Npower Agro Program | Key Role In Agro Business Across The Nation

The Npower Agro Program is part of the government’s effort to fight food shortages and has self-sufficient food in the county. This has to do with food security.


As the population of the country increases, there has been an increase in unemployment of graduate youth so does food, there has been food scarcity in the country.

Therefore, to fight this the government had to set up a section in the Npower Recruitment program which is the Npower Agro Program.

With the Npower Agro program, the government tends to provide quality services to assist most farmers to improve their method of farming in order to increase yield in their farm produce and ensure there’s enough for the mass.

With this, the Npower Agro Program applicants will be trained on how to guide farmers basically the commercial farmers on how to grow their products and make them available in the market to ensure food security in the country.

However, qualified educated youths will be recruited via the Npower recruitment program after which they will receive basic training on how to instruct, guide and provide basic information for farmers on the best method of farming.

Subsistent farmers will also be trained on how to increase or advance in their method of farming.

Meanwhile, to apply for the Npower Agro Program, there are a series of requirements you are expected to meet in order to qualify for the application.

Meanwhile, all these and more including how to apply for the Npower Agro Program and other core information you need to know regarding this Npower Agro Program will be discussed in this article.

All you have to do is carefully go through this article and get all the information that you are looking for.

Npower Agro Program

The Npower Agro Program is part of the Npower recruitment program that is specifically designed to help assist in reducing food scarcity in the country.

With this program, the Federal Government can be able to attain its goal of fighting food security in the country.

However, to achieve this, the Npower Agro Program will recruit over 100,000 Nigerian graduates and deploy them to rural areas to enlighten commercial farmers on the need to upgrade to, mechanized agricultural methods.

Not only that but they will also be instructed on how and the method of farming they will adopt in order to improve the yield of their farm products.

The selected graduates will be recruited or trained on how to teach the farmers new methods of farming to adopt.

How to Apply for Npower Agro Program

Now, follow the application process below to apply for the Npower Teach Recruitment program.

  • First, on your mobile device or PC launch your default browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • On the search bar type in or click on the link
  • Then follow the instruction and fill out the application form
  • Once you are through with the application kindly submit it.

Meanwhile, if your name is among the shortlisted which will be released weeks after the application ends then get ready for the next stage of the recruitment program which is:

The CBT-based Test before you’re the Biometric capturing, then the Physical verification, and finally deployments and acceptance letter

The objective of the Npower Agro Program

Below are the main purpose of the Federal Government for the Npower Agro Program

  • Bringing an end to malnutrition in school-age children by establishing a sustainable school-feeding program
  • Provide affordable credit for MSMEs thereby increasing business revenue and facilitating market linkages
  • Increase the poor and vulnerable households with access to income/livelihood by providing access to targeted funds, thereby improving the household’s ability to absorb economic shocks.
  • Enhance productivity and growth, majorly in our rural areas
  • Bringing into visibility those who have never before been registered on any platform by capturing identities as required by our laws, for proper planning
  • Reduce inequalities and wide disparities
  • Increase access to education and health services, as well as empower vulnerable sectors thereby improving the quality of life index
  • Reduce the rate of youth unemployment, linking interested volunteers to address existing gaps
  • Promote access to financial services and increase the rate of financial inclusion
Information found on the Npower NSIP

N-Agro volunteers function as intermediaries to help stimulate the agriculture value chain.

They are primarily deployed to farms across the country and their core responsibility is to support farmers with the necessary information and resources needed to help them achieve the best yield and output.

N-Power, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, has deployed over 300,000 Agric extension officers across the country.

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