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Goldstar is an event discovery service based in California, it is not a company but rather a private corporation that sells tickets to individuals for live entertainment, football, concerts, etc.


Not only does Goldstar sell leisure tickets to viewers for their pleasure, but you can also get electronics from them and writing instruments, the best of them.

On the website, the private event discovery service mentioned simply writing as one of what it does best so individuals who are interested in that area can sign up and get their writing-made –easy instruments.

On that note, this article is well drafted to serve as a comprehensive guide on Goldstar, how to use the platform, what you can do with it, and lots more.

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Goldstar Overview

Goldstar, as has been mentioned, is not a normal company but a private event discovery service provider that is based in Pasadena, California.

The private organization works to bring individuals who are interested in leisure, the best and affordable tickets they need for their events and stuff.

Specialized in providing several other services to its users, this organization has received very great reviews of the services from previous customers who keep returning.

On that note, sales of leisure tickets happen to be the main service focus for the event discovery service.

In summary, the service of the organization is wired under sales of products some of which are not tickets but are very needed in society and homes.

Additionally, purchasing products from this organization is only possible when you are based within the areas they can deliver to, mostly, physical purchases have to be from individuals who are within North America.

So, people who are outside the country may not find the services of this organization very accessible unless otherwise proven by them(you can try placing an order).

Goldstar Website

Goldstar since its establishment, has worked tirelessly to make sure that its customers are always satisfied with the services rendered to them, this is the more reason there was an online website development for easier access to the products and services.

This online website can be accessed by anybody from any part of the world only but you may not completely place an order due to location restrictions hence the organization’s services are mostly offline rendered so its users have to be individuals within the U.S.

That aside, you can visit the Goldstar website to view its service and place your orders if you can. This makes it easier for customers even within the U.S., you can quickly place an order from the comfort of your home, make payments for your orders easily as well as monitor your orders.

For your viewing pleasure, you can book your tickets online too.

Among the above mentioned, you can do the below listed on the Goldstar website online;

  • check your order status
  • View your chart of orders
  • register as a user of the organization to easily access your user account and perform any important transaction
  • you can also log on to the website each time you wish to place an order or check the status of previous orders and lots more

Goldstar Sign Up: Becoming a User

To become one of the users of this platform, you must first be signed up on the website to easily access your information and place your orders as well as to monitor them.

On the Goldstar website, finding the signup prompt is not difficult as much as it is not on the app either.

If you must place an order with this organization, you must first be signed up before you can proceed to the next step which will also be mentioned in this article later on.

This is not a new thing as most online spaces for purchases do this(letting users have a space on their platform to place their orders and monitor them easily).

So, if you must become a user of Goldstar to use any of its services, follow the steps below to sign on the platform easily;

  • open the official website to begin
  • at the top right-hand corner of the homepage is the register button, click on it to start
  • provide the necessary details and click the submit prompt to complete your account setup

if you prefer to use the app for this process, just open the app and follow the same procedure to complete the process.

Goldstar Login: Access Your User Account and Place Order

After your account creation is successful, the next important step is to log in, this process is important for every single time you wish to perform a transaction on the platform.

This is the only step to follow in placing your order, checking your order status, and every other thing mentioned earlier that you can do on the Goldstar website.

Also, for your login to be successful, you must use the same details provided during the time of your account creation with the steps mentioned above.

For a successful Goldstar login to place your orders, follow the steps outlined below;

  • open the Goldstar website or app to begin
  • find the login prompt (it is on the right-hand corner of the web homepage) and click on it
  • provide the details ()user name and password) as used during the time of account creation
  • click on the login below the form to submit and you can now access your account to place orders, etc

Goldstar service Summary

There are several services that Goldstar provides for its users and these services come with the best among them.

To access any of these services based on your preference, you must first be signed up and log in on the website or the app every single time.

The Goldstar services include the following;

  • Goldstar Electronics
  • Pens
  • Leisure tickets
  • Foods
  • Bags
  • Drinkware

You can find each of these products listed on the organization’s website as well as the interesting list of stuff under each of them.

Goldstar electronics happens to be the best part of the services provided by this organization, you can find any type of electronics you need on the platform and order for them.

Every service ordered from this platform/organization gives you the best experience of them.


Goldstar is not a company, you can order several products from this platform including leisure tickets to events, entertainment, concerts, etc.

This organization is based in California and users may have to be within the axis of the U.S. or anywhere, this can only be confirmed when you try placing orders from your location.


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