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The long-awaited Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is a Browser Game that is licensed by HBO & Powered by Yoozoo Games in collaboration with Warner Bros & GTarcadeis.


The game contains the same storyline and the features of the Game of Thrones HBO TV series, with characters in complete likeness.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming – GamePlay

There are lots of features in the game that offers both familiar & unique gameplay. You will start with the basics and move on to empire building.

This will prompt you to increase the kingdom’s level and your lord’s. You will have to research technology, recruit troops, train commanders, create new buildings, and complete your story quests for you to do this.

These tasks are usually time-limited but they can be speeded up if you want to. In return, you will gain more resources and buffs.

Therefore, you also need to manage your resources. Before you can be able to bring back your troops, you will have to attack rebel camps, other layers & resource nodes on the world map.

You can also find other games, but this is the most common game in the genre. A twist on RPG mini-games is also available.

Players are allowed to collect commanders like Lord Varys, Sansa Stark, and other famous characters featured in the TV series.

If you equip them with gear, you will earn an XP. The tower defense mini-game expects you to put them in information & take on difficult booses for you to earn more rewards for your commanders and your kingdom as well.

The battle is being performed in a real-time 3D. You can choose either manual or virtual control. You can use your commander’s skills & ability to control the battle manually, it’s crucial in a hard hard fight though.

If you follow the steps, you are likely going to enjoy the game more than ever before because it is an important step in your path to success in the game.

Also, you must be careful because lots of voids are filled with RPG elements in a boring genre. The tower defense game requires stamina for firmness, which replenishes every hour.

So you have to manage how you use them between kingdom building in a Game of Thrones: Winter is Here to Enjoy it more.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Highlights

  • Real-time Online Strategy
  • Participate in the battle for the Iron Throne
  • Control of official characters from the show
  • Play as the Westeros Lord
  • Plan, build, explore, research, and battle action

The story puts the player right in the heart of the unending conflict among all the seven kingdoms.  

The player is set as a custom Lord from Westeros, with their cast and feature in the introduction just the way is on the HBO TV show.

Their main purpose is to end the wars and make room for peace as they unite the seven kingdoms and protect their subjects.

Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming is a plan-making game. As the player is in combat, they are going to battle in a real-time strategy (tactic)  setting.

They will have full control over their troops as well as the appointed hero, sometimes a dominant character from the TV show.

Meanwhile, apart from combat, you are required to expand your kingdom and build your city.

Advisors in the form of Melisandre, the lord of the light red goddess will also be available to assist you with everything you need in order to succeed as your city as it grows.

Your purpose of the fight will majorly be for land & supplies necessary to progress and thrive.

Additionally, your premier skills will be out to the test on how you can manage chaos and individuals.


The game has its models, appearance, and all the featured characters wholly accurate to the Game of Thrones HBO series description.

They feature all the details that can be counted for, most especially the artwork displayed on the loading screens.

The leading characters from the TV show who are represented in the game are identical to a rivet.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Resolution

Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming Browser Game hollows a familiar and beloved world of George R. R. Martin in a similar planned environment.

However, few fans of the recently concluded show have been predicting a project like this one, and now they can fully have it, and hopefully, no one will end up disappointed like some were with the final season.

More Words on Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

The game performs well, as you’d expect, trying to get you to spend money on things by purchasing diamonds to buy gifts and speeding up waiting times for upgrades, and taking other shortcuts.

Also, it requires you to complete daily login in order for you to earn your daily reward. That feels a bit weird to be offered the services of such an accomplished master of whispers simply by remembering to log in on a certain day.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming  – Featured Currency

Game of Thrones: The Winter is Coming, unlike other browser-based kingdom builders. There is no difference when it comes to monetization.

These mobile games are always free and offer an option to speed up the gameplay. Meanwhile, doing everything, takes time, including unit recruitment & building.

This is one of the reasons spending money to speed up the process is becoming common in this genre.

However, the Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming moves one step ahead. It contains items that actually aid the PvP for example, you can speed up the arrival of the allied troops to defend your city.

This is likely going to make a big difference in the outcome of wars and you could that it is a pay-to-win.

Although that argument is still relevant in most cases, the game can still be played without spending any money.

Therefore, players need to be strict and smart about how to navigate this dangerous world using the alliance strength and when to use a buff to assist them out of sticky situations.

If you are able to complete quests and objectives, you will stand a chance to get a lot of premium items like speed boosts, non-attack periods & more. It will be a good idea to keep them in your inventory until you need them.

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