Gepco Mis | Access Gepco Online Bills, Features, & Duplicate Now

Gepco Mis is an online system which is built by Gujanwara Gepco and their intention is to make sure that the employees and customers are able to access the service.


As a member of Gepco Mis, you are allowed to open the website and view the list of the company’s policies. But if you are new to the Gepco electricity, you will have to check the seniority list, the pension cells, and the documents that have been downloaded on the portal.

As a member of the outstanding electricity power supply company for Pakistan, the company always makes sure that all the members of the company are okay and satisfied with the way their service works.

Because of this, the Gepco Mis was developed as an online portal for both employees and customers. Therefore, we will let you some important information about the Gepco Mis electricity company and the online portals in this article.

About Gepco Mis Online

Gepco is one of the best and top-rated companies for electricity power supply for the members of Pakistan even when their main focus is on the Gujanwara in particular. Note that Gepco is an abbreviation for the electricity company.

Gepco electricity wasn’t developed just because of the Pakistan companies, it also did a lot of things like putting the needs, interests, and also the satisfaction of mind and heart. This is also the main reason why this company became the best and top-rated.

The development of the Gepao Mis as an online system is also a portal focused on making its customers come or join together with its employees. Note that the employees can also visit the website to check and download documents that are important and compulsory to their work.

This work can be like checking accommodation lists, seniority lists, and others. Even the customers are also allowed to visit the portal and check for their payment bill history, and also make electricity bill payments, and many others.

We will also let you know about the features of the portal so that you can be able to enjoy it and you are done with the signing-in process.

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Gepco Mis Features

As customers and employees of these companies, you are allowed to have access to the portal and prone on the Gepco Mis online system portal, and also enjoy the features of the portal.

However, users that have access to this portal may not have the same activities that they were given permission to access, but there are that are similar to each other which they can enjoy.

Therefore, the activities may be different, and the members that have access to the portal and prone will access the unlimited details that are important to the company.

So, we will be listing out the features that are accessible on the website for both the customers and employees below.

  1. If you are a customer, and you are making use of the electricity power supply from the company, you are allowed to make use of the Gepco Mis online portal to access their electricity bill payment history.
  2. Even as an employee, you are allowed to log in to this portal and download documents that are important to your work as long as it is a part of the company.
  3. Customers are also allowed to visit the portal and perform new payments for their electricity power supply.
  4. As a customer, you can also use the Gepco Mis online portal to check the seniority list. This is mainly important for employees who are new to the company.
  5. You are also allowed to check the accommodation list as an employee to know when you are newly employed in the company.
  6. The Gepco Mis online portal can also access any news that concerns the company.
  7. You can also access the annual reports and financial statements that are on the Gepco Mis online portal.

Gepco Mis Customer Service

The only people who can have access to the Gepco Mis online portal are the employees and customers. Therefore, the set of people who can access the services easily in the provided way of developing the online portal are the customers.

This company was developed specially for customers so that they can easily access their payment details through the portal. The customers are the people that make use of the electricity power supply by the Gepco Electricity power supply company.

Therefore, the list of the activities that customers will have to access on this platform when they click on the customer service option is below.

  • Income tax and GST
  • Duplicate bill
  • Electricity tariff
  • Access to new connection procedures
  • CNIC registration
  • You are also allowed to register and manage complaints on the portal as a customer.

There are other services that customers can also access on this portal. And if you are using this service which is the electricity power supply of this company, then you will follow these steps that are listed below.

  • First, open the Gepco Mis online portal
  • Then click on the three lines that are given as a menu
  • After that, scroll through to find the customer service option
  • You can also scroll down to find the service that you would like to use, then click on it
  • Then they will direct you back to the page where you can use the service.

Gepco Online Bill

You can also pay your electricity bill like duplicate bills through the Gepco Mis. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below to get your electricity bills on your own right from your home instead of waiting for the Gepco distributors to get them for you.

  • First, open the official Gepco Mis online portal
  • Then allow the page to load
  • After that, log in to your bank
  • You will also provide the details that are needed as shown on the form
  • Then scroll down and click on the payment mode
  • You also have to choose to pay online after that
  • Then you enter the Gepco Mis reference number in one of the spaces provided
  • Lastly, enter the company’s name in the other space provided.

But if you don’t have your Gepco reference number, and you want to get one. Visit the nearest Gepco head office to change whatever you wish to change. And that number can be found at the top left corner of your bill copy.

Gepco Duplicate Bill

Customers can also have access to duplicate bills through Gepco Mis. The duplicate bills are known as one of the things that are listed as the Gepco Mis customer service

To get your Gepco Mis Duplicate Bill, you will have to follow the steps below.

  • Open the Gepco Mis online portal system
  • Then enter your reference number which is a 14-digit numeric number that can be found on the top left corner of your bill copy. You also have to be sure that no space is been left in between
  • After that, click on Show Bill to view your duplicate bill.


The Gepco Mis online system portal is developed so that the Gepco company can make service easy and enjoyable for customers.

Both the employees and customers can have access to the portal pay bill and also have a look at the duplicate account. All you need to do is to follow the steps that are above the article.

Enjoy the features by following the guidelines so that you can access the website and this is meant for both employees and customers.


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