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The most important thing every prospective corps member longs for is the NYSC Certificate. This is an important document for every Nigerian graduate. This NYSC certificate qualifies you for any job that seeks within the country.


If you have already completed your one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), then you’ve probably obtained your NYSC discharge certificate.

Those who were exempted from the service program will be issued the NYSC certificate of the exemption or exclusion only if they meet up with the necessary requirements.

Meanwhile, recently, there have been cases of some corps members having fake NYSC Certificates, this is a very big problem because they will not only lose their job but also be apprehended by the law enforcement agency for certificate forgery.

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Methods of Checking NYSC Certificate Authenticity

If you might have come across the scenario of someone having a fake NYSC Certificate, Am sure you would want to know the authenticity of your NYSC Certificate. However, if you read below you will get to know and identify an original NYSC Certificate.

Therefore, there are two different ways to check your issued NYSC Certificate is Original. These methods are Online & Offline certificate verification methods.

You must bear in mind that it’s only the NYSC Exemption & Exclusion letters, and NYSC Discharge Certificate.  To check the authenticity of your NYSC Certificate, follow the steps below:

Steps to Check the Authenticity of your NYSC Certificate – Online Method

To be able to check your NYSC Result Authenticity successfully, follow the steps that will be provided below to do so.

  • First, launch your default browser
  • Now, go to the NYSC certificate verification portal @
  • Click on “Proceed to Verification” to begin the procedure
  • Now, provide your registered NYSC email address & password
  • After entering your email address & password, click or tap on “Login” to verify your certificate.

Due to one or the other, some tends to easily forget their password and to make matters worse, some won’t write theirs on anything for reference purpose.

If you are in that situation, you need not worry much because this article got your back. If you want to check your NYSC result authenticity and it seems you forgot your login password you can easily recover it this way.

As soon as you provide your email address in the space provided, click on the “Forget password” button, this will assist you to access your NYSC account and check if your result is fake or not.

Then, if you are a new user, you can just click on the “Sign up” button to easily create an account on the portal.

Have in mind that verifying your NYSC Certificate online will cost you the sum of N2000 to do so.

Steps to Check the Authenticity of your NYSC Certificate – Offline Method

If you wish to verify NYSC Result offline, kindly follow the steps below to complete the verification process.

  • First, write a letter of request to the NYSC board requesting the verification of your NYSC Certificate number
  • The letter must be directed to the “Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Directorate Headquarters, Plot 416, Tigris Crescent, Maitama Abuja.” & be submitted to the NYSC headquarters
  • Ensure that your letter of request is marked attention “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)
  • Ensure to attach a photocopy of the certificate you want to verify.
  • If you are verifying multiple documents relating to NYSC, ensure you arrange the certificates accordingly by attaching each certificate with the letter.
  • Submit your letter to NYSC Director General’s Registry on the 6th floor of the NYSC headquarters (Yakubu Gowon House)
  • Ensure that you include your contact address, email address, as well as your telephone number in the letter.

If you find this information helpful or you have any questions for us regarding the NYSC Result, you can do so in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions on NYSC Result
How much does it cost to verify your NYSC certificate online?

Verifying your NYSC Certificate online will cost you the sum of N2000 to do so.

How do Request offline NYSC Certificate Verification?

You can request NYSC Certificate verification offline through letter writing directed to the Director-General National Youth Service Corps

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