Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2024 | Check Requirements

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 offer a term plan for individuals to buy and secure their families. At some point we all have to leave this world, This implies that death is one that cannot be avoided in one’s life.


A family member’s death is always one that has an after-effect on the lives of each member especially for those in whose financial status is very low.

That is why it is important that families look into getting Life Insurance. This will help to balance their financial status and ensure that the security of their loved one is secured and guaranteed.

Since life itself is full of uncertainty and unexpected events that may come in surprising forms, it is advised that the family head should consider getting his and the family’s life insured.

Don’t wait for a perfect time to start, start now, yes as soon as possible as there is no that is too early. Get your Life Insurance for your family as it shows an act of love from you.

Now, here’s the problem, of finding and choosing the best Insurance Companies to buy a term plan and secure your family. This is so due to the many available insurance Companies that are accessible.

But not to worry, this article will take you through the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 that will guide you into knowing the one to use. It will include also the Life Insurance Plans that are offered and give you reasons why you should choose them.

First, let us get a list of the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the UAE 2023

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 to Check Out Today

  1. Zurich Insurance
  2. Axa Insurance
  3. MetLife Insurance
  4. LIC Insurance
  5. Noor Takaful Insurance
  6. Union Insurance
  7. Alliance Insurance
  8. Salama Insurance
  9. Oman Insurance
  10. RAK Insurance

1. Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance has always been a leading Top 10 Life Insurance company in UAE 2023. It has been active for the past 30+ years and it has gained a huge customer base.

It offers incentives and lucrative returns to its potential customers. Zurich is an Insurance Company in Switzerland established in 1872.

They offer Savings and investments, life insurance, and critical illness for individuals, then for Businesses, they offer Group, Personal Accident, Group Travel, Corporate Life, and pension and Commercial Insurance.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Zurich Insurance Company
  • International Term Assurance Plan (ITA)
  • Futura Policy
  • International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA)
  • Your Life Plan
Features of Zurich Insurance
  • Simple Packages
  • Waiver of Premium
  • Fixed Term Income
Why Choose Zurich Insurance Company?

One of the top life insurance providers in the United Arab Emirates is Zurich Insurance, which is well known for its affordable plans.

They can operate at a cheap cost because of their tactics for reducing expenses, which allows them to give their clients better deals and win their loyalty in the process.

Although they are well recognized for their commercial insurance, their individual life insurance plans are equally alluring.

2. Axa Insurance

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE

Products from AXA Insurance are available to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you need coverage for your family, home, automobile, or travel, AXA Insurance has it all.

This life insurance company in the UAE covers a wide range of insurances and goes above and beyond to satisfy its clients. AXA has been insuring lives for the past 65 years and aims to provide its customers with policies that are specifically designed to match their needs.

The Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MIIA), among other recognitions, gave them the prize for best health insurance company in 2015 as a result of their dedication.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by AXA Insurance company
  • Life Protect Plans
  • Simple Life Plans
Features of AXA Insurance
  • Terminal Illness Benefit
  • Waiver of Premium in Case of Disability
Why Choose AXA Life Insurance Company

One of the simplest, most effective, and swiftest insurance processes is offered by AXA Insurance Company. Their online integrated plans make it simple to purchase a policy, evaluate it, and eliminate any uncertainties one may have before selecting life insurance.

3. MetLife Insurance

Since it has been one of the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 for the past 60 years, MetLife Insurance puts all of its efforts into developing a company strategy that is focused on finding solutions.

They can assist you whether you’re looking for a health insurance plan, a life insurance policy, or just investment alternatives.

MetLife is present wherever you go thanks to its Dubai headquarters and a number of branches that are dispersed throughout all of the emirates.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by MetLife Insurance
  • Live Life Insurance Policy
  • Future Protect Life Cover
  • Decreasing Term Insurance
Features of MetLife Insurance
  • Coverage from 75 to 95 years
  • Illness cover
Why Choose MetLife Insurance?

The protection from MetLife is customized to meet your needs. You can use their services from any place because of their wide-ranging network. They are without a doubt one of the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 because their life insurance policy includes free medical exams.

4. LIC Insurance

LIC Insurance founded in the city of Bahrain in 1989 has gained popularity and fame in life insurance companies that exist in the UAE.  It is also recognized with the name LIC International.

Since it year of inception it has been operating in Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and Bahrain for more than 30 years now. It offers profit and guarantee for every payment done on life insurance and this has made them trusted over the years.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by LIC insurance
  • Double Cover Joint Life Plan
  • Renewable Term Assurance
  • Participating Whole Life Plan
  • Pure Term Insurance (PTA)
Features of LIC Insurance
  • Portability of Policies to India
  • Health Cover
Why Choose LIC Insurance?

It has a variety of products that are capable of serving the many needs of individuals in Life Insurance. More to that it offers incentives, makes available attractive returns, and others which makes it rank among the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023.

5. Noor Takaful Insurance

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023

Nook Takaful Insurance is among the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in the UAE, offering Islamic insurance products. It operates with re-takaful partners who are financially buoyant to run the companies, this makes it easy for its customers to trust them.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Noor Takaful Insurance
  • Life Care Plan
  • Pure Protection
Features of Noor Takaful Insurance
  • Medical Expenses
  • Additional level Term
Why Choose Noor Takaful Insurance?

This Life Insurance Company seeks to provide suitable health cover for annuity options for 10-20 years and for critical illness. When it comes to maximum coverage it covers for the lowest costs. It also ranks Best Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023.

6. Union Insurance Company

This Life Insurance company was established in 1998 having its branches located at the Emirates and its headquarters in Dubai. It ranks among the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023, providing insurance products that are based on trust, quality, empowerment, and reliability to attend to the various needs of an individual.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Union Insurance
  • Sure Term
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Flexi Life
Features of Union Life Insurance
  • Health Cover
  • Protection for Dependents
  • Hospital Cash Benefit
  • Global Coverage
Why choose Union Insurance

Union Insurance when carefully examined is aimed at meeting the various basic needs of its customers and it works not only for individual purposes but also to meet the needs of a corporate entity.

7. Alliance Insurance Company

Alliance Insurance Company was established in 1975, and since then it has fallen into the category of Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE. It provides premium insurance products and services to individuals, corporations, & government parastatals.

Its products are based on Trust and security and it offers 44 years of life insurance in UAE. Worldwide they are recognized for providing over 125 million life insurance, with it best suits that they ranked among the Top 10.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Alliance Insurance
  • Money Builder Plan
  • Optima Gold
  • Child Protection Plan
  • Child Protection Plan
  • Higher Education Assistance Plan
  • Higher Education Assistance Plan
  • Suprema
  • Whole Life Limited Assurance Plan
  • Anticipated Endowment Platinum
  • Endowment Assurance Platinum Plan
  • Quantum Four Platinum
Features of Alliance Insurance
  • Creation of Savings
  • Replacement of Income for Dependents
Why Choose Alliance Insurance?

This Company offers cheap and affordable life insurance plans for individuals in UAE. It provides a flexible term and many other basic needs facilities to better serve its customers.

8. Salama Insurance

Salama Insurance was founded in 1979 as an Islamic Arab Insurance Company, having Shari’ah Complaint Takaful Solutions as its leader.

It is ranked Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE due to its ability to sustain the demands of their customers maintaining principles and values as needed.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Salama Insurance
  • Hyat Superior
  • Term Plans
  • Hemaya Plus
  • Hemayti Plus
  • The whole of life plans
  • Hyat Plus
  • Hyat Superior
  • Term Plans
  • Hemaya Plus
  • Hemayti Plus
Features of Salama Insurance
  • Benefit of Family Income
  • Waiver of Contribution
Why Choose Salama Insurance?

The Fact that Salama Insurance Company is the oldest and largest insurance company to be established in UAE makes it qualified to be ranked among the best life insurance companies. Over the years it has gained trust and that has been saving and ensuring lives at length.

9. Oman Insurance

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023

One of the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 and also in the entire Middle East is Oman Insurance Company (OIC).

The company was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with 15 additional locations throughout the emirate, including Oman and Qatar.

They are renowned for providing superior life insurance products and services that no other provider in the entire region can match. The firm has ratings of “A Excellent” from AM Best and “A-Stable” from Standard & Poor’s.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by Oman Insurance Company
  • Term insurance
  • Life EasyUnit Linked Plans
  • Online life insurance plans
  • Diabetic care
Features of Oman Life Insurance
  • Extended coverage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Global Investment
Why Choose Oman Life Insurance?

The Oman Insurance Company adopts a customer-centric strategy that sets it apart from other insurance providers in the nation. To simplify the procedure of filing a claim and paying the insurance payment easier, they offer a variety of life insurance policies along with other services.

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10. RAK Insurance Company

One of the first domestically founded insurance businesses in the UAE is Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance Company, also known as RAK National Insurance Company.

2 million AED in capital was invested to launch it in 1974. Its current net value exceeds 121 million AED. As is clear, the RAK insurance company has expanded considerably in a relatively short time.

The mission of RAK Insurance Company is to offer customers high-quality insurance coverage at competitive prices that meet their individual needs.

Customers particularly like the life insurance policies that RAK Insurance offers. In addition, RAK Insurance Company’s health, auto, travel, and home insurance packages rank Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023.

Life Insurance Plans Offered by RAK Insurance
  • Everest pro
  • Highest NAV Look-Back-Option (This is an endowment plan)
Why Choose RAK Insurance Company?

RAK Insurance company offers a lot of services and products that should make and attract individuals, governments, and business owners to utilize the insurance that it provides. These products include:

  • Exclusively available Life Insurance
  • Decent Death Benefits
  • Guaranteed Returns for Survival
  • Offers Investment Opportunities
  • Protective High Return Endowment Plan

Eligibility Criteria for Buying a Life Insurance Policy from the Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023.

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023

Interest individuals, corporate entity, and government who wants to apply with any of the above-listed Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 need to provide the following documents as stated below:

  • A proof of citizenship which is your emirate ID
  • A valid passport
  • Residential Address

These are just a few of the documents that will be required from you as each company may offer additional documents to submit.


These Top 10 Life Insurance Companies in UAE 2023 listed above can serve as a source of help to all who want to buy a life insurance plan for their businesses, family members, and the government at large.

Carefully examine the life companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Don’t be a haste to, make the decision take your to make the right choice as this has to do with a life term something.


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