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For some reason, some people would want to know if they can be able to generate a Bank account number, Generate & Calculate IBAN, or Generate a Credit Card Number from Bank Name, but in either case, we are going to take you through Bank Account Number Generator first.


If you wish to generate a Nigeria bank account number or Credit Card Number from your Bank Name, you can successfully do so with ease.

Meanwhile, there is something very important that you should bear in mind as you proceed with the steps of Generating a Bank Account number.

To know the important thing that you should bear in mind, keep reading this article so you can get to discover what it is.

By the time you might have finished reading this article, you will get to know the steps involved that you will need to follow in order for you to successfully Generate Bank Account Number.

Not only, will you equally know the best places where you can generate Bank Account Number and Debit card Number.

To discover all these things, you need to carefully read this article so that you can be able to get the silent points of what has been discussed.

Bank Account Number Generator – What you know

With our simple steps, you can generate both fake and Real Bank Account Numbers. You can generate the bank account numbers only for testing purposes.

Also, all these bank account numbers that we are going to teach you how to generate are valid bank account numbers. And you can successfully generate the bank account number using the app and is valid for developers & testers who want to test their FinTech web app or for customers to use.

Meanwhile, below are the lists of all Nigerian Bank Account Numbers and you use them for free.

These real bank account numbers that are authentic are absolutely free and made available for testing purposes only.

List of some Banks & their Account Numbers

First Bank Account Number




 Zenith Bank


Access Bank


However, if you want to generate more Bank Account Numbers or you need a Bank Account Number Generator you can click here to access the site where you can generate more real bank accounts.

Now, let us take you through another important part of this article Bank Account Number Generator, this time around we are going to talk about how you are going to generate and design a virtual Debit Card Number.

As usual, you just have to read carefully and follow closely the steps that will be provided here to successfully generate and design a wonderful virtual Credit Card Number.

Bank Account Number Generator -Debit Card Number

These core steps are to give you free access to the best platform where you can easily generate and design bank account numbers, or Virtual Debit Card Numbers, we are going to give you free access to the platform where you can get to know how to generate and design virtual Debit Card Number.

Before you provide yourself with the platform, you have to bear in mind that you are to use these card numbers at your own discretion.

As you access the platform to generate a Credit or Debit Card number follow the steps below to successfully do so.

  • First, select the country you want
  • Then select the card brand
  • Now, select the bank and its corresponding Bank Identification Number (BIN)
  • Finally, the generated Credit or Debit Card Number will be displayed underneath the search form.

Note: the credit or debit card numbers that will be generated on the page may be valid numbers although may be completely random.

Meanwhile, the numbers are valid because it is actually generated in accordance with mathematical formulae in line with the acceptable standard format of credit card numbers.

These fake credit card numbers are only for testing purposes. Do not use these fake credit card numbers to make any purchase. Any purchase would not be completed either as the numbers do not come with valid expiration date, card holder’s name and CVV numbers.

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