WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature For Mobile Device | How to Enable Now

One fascinating and most appealing thing about all these social media apps is getting to understand and use all their features.


Trust me, we get to enjoy these apps once we discover and know the best way to use most or all of their features.

As these social media differs in some of its features, and it helps us to view things from a very fascinating perspective.

Meanwhile, in this article, we are going to deliberate or discuss the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature.

Not only, but we are also going to show you where and how you can easily turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode and get to enjoy the most out of WhatsApp.

The Dark Mode feature of WhatsApp is no longer strange stuff to social media and internet users. However, a lot of WhatsApp users have viewed WhatsApp’s Dark Mode as appealing and innovative.

With our guide in this article, you can be able to enable WhatsApp Dark Mode and equally disable the feature whenever you wish to do so.

To discover all these things, we urge you to carefully read this article and get to understand these things better for you to enjoy the best out of WhatsApp Dark Mode feature.

If you are an Android user, you can easily learn to use this for free here in this article, all you need is to go through this article.

The WhatsApp Dark Mode feature is also available for iOS ( Apple users). If you are an Apple user, then you are also on the right track and today you are going to discover how to turn on WhatsApp Dark Mode feature.

However, we are going to start with Apple (iOS) users, if you are an Apple user, then this part is majorly for you.

Carefully go through it and avoid skipping any part so that you can fully understand the basic steps to enable and as well disable the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature.

Update WhatsApp

Before you can be able to turn on Dark Mode in WhatsApp you must have version 2.20.30 or later or you can update your WhatsApp app.

We recommend that you have the auto app updates, in which case this will appear on your iPhone in due course; but you can force this to take place by going to WhatsApp’s App Store page on your iPhone and ane tap on the “Update” button.

iPhone’s WhatsApp Dark Mode

It’s duly apparent that a good number of people, not just Apple users enjoy their browsers & social media apps the most in this outlook.

This one is no different as many people are already falling into the background’s uniqueness & quietness.

Honestly, for a lot of individuals, this is a leeway that is totally unknown to users of iOS mobile devices.

However, it is easy as it is just like refreshing to execute, and the result might just have you smitten.

Believe me, you can easily do this for yourself without going to ask anybody for help. And most interestingly, once you are able to do this on your own, you can experience it the most and get to teach yourself certain things like this when next the need arouse.

So, Don’t wait for anybody when you can get something easily done for yourself & experience the fulfillment you crave.

steps to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Feature On iPhone

As you follow the steps below, you will get to understand step by step process of enabling WhatsApp Dark Mode on iPhone.

So, carefully go through it and see the steps for yourself.

  • Start by making your way to your device’s Settings.
  • Go to “General” and then click on “Accessibility.”
  • On the Display Accommodations option under “Accessibility”, you can enable the “Invert Colors” setting.
  •  After that, activate the Smart Invert setting, for the colors on the device that should be inverted.

Once you enable the settings, you just have to restart the phone and you will see a dark WhatsApp splash screen.

Many have found this setting to be genius and are already getting the dark mode feeling with it. Why not give it a try?

The outlines above will make you a customized app view of your Whatsapp.

Here Stepson How to Switch on Dark Theme on iPhones

  • Go to the main Settings icon on your phone and look for the Display & Brightness option.
  • Tap on Dark to enable system-wide Dark Mode on your iPhone
  • You can as well enable the feature by going to the Control Centre and tapping on  the “Dark Mode” button

Once you enable the dark theme (mode) of your WhatsApp app, automatically the chat background will turn dark black with chat bubbles even turning darker grey for the receiving text and darker, green for the sender’s text.

Reasons Why You Should Use WhatsApp Dark Mode

“This feature is specifically designed in such a way that while using the mobile device in low light, then your eyes will not be stressed.

According to tje company:

Apareantly, this will as well relieve you from those situations when you turn  the phone lights up in the entire room as soon as you turn on the phone,” said the company in a blog post after officially launching the theme for iOS.

Note: There is a catch to enabling the dark mode feature for WhatsApp for iPhone. There is no in-app option to disable or turn off the dark mode feature.

Also, the app will only take the theme when the system-wide dark mode feature is enabled on your iPhone.

So, if you do not have the dark mode feature activated on your phone, you cannot have the dark theme on your WhatsApp either.

If you find this article helpful or you have any questions for us regarding the WhatsApp Dark Mode, or you have issues enabling the Drak Mode feature, you can let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media


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