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6Movies App is an application that provides free download links for HD and MP4 Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV Series. It offers unlimited daily streams, ranging from trending TV Shows, Action Movies, and comedy, to popular blockbusters in the last seven (7) days.


Oldie sensations and all-time fans’ favorites from popular Hollywood shows are also provided on the website. If you get the 6Movies App on your device, then you can select any title that appeals to you, regardless of the genre or entertainment niche.

The most exciting aspect of it all is that users do not have to upgrade to a premium account to access the advanced features, since everything is provided freely on the 6Movies App interface.

See below for the 6Movies App features.

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6Movies App Features | Enjoy Smooth TV Shows & Movie Downloads

The 6Movies App simply puts Cinema-worthy stuff into the users’ pockets. It is a handy, practical tool for finding and downloading movies and episodes, especially if you do not want to pay a subscription that could be arbitrarily increased without sufficient notice to the subscriber. is available as a free website and a mobile app. Also, it has an APK mod online, with support, updated versions, and reliable download links for users to get multiple videos without frequent redirections to an ad subpage.

All it takes is the movie download procedure, which only takes a few steps, then the movie will download on your smartphone.

Here are the 6Movies App features you can check out.

6Movies App Premium Movies and TV Series

If you like to keep a tab on the recently released movies and TV Shows from Hollywood,  Bollywood, and K-drama, then the website is the best place to look them up.

The platform offers unlimited streams, with options for the user to download the movies on their phone. Usually, the videos are in Mp4 and HD formats. However, the file support is flexible enough so that 6Movies can provide other resolutions like 8k and 4k.

Below are some interesting titles from the platform.

  • Medellin
  • Murder Mystery 1
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • The Last Kingdom
  • Showing Up
  • Godland
  • Tar

6Movies App

  • How to Blow a Pipeline
  • Saint Omer
  • The Civil Dead
  • You Hurt My Feelings
  • Sanctuary
  • Infinity Pool
  • Tori and Lokita
  • Master Gardener

Ad-free Interface — Zero Malware

If you want to download a movie from any website, you probably need to be sure that you are not going to download malware or any spam bot embedded in the interface. For what it is worth, the 6Movies website promises adequate user security and data protection, providing instances of fixed bugs and other tweaks on the app.

However, the fact that 6Movies is a third-party platform with just the APK mods online makes it unreliable as far as T&C goes. The only way to verify that a device is secure is if the first party tenders any protection (just like Google Store Play Protect). Apart from this, users will have to inspect the links manually to avoid clicking on the ones that link to an ad page.

The safe catch is to use only the clearly specified tabs. Eg. click on a prompt that reads “Download Video”, not on the one along the peripheral that suggests additional videos.

How to Download 6Movies App

There is no 6Movies App on Play Store. Most of the available dubs are in APK file format. So, you can download the movie app on Also, you can check other movie APK sites like APKPure or APKCombo for the app.

On, the app publisher is Onstream and the APK file size is 17.5MB, requiring Android version v.6.0 and higher version. You can check the providers’ websites at

The current 6Movies APK version is v.1.0.7, and it also requires the same file description and device versions as outlined above.

  • Now, go to the official website — search
  • Scroll down to the search box.
  • Type in the title of the APK in the search box.
  • Click on the lens icon (it signifies search).
  • Wait for the page to load.

  • Now check that the result contains a 6Movies App APK 2024 Download for Android entry.
  • Open it.
  • Scroll down to the prompt that reads, “download”.
  • After that, retrieve the app from your smartphone download folder.
  • Lastly, complete the app syncs and accept the installations.

How to Download Movies Via 6Movies APK

Since you already have the APK installed on your smartphone, you can now use it to download videos as many times as you want, provided you have the correct titles. Here, we explain the easy procedure that you can use to download your preferred 6Movies Hollywood, Bollywood, and K-Drama movies. See the details below.

  • Open the 6Movies APK on your smartphone (or search
  • Once the app is fully Loaded, enter the movie title you wish to download into the search box.
  • Check that the wordings are correct.
  • Now, click on Search and wait for the results to load.

6Movies App

  • Once the title pops up, click on it to access the movie download subpage.
  • Go to this page.
  • Scroll down to the movie caption to access the attached link.
  • Finally, click on the prompt that reads, “Download Movie”.

Subsequently, you can retrieve the video on your phone download folder and view it with a suitable media player.


6Movies App is a third-party app that provides an APK mod for downloading free movies, TV Series, and docuseries from all genres (Action, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Adventure, etc.)., regardless of the release date or current movie trends.

To download movies via the mobile app, you need to get a  reliable APK (check apk1st as outlined in the section above).

Moreover, the 6Movies App also doubles as a APK, since the former is a 3.6Movies proxy. Regardless of the one your wish to use, the results will be the same.

At a Glance: Offers a mobile app APK, an ad-free interface, and movies from Hollywood, K-drama, and Bollywood.

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