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Islamic Finance Company is a financial institution in Dubai, UAE. It offers products and services to individuals strictly abiding by the Sharia Laws and principles.


It is established to help restore financial stability, Justice, and a sense of commitment to society.  Abiding by the principles is a must, unlike the conventional financial platforms that do not follow the ethics of the Sharia Law.

Islamic Finance Company does not accept what they call Riba. This means that they don’t allow interest payment it is considered unlawful and a means of extorting money from the people.

The interest of their customers is at the utmost which is why they strive to provide financial banking means that are of immense benefit to them. The Norms and ethics of the customers are allowed to rule in the banking institution.

This article seeks to provide you with the needed information about Islamic Finance Company, its Products, and services, and how you can easily access the services that it has to offer.

Products and Services Offered by Islamic Finance Company

Islamic Finance Company offer a variety of products and services to help satisfy the financial needs of their customers. we have a list of them as follows;

  • Islamic Banking. Customers are allowed to open and operate a savings account that is free from interest-Riba. This account opening process can be achieved through Murabaha and Mudarabah.
  • Islamic Investment Funds. You can add to the advancement of your wealth by investing in the Sharia Complaints assets that follow the Sharia Principles strictly.
  • Sukuk. This is also known as the Islamic Bonds, it is a means of raising capital for customers. This Sukuk comes in the form of a certificate that invests in Sharia complaints assets.
  • Takaful. This is an Islamic form of insurance that is offered to customers. it is done on the corporations of the individual.

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Islamic Finance Company Online

Islamic Finance Company

Aside from the fact that this company offers conventional services, it has also accepted the modern way of banking. This implies that customers can perform certain services online without having to join long queues.

This online platform makes it convenient, simple, and easy for customers to perform online banking and manage their accounts on a goal.

Islamic Finance Company online fills every need of the customers irrespective of the service and this has earned the improvement and growth of the company.

The online services offered by the online platform of Islamic Finance Company include the following:

  • Mobile Banking. With an available mobile app, customers can easily signup and make a login to simply manage their account and perform seamless transactions through the mobile banking app.
  • Transfers of Fund. Transactions are made to the link account and other accounts that are not of the Islamic Finance Company.
  • Bill Payment. When it comes to making utility and bill payments, you should trust this online platform to deliver swiftly and on time. you can pay any bill on this online banking.
  • Account Management. you can check your account history transactions, control and monitor your spending and more through online banking means.
  • Investments. Islamic Finance Company offers various investment opportunities for customers which include HalaI Investment Opportunities that adhere strictly to Sharia principles.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Team. Islamic Finance Company has a collective and dedicated customer service support that is available every day 24/7 ready to accommodate queries, complaints, and feedback from diverse customers.
  • Deposits And Withdrawals. You can deposit and withdraw your money anytime you want. Every withdrawal made is without charge and you can withdraw using any ATM of your choice.
  • Wealth Management. Management of wealth and investments is possible on Islamic Finance Company online services with the design tools that will guide you to achieve that.
  • Online Zakat Calculator. This is an online tool that helps individuals to calculate their Zakat and distribute too in Islam.

There are a lot of online services offered by the Islamic Finance Company that will help its customers to have a wonderful banking experience. Make use of this online platform and get quick transactions done in minutes.

How To Sign up for Islamic Finance Company Online Service

To gain access to perform online transactions on this platform, as a newbie you should first create an account by signing up an account online.

Doing so can be as simple as possible if you follow these straightforward steps to help you complete a signup process.

  • Visit the Islamic financing company’s official website.
  • On the homepage, look for the “Sign-Up” or “Register” button.
  • Give the necessary personal information, including your name, email address, phone number, and identification documentation.
  • Generate a strong password that follows the platform’s rules.
  • Tap to submit your application after accepting the terms and conditions.

Islamic Finance Company Login Process

After a successful signup, the next stage is to make a login using the username ID and password created on the registration step

  • Open the mobile app or go to the Islamic financing company’s official website
  • Select “Login” or “Sign In” from the menu.
  • Input your password and registered email address.
  • To access your account, click the “Log In” button and you will be redirected to the dashboard of the platform to explore the available services.

Download Islamic Finance Mobile App

You can view your accounts, manage your accounts and view transactions history at a glance and at your fingertips.

Doing so could never have been better with the mobile banking app that is available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. Now to download check below;

Islamic Finance Company

  • Visit your Google Play Store or App Store and open it
  • Enter the apps name on the search engine
  • select the Oficial app on display
  • click on the Install button, to get download the app
  • patiently wait until the app is completely downloaded into your device

After a complete download, you will need to explore the app and make a login. so to achieve that follow the next steps below

  • Tap on the downloaded mobile app
  • select the login or sign-in options
  • Enter your username ID and password
  • now click on the login button to successfully  get full access to the online banking platform

Alternatives to Islamic Finance Company

While the Islamic Finance Company offers conventional and online services and products, there are also other platforms that perform such services that persons can choose to yo make use of in getting their online transactions done.

These alternatives or rather competitors are as reliable as the Islamic Finance Company and they include:


Islamic Finance Company are expert in integrating financial technology with moral standards, providing a wide range of online services to meet the demands of their clients.

Customers may comfortably manage their funds while keeping their Islamic values thanks to user-friendly mobile apps, easy online sign-up and login procedures, and a number of available options.


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