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BBTitans Live 2024 – here is how you are going to watch the 2024 season 1 BBTitan right with your mobile phone right from the house.


All the information you need to know regarding Big Brother Titan will be discussed right on this web page. We will also walk you through different ways through which you can watch or stream TV shows of BBtitan Live.

All you have to do is carefully go through this article and follow the guidelines that have been provided to watch one of Africans biggest entertaining Tv shows.

Just keep reading and you will discover many fascinating things about the BBTitan Live Tv Shows which makes them unique from Big Brother Naija (BBNaija).

Big Brother Titans (BBTitan) Overview

BBTitan is actually a multichoice new Tv reality show that offers its contestants a life-changing opportunity as most of them during and after the BBTitans Live Tv Reality Shows turn to celebrity as well as goodies that follow.

Therefore, since this Tv Show, is still new, many are finding it difficult to watch, and stream the BBTitans Live show. But we have provided a lasing to that right on this web page.

Here you are going to watch /stream the BBTitans Live Tv Show with o difficulty. Now, we would like to introduce to few of the platforms where you can watch/watch the BBTitans live Tv Show from anywhere across Africa.

As for those that want to watch the show outside Nigeria and South Africa, we will provide you with a long-lasting solution that will assist you to watch/streaming the BBTitans Live Tv Show with no obstruction.

Now to watch the Tv Show live, you can do so on the few video streaming platform accepted by the platform which are DSTV, Got, and Showmax.

Y will have to tune into channel 198 on DSTV, or channel 29 on GOtv with your decoder. Moreover, you can watch BBTitans live stream for free on MyDSTV mobile app and Showmax with your mobile device.

If you are a subscriber of DSTV you will have no problem watching BBTitans Live shows on your mobile phone or PC.

With My DSTV mobile app, your DSTV will enable you to watch or stream the Big Brother Titans free while on the move with your smartphones and tablets with ease.

Therefore, DSTV subscribers can download MyDSTV App for you will be able to catch BBTitans’ live streams right from their smartphones with no additional cost.

Non-DSTV Subscribers? Check Showmax

If you are not a DSTV subscriber, you can check Showmax. It’s an alternative to DSTV if you want to follow up on the BBTitans Live Tv Shows.

Just like Netflix, Showmax is a movie streaming platform where you can watch mostly African content unlimited once you subscribe.

On Showmax, you can watch the 24/7 Big brother Titans live stream in 45 countries in Sub Sahara Africa including Nigeria and South Africa.

Unfortunately, not everyone can watch the BBTitans Live Tv Show this is because of the restrictions in some countries.

But we will be providing with you a strategy that you can use to follow the Tv show from anywhere in the world with no difficulties.

All you have to do is keep reading those articles so as to discover the alternative to watching the BBTitans from restricted locations.

Now, let’s briefly talk about how you can watch the BBTitans from the different streaming platforms that have been mentioned earlier

How to watch BBTitans Season 1 on Mobile with DSTRV

  • Open the DSTV App on your Android or iOS device. You can download the App at the Play Store or App Store. To download DSTV Now for Android Click Here and to Download DSTV Now for iOS Click Here
  • Login with your DSTV Account Credentials. The first time you log in to the DSTV App, you will be required to create an account. You will need an email address, mobile number, and your smart card number to create an account.
  • Tap on the DSTV Menu icon
  • Click on the Live TV menu. This shows a list of TV channels available for streaming
  • Scroll down to Big Brother Titans: Live Broadcast
  • Tap on the BBTitans item to begin streaming the show

How to Watch Big Brother Titans Season 1 on Showmax

  • Open the Showmax app on your device or visit the website on your browser. You can download the App at the PlayStore or Apple Store. It is also available for your Smart TV and Gaming Console. To download Showmax for Android, Click Here, and to Download Showmax for iOS, Click Here
  • Signup with your email, password, and phone number. If you have already registered, just sign in.
  • Tap on the Big Brother Titans Live Broadcast Banner to start live streaming.

Procedures on how Watch Big Brother Titans on DSTV App outside Nigeria / Africa

  • Connect to a Server in a location where ShowMax is not blocked with your VPN. e.g. South Africa or Nigeria. You have to first download and install your chosen VPN app for your device. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are good options.
  • Open the Showmax app on your device or visit the website on your browser. You have to download it and log in. Download the Showmax App at the Google Play Store or App Store. You also need a valid subscription.
  • Scroll down to the Live Channels section
  • Tap on the Big Brother Titans Banner to start streaming.
  • You can also read our article on ShowMax to learn more about the service and subscription costs as well as how to reduce your data usage while streaming.
How to watch BBTitans Live on Your Smart Tv with MyDSTV App
  • Connect your TV to the Internet. Depending on your TV you can do this via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
  • Search for DSTV App on your Smart TV. Open the App store of your Smart TV and search for DSTV. If the DSTV App is supported on your TV as well as in your country, you will see the DSTV App.
  • Install the DSTV App. Once the App is installed your TV will display a code on the screen. This code will have to be entered on the DSTV now website before your smart TV will be set up for DSTV.
  • Sign in to the DSTV Now site. Using your Laptop or Desktop computer visit and sign in with your DSTV account. If you have never used DSTV App before, you will have to create a DSTV account first.
  • Visit Once signed in, go to and enter the code displayed on the TV, then click on the Sign in on TV button.
  • Go to Live TV. Once the code is entered successfully, your TV will be able to access DSTV via the Internet. Using the control of your TV select Live TV from the menu.
  • Select BBTitans. Using the remote control of your smart TV navigate to the Big Brother Titans stream and select it. Congratulations, you can now watch BBTitans Live stream on your smart TV.

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