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Asurion is an insurance company that is based in Tennessee. This company is major in providing damage coverage for your gadgets anywhere in the world.


The type of gadgets that can be listed under a policy from this company is not limited as even bugs and breaks can be covered.

This type of insurance is essential to protect your precious gadgets from damage at any time due to unforeseen accidents or other occurrences.

With Asuriuon however, certain damages may not be covered by their policy as some damages may not be accidental but a result of negligence and carelessness.

On that note, it is important to pay attention to every detail in this article as it can serve as a comprehensive guide for this company, the service offered, how to file a claim, and what damages are covered.

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Asurion Insurance Review

Asurion offers coverage for individuals’ gadgets who list them under their policy. This is because gadgets are very important to individuals to a certain level due to how digital the world is going.

The type of gadgets that you can list under this policy range from your mobile phone, laptop, MacBook, etc.

Most interestingly, this company also offers repairs alongside the coverage for your Gadgets if it spoils and is already listed under your policy so, to a certain level, you do not need to pay extra charges for the repairs.

This company was established in 1997 and since then, it has been providing the best insurance coverage to users.

Also, Asurion has different retailers for its coverage and policies to make the service more accessible to users in case they find it difficult to get it directly from them.

Some of the insurance retailers for this company include;

Asurion Verizon

Asurion Verizon is one of the retailers of the insurance company where users can reach out to purchase their insurance plan.

The main reason there are different retailers just that this one is best known to the company but it makes it easier to purchase your policy.

This retailer provides the same plans as this company so, you can trust to get the kind of coverage you need from them for the same coverage options and charges.

Another importance of this carrier is to make it easier to file your claim to this company.

Asurion AT&T

The Asurion AT&T is another carrier for this insurance company that makes the service easily accessible to users from anywhere and makes it more understandable for them to file their claims.

Under the AT&T carriers, the Asurion T-mobile specifically provides insurance policy coverage options for your mobile devices.

Just like it is on the company’s profile if you want to file a claim in a more accessible way, you can choose among the different carriers.

How to Use the Asurion Retailers for Policy Purchase

As has been said, the Asurion retailers/carriers make the service of this company less demanding for them just like other businesses’ retailers who bring the products of a business closer to the consumers.

With the retailers of this insurance company, the products are brought very close to you which means you can easily access them than you would from the company directly.

This does not mean that accessing insurance coverage from this company is not possible but the need of the carriers is to make your purchase less stressful and demanding for you.

On that note, to use any of the retailers for your policy purchase, you just have to go to them directly or go to the Asurion main website and click on any of the retailers you choose (their logo and name are listed on the website).

So, if you wish to follow a more approachable means to purchase this company’s policies, you can go through the retailers to them.

How to Go About Asurion’s Claim

Asurion claim is not a crime as different other insurance companies for different other policies allow for users of their product to file a claim in case they have any unsatisfactory service they received.

If you think you want an entirely different coverage option from the one you ordered, then you can go straight to filing a claim against this company.

This also helps the management and customer service to take note of the parts of their services that they need to improve on thereby making the experience better for the next customer.

So, in case you need to file a claim, you can do that through the Asurion retailers mentioned above (Verizon, AT&T, etc), or you can simply click on the “claims” option at the top right-hand corner of the company’s homepage to begin.

The time range it takes for your claim to be completed under this company depends solely on which retailer you are filing your claim under, you need to be sure before you proceed.

On that note, before you go ahead to take out your insurance coverage or file a claim, make sure to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of the policy as well as that of the retailer you choose.

What is Covered Under Asurion Policy?

The Asurion policy covers you against damages to your gadgets and tech. in most cases, the company provides repair services when it is needed, for your covered techs and gadgets.

Therefore, depending on the policy type you chose and what is listed under them, the cost of taking out a policy varies as well and the cost of filing a claim depends on the retailer you choose.

The types of damages that this company covers include;

  • Spills on your tech or gadgets
  • Drops
  • Cracked screen
  • Provides tech support 24 hours
  • Protects you against power surge failures

More coverage cases may be listed under your policy type, check carefully.


Asurion is an insurance company that provides coverage for damages to individuals’ tech and electronic gadgets.

The services of this company can be accessed through their different retailers (Verizon, AT&T, Uscellular, etc|). To file a claim against the company, you can go through any of these retailers to begin.

The cost of filing a claim, purchasing a policy, and any other thing under this company, depends on the retailer you chose, the policy type, and what is to be covered.

If you encounter issues with your tech covered under this company, you can quickly find repairers on the company’s website or request help from them.


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