Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot (Explained) – Reasons For Climate Intervals

Although humans are adaptable to any kind of environment and circumstances, still, there are certain temperatures they can and cannot survive – Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot (Explained).


As seasons begin to change, the temperature tends to fluctuate. It can be 50 degrees Fahrenheit today and reduced or increased by 20 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow.

Depending on various factors, when it’s up 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you might feel that it’s too hot or not quite hot.

As you read on you will get to know whether 75 Degrees Is Really Hot  or not

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot
A pictorial illustration of taking a temperature of a particular environment

Well, a temperature of 75 degrees is quite warm, but not hot.  Though many views 75 degrees to be weather not comfortable with. (Uncomfortable Weather). 

Meanwhile, your consideration relies on the type of unit you are using to take the measurement of the temperature.

However, 75 degrees may be warm, but 75 degrees Celcius is very hot. 

Therefore, 75 degrees Celcius is equivalent to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s practically not in existence.

To determine the actual answer to this question Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot, there are a few factors we need to consider first before drawing a conclusion.

Below are some factors that are responsible for the hotness of 75 degrees Fahrenheit than it should be.

 Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot  Responsible Factorsn – Absence of Cloud

If there is an absence of a cloud or there isn’t much cloud and you are outside, then 75 degrees can feel hotter than it actually is.

This is because there is no cover from the sun so it’s reaching us directly without shade.

Your body can enjoy a few moments of shade from the cloud during the sunset of about 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sun will not be able to shine on you directly when there’s shade from a cloud, with this you can enjoy the air’s temperature more than anything else.

There, without the cloud cover in the sky, your body tends to feel hot because it is fully exposed to the sun.

While the air’s temperature can be 75 degrees, you are likely going to feel a lot hotter reason being that the sun’s ray is constantly on you. The rays are heating your body.

At that, while 75 degrees Fahrenheit might feel quite warm on a cloudy day, on a very sunny day, it’s likely going to be very hot.

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot  Responsible Factors – Absence of Wind

Another factor that can play a significant role in the change in how we feel or experience the temperature is the Wind.

Well, the air outside might be 75 degrees, but we can feel quite comfortable or a bit cooler when there’s a breeze. This is because the wind is cooling your skin. At that, 75 degrees is likely to be warm or even cool.

But in a situation where there’s no wind, you have nothing to help remove the hot air from your skin. At that, you are prone to stifling temperatures and 75 degrees Fahrenheit might feel hotter than it use to be.

The wind can make 75 degrees feel either warm or cooler or even very hot.

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot  Responsible Factors – Ground Surface

The nature of the environment you are sitting or standing can also determine whether 75 degrees feels hot or warm.

For instance, if you are hanging out in a car parking lot or you are walking on an asphalt driveway, then 75 degrees can be very hot than it actually is.

That’s because asphalt, in particular, is purely black in nature, and black absorbs the ray from the sun a lot more than other colors.

It’s one of the reasons why some cities advise against walking around barefoot or walking your dog on summer days. You are likely to burn yourself or your dog’s paw. Even the air around the area feels hotter than it actually is.

Unlike cement & asphalt, water and grass absorb sunlight as well. Especially plants that use it as a source of food.

At that, the air around these areas (water and plants) remains relatively unchanged. the 75 degrees temperature feels warm and quite comfortable.

While standing beside cement and asphalt can make 75 degrees feel very hot.

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot  Responsible Factors – Our Activity

The activity that you’re engaged in can also determine whether 75 degrees is warm or hot.

If you are outside exercising or having fun and running around then 75 degrees Fahrenheit can be hot.

This is because you are burning the energy in your body to give you strength and then it up heats your body.

After that, your body will take a long time to cool for the air is already hot. However, if you can’t cool off, then 75 degrees can be very hot then it actually is.

At this, you are feeling the heat from your body due to the energy that heats up your body and the heat in the environment.

This is not the same as if you are just lounging in the sunshine or reading on the lawn.

Reasons for Temperature Difference of 75 Degrees  in Winter & Summer

If you do set your thermostat to 75 degrees in winter, then you may wonder why there’s a difference in the feel in summer.

For instance, you would like to lower the temperature to 73 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to feel cooler.

This is because of the temperature outside in accordance with the body’s ability to sense temperature changes.

Here, the house acts like an absorbing agent, it takes slowly takes in the temperature around it.

Many use HVAC systems to cool and keep their homes warm. In the winter, it seems as if the air in the house is taken into the furnace, burns it, and release back into the house.

While in the summer, the air conditioner removes the warm air from the house and cools it, then releases it back into the house.

Regions With Moderate Climates All Year Round

Places with a temperate climate experience summers that are warm mostly. They experience a few showers of rain but not exactly tropical.

These places are ideal places to be for most people because the weather is neither gets hot nor cold.

Below are some of the best places where you can experience 75 degrees weather & temperate climate.

Perth, Australia

With its hot temperature, Australia may not seem to be a place with moderate weather.

Meanwhile, one region of the country experiences temperate weather all year long.  In Perth, one of the Australian west capital, most years in mild.

Furthermore, it usually experiences 76.6 degrees average temperature in terms of warmth & comfort, the area is considered to be ideal.

Perth, located in the southern part of the Indian Ocean often has highs of about 88 degrees in summer.

However, the city,s air is said to be the purest ever. The seaside breeze keeps the whole city cool.

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot – Hawaii, USA

The significant factor making Hawaii to be regarded as the ideal tropical vacation location is its weather.

The spot has about 270 sunny days yearly each with not more than 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. But in most cases, their winner exceeds 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although Hawaii has a fantastic temperature climate, many sometimes do refer to it as tropical.

But Hawaii is around 20 degrees cooler due to the mountain’s elevation compared to other nearby regions where you can come across microclimate areas where the temperature will vary.

Therefore, due to the continuous ocean breeze, Hawaii is always chilled and this naturally shows that the region is very humid. But in some cases, due to the humidity, 75 degrees might feel hot.

Cancun, Mexico

Due to the temperature of the entire nation of Mexico which is 75 & 85 degrees, the resort town of Cancun is the ideal place to be.

In the resort, you can eat, drink and have fun, while others back home will be shivering in their boots.

You can spend days here in Cancun resort parasailing & diving. If you want to enjoy the Cancum weather, you can visit the resort during winter.

Their wintertime temperature is from 75 to 90 degrees usually from December to April yearly.

 Fort Lauderdale, USA

“Yachting Capital of the World,” mostly known as Fort Lauderdale receives millions of tourists each year during summer vacation and spring break because of the brilliant weather.

Just offshore of Forth Lauderdale Beach, a strong ocean current known as the Gulf Stream travels warm blue water from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe.

And for this, the ocean is usually warm, ranging between 75 & 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, during the rainy season, which lasts from mid-May to early October, there are always afternoon showers on daily basis.

Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot – Conclusion

A temperature of 75 degrees Celsius is extremely hot, you cannot be able to withstand it, but 75 degrees Fahrenheit is not that much hot as most people see it to be warm.

For most individuals, 75 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal temperature as it is considered not hot but a warm temperature.

Several locations in the world always have a moderate temperature of 75 degrees all year round.

If you find this article helpful or you have any questions for us regarding the Is 75 Degrees Realy Hot (Explained), you can let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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