurance Policy now and secure the future lives of your loved ones.

  • Life Insurance Provides you with Peace of Mind.

Life Insurance can be likened to hope. When you have invested your money in something or a business, you have hope of making returns the same applies to Life Insurance.

It gives you peace of mind knowing that the future lives of every member of your family have been protected and that they can never suffer from financial constraints.

For families where their dependence is on one person -the head of the family, it is important that he guides his peace of mind by investing in Life Insurance and saving the future of his family.

  • Risk Cover and Planning for Life Stage Needs

It is said that uncertainty and unforeseen occurrences overtake events. This implies that life is not predictable so for your loved ones to get covered over these uncertainties that may occur in the future it is necessary that you get your future planned and get your lives insured.

To cover for future risks and ensure that the best life is enjoyed by your family members after you die can be attainable only through a Life Insurance Policy.

When you buy insurance coverage for your family, it helps to meet all your goals in life such as paying for your children’s tuition fees getting the best healthy life, and other goals you must have wanted for your family.

  • Life Insurance is safe and it is a long-term Investment

This is yet another Advantage of Life Insurance. It offers convenient and safe insurance policies for individuals who want to buy an insurance cover.

Life Insurance is regulated by the IRDAI whose main objective is to provide safety to all it policyholders.

It ensures that returns are made over the long term and that there is no trace of risk involved in getting a life insurance policy.

  • Life Insurance Offer Loan Availability.

This is a plus in the Advantages of Life Insurance, as it was an added feature to the policy to help individuals apply for a loan from the accumulated assured amount. This is mostly needed in cases of emergency in health, education, or land acquisition.

Once you have followed due procedures the money will be made available to you as a loan, which means you will still have to pay back the money loaned after the emergency must have been settled.

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Disadvantages of Life Insurance

In the Beginning of this article, we mentioned that life insurance also has Disadvantages just that it does not outweigh the advantages. Now let’s see some of the disadvantages that come with getting insured.

  • Life Insurance is the most Times Expensive

Undoubtedly, it can be seen that getting insured requires a lot of money. That is why those with a minimal income rate cannot have the opportunity to afford a Life Insurance Policy. It is only those who are buoyant with fewer health challenges that can venture into Life Insurance.

However, many today who still want to get insured can check the insurance quotes online and compare them to see the one that best suits their situation.

Life insurance has been designed in such a way that everyone can at least afford it. Make sure that you are ready for it before applying as the Life Insurance Companies will get their own charge for risk coverage especially If it’s a more serious one like chronic ill health.

  • Applying for Life Insurance can be overwhelming and Challenging

Life Insurance Policy is not a child’s play. It is something that will change your life for the better in the future, yet it comes with lots of doubts like will I ever get eligible to apply? Which of the policies can be best applicable to my situation? Should I go for whole life or term insurance?

These and many other questions come to mind and this can be a challenge. But not to worry as this article will help you how you can apply for Life Insurance today.

  • High Premiums for Aged Persons

Persons who are young get low and cheap policyholders but if you have advanced in age it will be impossible for you to get low policyholders which means that you will have to sign in for a high premium which can be a challenge.

Also as you grow older and get more risk health issues, the premium will be charged higher as you will be seen as an individual with more risk thereby making it more expensive for people within the age of 60-70.

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How to Apply for Life Insurance Policy Online

Advantages of Life Insurance

Many find it hard to make an application online, this article can be of great help as you study each of the following steps to apply online. They include:

  • Enter information about your gender, annual income from all sources, intake of alcohol and tobacco, employment status (salary or self-employed), and date of birth. To enable a call from our agent, insert your contact information after this.
  • The premiums from various insurance providers will now be shown on the screen. To receive the desired premium, you can adjust the details, including Coverage, Term, Premium Payment Method, Mode of Claim Settlement, etc., and submit the information. Other variables, such as the needed level of coverage and payment method, can alter the premium
  • Before filling out the proposal form data, choose the best life insurance plan and pay the premium to the insurance provider.

Get the Best Life Insurance Coverage

Advantages of Life Insurance

It is a question by many on how to get the best insurance coverage, that shouldn’t be a problem for you. Read carefully the above Advantages of Life Insurance, you will see ways to get the top insurance policies.

Meanwhile, you have to also take note of the following to guide you to getting the best of what you want in Life Insurance Coverage.

  • Early Life Insurance Enrollment

The cost of your life insurance will decrease the younger you are when you purchase it. If you purchase life insurance when you’re younger and in better health, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars each year on your premiums.

  • On Your Life Insurance Application, Be Honest.

The life insurance company may look into your application if you pass away during the contestability period, which is the first two years your life insurance policy is in effect.

Typically, they will only do this if they believe that your first application may have contained inaccurate information.

If your insurer discovers that you lied about yourself to obtain a lower premium, they may immediately void the policy and deny your beneficiary’s claim to the death.

  • Buy the Policy or Coverage that you can afford

It is important to check your income rate and decide on the insurance coverage to go for. Apply for insurance coverage that can be able to offer premiums that are reasonable for the plan that you have selected.


The advantages of Life Insurance outweigh the Disadvantages as discussed above, so to get the best health Insurance coverage, go through the benefits as outlined and be sure that you are on the right track

Remember that before you make an application for life insurance you have to first check yourself, and search for the plans that are affordable and best suit your situation offering high premiums.

Always make applications using the right platform. If you are finding it hard to locate the right one click on this link to get the official website of the page.


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